General Reportedly Cancels Troop Evacuation, Demands Soldiers ‘Clean The Base For The Taliban’ Before Leaving

A viral Instagram post highlights a text message exchange in which a U.S. military servicemember states that the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit is being forced to clean a military base for the Taliban in Afghanistan. The report claims that a troop evacuation flight was cancelled by Brigadier General Farrell J. Sullivan so that Marines could sweep up trash in preparation for the Taliban takeover.

The RaidTeamCo Instagram account posted screenshots of the text message exchange on Sunday, accompanied by the caption “Meanwhile on the 24 MEU! 🤡s This was sent to us from one of the homies his wife is currently deployed and they are being told they have to clean before they can leave! WTF SHARE!”

In the messages, the claim is made that “We were supposed to leave last night,” “The general canceled our flight because the base was dirty.” After receiving the response, “What the f**k,” the Marine continues, “Yea I’m not joking,” “We had to clean the base for the Taliban.” The general being referred to is then identified as Brig. Gen. Farrell J. Sullivan of the Task Force 51/5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade.

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  • Focusing on the individual is not going to correct the problem... the problem is deeply rooted in decades of indoctrination at all levels within the Military... starting with our Military Academes where WOKE and CRT are just part of a litany of socialist engineering and indoctrination.  We must completely overhaul the system that produces this sort of leadership... and do it in a hurry.

  • SAD- He must be WOKE= turned to SHIT-!!!

  • Is this a general of the United State or is he another idiot on Biden wagon 

  • We have no leaders anymore from the pentagon, congress or the brain dead pres

    • We have leaders... only, they are unwilling to commit the resources, time, and skills needed to mobilize an EFFECTIVE popular resistance.  I am sorry, but the TRUMP rallies are not effective...resistance.  It would be if he used his power to get the public to go on STRIKE... too, withhold their labor in every sector of our economy except the few critical and essential services needed to sustain life our security, and safety.

      I would counsel Pres. Trump to review the Lech Walesa model ... the Polish Solidarity Movement and adapt those practices used to bring down the communist government in Poland... massive labor stoppages and strikes. Cut off the revenue that supports big government and major corporations ... the major corporations will pressure the government to reform and viola... effective change and reform can occur. 

      We need to organize major labor stoppages... and too, engage permanent assemblies in protest at every Capital and DC... demanding a Term Limit and RECALL Amendment be passed... Recall all currently sitting members of the Federal Government, elected and appointed, include judges... subject to new elections and appointments.  Establish term limits for every elected and appointed office... one term, 6yrs., with 1/3rd standing for election and appointment every 2yrs... bar all sitting members of the current government from ever holding a seat in government again.


  • IF this is true, and can be proven to be true, the General needs to  be court-marshalled for conduct unbecoming.  I spend over 35 years in the military and no one I know would have issued an order of stupidity. 

  • To me this seems like misplaced priorities!  What kind of Generala do we have? 

    • the same kind as the fake President

  • Hope they scrubbed the toilets well.................HOW MUCH MORE CAN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TAKE OF THIS BULLSH..........?

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