• This opinion seeks to go around the SCOTUS by suggesting Federal Reproductive services are not subject to its mandate ending abortion... it also appears that the DOJ views medical abortion... abortion by using FDA-approved drugs, remains available in states where abortion is banned...

    It also appears the AG believes that Federal Reproductive Services are EXEMPT from the court's rulings... that they can continue to provide abortion services within states that ban such services... without any fear of state or federal prosecution under state or federal law.... hardly a lawful rendering of the SCOTUS's findings.  Federal employees involved in abortion activities prohibited by the state they practice in are not protected from violations of state law... based on the AG's and DOJ's assertions.

    The DOJ and AG's opinions appear to violate the SCOTUS findings. This open contempt of the Court should result in the Court sanctioning the DOJ officials and the AG... Such blatant contempt for the Court should result in the AG and any DOJ lawyers supporting the AG's opinion being referred for DISBARMENT by the SCOTUS.

  • These Lies just go to Far!!!! Baseless Claims. Sounds good, but not correct just because she say's so.

    Does anyone kow how many billions of $$$ is made by the secret government reproductive health services that make resale of tissue and reproductive by-products?????

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