• Another crooked judge who should be pulled from the bench 

  • With State Supreme Court Justices most anything is possible. Constitutional Attorneys exist to find areas of "Appeal to High Federal Courts". 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Simple, he was bought off by demoncrats

  • The Supreme Court is the Third Branch of Power as defined in Our Constitution. Its Authority is Limited within the Boundaries Set Forth Within Our Constitution. Not all Legal Appeals reach the Level of the U.S.Supreme Court as Federal Constitutional Powers to create Law are severely limited when compared Constitutionally to those granted to the States. Hence, an Appeal of "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" from one State for stealing a car and receiving 20 years, compared to another State and stealing the same car and receiving 2 years, Would Not Warrant Consideration under "No Standing", as no Federal Law was violated, and Bill of Rights were not Violated as the Federal Government set no maximum/minimum standards for " Theft" punishments, only "Due Process/Access/Speedy Trial/Jury of Peers." If it is included/coveed in The Constitution, it "Has Standing." Otherwise ", " No Standing. "

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The judiciary has been using the concept of "standing" to destroy this country. They used it extensively when Obama first ran to prevent suits proving him ineligible. Rulings of standing means that the court never has to look at the evidence being brought forward. It simply says that the petitioner or plaintiff could not make the case. I cannot bring a case for you, you have to bring your own case. Since the standing finding is seldom ajudicated after being made, these cases are simply dead in the water no matter how relevant and legal they are. It's a fraud and a fake and definitely shows that our court system is itself a fraud and a fake.

  • ACTIONS SPEAK THE LOUDEST-!!! Here's what I was taught by my Grandfather (American Indian/Freedman-slave)- "How smooth must be the Language ot the Whites when they can make RIGHT look like WRONG and WRONG look RIGHT" Black Hawk, Sauk... TRUTH IN OUR HISTORY, TRUTH TODAY-!!!

  • Is this judge that black-robed sister of greasy Abrams, or one of their relatives, or just a "colluder"?

  • They are using the "No Standing" argument all the time. Even if the case has merrit. Either these Judges are incompetent or they are too lazy to do their jobs. That goes especially for our Supreme Court. They abuse that argument all the time too even though the case clearly has standing. Anytime when the Constitutional Law is ignored or mis represented the cases have "Standing" . Just by the fact that these cases hurt all of us in many ways. By ignoring Constitutional Law pertaining to Free and Fair elections the Supreme Court denied us our sacred right to have our vote count and verified to be legitimate. All the disasters that our Country is going through right now is due to too many illegitemate votes cancelling out the legitimate ones. You can't print more ballots than there are verified registered voters period. Calling that "No Standing" is borderline criminal and treason.

  • How can a judge think someone who brings such a suit does not have standing.  Election fraud hurts everyone whose vote is legal. Some times I think the judiciary in many areas of the country no nothing about the law.

  • When the Judge's 300#, cross eyed daughter with buck teeth wins the "Beauty Contest" One's suspicion just has to arise!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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