Yes, Fauci and Gates do have ties to COVID-19 vaccine ...
BREAKING: Eco-Health Alliance has been "studying" the Nipah Virus, which "kills around 70% of the people it infects" and was given 1.1m in funding from the NIH to study its "dynamics and genetics"

Fauci, Gates, & World Economic Forum connection as well. THIS IS URGENT.ImageImage
Reminder: Eco-Health Alliance is the group under fire for conducting Gain of Function research on coronaviruses.

Congress should be investigating whether the same has happened on Nipah Virus as well, NOW.Image
Actualité Le topic des USA : HAPPY 'MURICA DAY!! - Page 20
Fauci is aware of this as he edited this PNAS article on "Nipah Virus dynamics in bats and implications for spillover to humans" in Sept. 2020Image
WEF Founder Klaus Schwab Calls For The 'Great Reset'
CEPI, a vaccine NGO founded by the World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation, & India (where Nipah has been most prevalent) put out an article TODAY about the Nipah Virus not having a vaxxxine.ImageImage
GAVI (the vaxxxine alliance) founded by the Gates Foundation wrote an article about Nipah Virus Sept. 15 warning "with COVID-19 still ongoing, viruses like Nipah are nipping at its heals as the potential next pandemic threat"

Gates Fnd. has donated over 4.1 billion to GAVIImageImage
The World Health Organization,
"has listed NiV (Nipah virus) in its R&D Blueprint as one of the 10 highest-priority pathogens for the development of medical countermeasures due to its potential to cause significant outbreaks"

May 2018 outbreak caused 91% mortality rate.Image
Craig Venter, a synthetic biologist said in 2012 "most of the breakthroughs come out of labs, where people cheat the system or, they have private donors"

"the successful scientist basically get their grants to do what they've already done." & use new money for something new 

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  • Lock them in a room shoot this virus into their neck and see how it affects them oh and put their heads in a box with a million sand flies 


  • It's disgusting. I remember when I first got wind of the Coronavirus while it was still isolated to China. I remember telling my husband, "I bet you the only reason the media is mentioning this virus, out of the thousands of viruses that actually kill millions a year, is because they're planning to bring it here." I told him it would be deliberate, and that they made a big deal of it because they wanted to force vaccines by extending  the outbreak. It's no coincidence that shortly after the "measles outbreak" that was blamed on the unvaccinated, then suddenly disappeared after evidence showed the outbreak was a result of the actual vaccine, a new "outbreak" began. Also no coincidence that this happened shortly after many states removed religious exemptions for children in school. If the Covid vaccine doesn't kill as many people as Gates and the "elites" planned, then they will release another virus. The scariest part....the smallpox virus, which was eradicated, is only held in two countries. The CDC here in the US, and a lab in Russia. 
    Chinas One child law was cruel and devastating, but at least China was honest about their intent to control the population 

  • Let's reduce the population by getting rid of all these evil people!!!

  • When I hear Klaus Schwab I can only think of the fourth reich....Is it possible?

  • This is proof they are trying to kill us. Not that I already did not know.

  • How do these people even live with themselves?

  • These people are nuts... Have you ever given thought to maybe, just maybe "THEY" put something in the VAC'S that has a time release to Kill us?? Why are they PUSHING for complete vac's for EVERY AMERICAN?? The left is getting into something very deep and evil........Just sayin

    • I agree Keith.

  • Remember, these are many of the same people who believe that the world population of human beings should be reduced by about half or more to "reset" it to their utopian socialist paradise, and they do not expect to be among those who will be sacrificed to achieve their dreams. It is not a coincidence that the government management of healthcare (aka Obamacare) has progressively permitted a virtually takeover of the entire US healthcare system, has as similar policies in the UK and Europe, and it looks like it is to be extended to just about every aspect of our personal lives through these draconian vaccine mandates and restrictions on most of our cherished freedoms. Wake up America!

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