• I have a deep hatred for that diciple of satan, Zuckerberg. This ugly commie looks like a lizzard. He is the Antichrist. A special place in hell awaits him.

  • I don't use any of the corrupt, so called social media sites. 

  • Screw facebook

    • Agree

  • There is no free speech in this country only if you agree with the socialist and remember the the more money a socialist has the more power he wants.

    • Lorenzo, you got that right. Socialists are money hungry power junkies. 

  • I have not used any of the programs like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and refuse to do so. Those outfits are in the pocket of the socialists. I simply use my email accounts and communicate that way.

    • My Facebook is scheduled to be deleted this week. I have deleted Twitter, Fox News, and Instagram.  I use Spreely, Rumble, NewsMax, OAAN, MeWe. I have 

    • I got kicked off of facebook in 2019 for posting principles from the Bible.  Libtards hate God more than anything or anyone else!!!!!

    • Because the left belongs to Satan. it's Ying and Yang.


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