• YAWN!!!

  • Completely understandable Jim. The biggest mistakes Citizens make is having faith that either Political Party has your Best Interests at heart. A great job of advertising salesmanship but far from the actual truth. A Political Party is as any Living Entity, placing its own survival, agenda and importance far above those of its individual members. The shameful fact existing in Our Elections is All Potential Candidates wishing to serve their fellow citizens must choose one or the other Partys for Financial Backing for any hopes of winning A Major Election. One elected, the Seated Candidate is obligated to hours of Party Funding Drives throughout their careers, and confined within the "Philosophy of the Party" even when opposed to Campaign Promises made to constituents. Basically similar to the Government Employees Union SEIU, where membership at large, including elected Officers, do not decide who or what receives Political Campaign Contributions. This is left entirely to Small Boards, by various names, within each State whose members decide among themselves replacements when a void occurs. In Oregon this Board is called CAPE. The similarities between the hierarchies of Unions and Political Parties in Funding Decisions, is barely discernable. This being the only reason for hammering the concept of finding a Volunteer Citizen who is similar to your own beliefs and then working like Hell to get them elected. Convince everyone you talk to to do this and perhaps Our Constitution and Laws will once again have meaning.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • That's where I am, Lynn.

    Not just hoping for success but working toward it, although I'm done with the national GOP.

    Three cycles ago I was the alternate National Committeeman for Alabama. At that same time I was Vice-Chair of the Congressional District 2 caucus of the Al GOP.

    I've been a member of the state GOP Executive Committee for a decade, and two years ago was almost selected to be on the Steering Committee, out too executive board.

    I began to sour on the RNC after attending several of their caucus conferences, where the emphasis was in pleasing the US Chamber of Commerce, not working people.

    Then Trump Populism came along.

    I was on the stage with state Rep Barry Moore, when Barry became the first elected official in the US to endorse Trump.

    I'm not "wedded" to Trump himself, but am joined at the brain to Trumpism-Populism.

    I was the CD-2 Trump chairman in the 16&20 elections.

    So while I'm tightly aligned with the ALGOP I'm done with the national party...and recent joined the South Alabama Patriots organization -- am now their get out the vote Vice-Chair....

    So no way I quit!

    BTW: I continue to buy ammo & mags.

  • Hang in there Jim, Never quit five minutes before the miracle happens. It becomes easier to see that the Progressive Socialist MEDIA/Politicians are losing, they keep doing dumber things and becoming more proud of them!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • It high time these criminals are/should be Brought To Justice. Any regular citizen would be in jail long ago and ruined for Life. Levenworth has several open cells with 24-7 Accommodations.

  • Mornin', bro.

    Odd that you mention the Alamo...I dreamt about it last night.

    I'll be in The Texas Hill Country hunting feral pigs with a San Antonio friend next week.

    I have an overnight in Sugarland planned with my son & his wife, then on to bud out there is a lawyer with one of the firms Gov Abbott uses to help the AG sue the Feds for their crimes again liberty.

    I don't think very highly of M. McConnell but he did a good thing keeping Garland off the SCOTUS.

    Every time I visit SA I stop by the Alamo monument...always inspirational!!


  • Its Brother, Brother. "Remember the Alamo!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • How about Grand Juries and indictments for more than low hanging fruit?????

  • LBDeS ... I've been impressed with your commentary since I first read you.

    We're all angry, my brother...(or sister) ... The tide is turning on the enemies within. We're all angry at the attempted theft of our nation, our history, our culture.

    I think sooner rather than later we'll get the bastards, and when we do -- play "El Deguello," -- no prisoners, no mercy.

    • I agree...treason and sedition are just that...and need to be dealt with with way more than a hand slap

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