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  • It has been witnessed that Dr. Fauci has a brain, as several people have seen Him pull "It" out and urinate through it!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • No less than the Guillotine for him for experimenting on any animal.

  • Josef Mengele would be proud of this guy.

  • What a viscous bastard this man is!! Run him OUT of OUR COUNTRY

  • Don't we have some eperimental drugs to try on him?   

    That's about all he is good for at this point.

  • is there any honest folks in the governments.  This idiot should have been fired long ago but has to much info on others..


  • In Ohio we have Goddards Law. where you can be fined or imprisoned for the ill treatment of animals, but I don't know if it's national though.

  • Get rid of this guy, fire him and put him in prison.

  • And Mittens Romney couldn't be president because his dog rode on top of the car. Where's PETA on this?

    • Contolled by the demockrats.


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