• Lol, he just figured that out?


    Thanks for helping to  reelect our president.

  • Heck, the Democrats are supporting it.  What's is lemon the lemon talking about?

  • Lemon is a racist and bigot... on top of being a sexual deviant. He is not concerned about riots... Riots and insurrection are ok... until they hurt his candidates at the polls.  In other words, stop the rioting until after the elections, and then you can double down on rioting... Especially, if the Dem's take the White House and hold on to the House of Representatives

    • How can one trust the word of a man who can't tell the difference between male and female or understand that the natural order for establishing marital relationships and a family... It only follows that such a one could confuse a white llama as being a white supremacist. 

    • I have a question for you, in other words I could use clear headed advice. My term started in my college. I am F2F. I always have them stand up, intro themselves, say what they want to do, and any pertinent thing for our design program. One femaile stood up, did her intro, then stated, "I go by 'they, theirs, them pronouns."

      I wanted to say So?. What does that have to do with this classroom. And a few choice tidbits. But every other, or most faculty have succembed to trans, bi, homo, race, white privilege, etc.

      I am asking for any suggestion on a public response to this person. She is not a wimpy female. She is a Jezebel spirit and it is clear. 

    • Wait until she raises the issue in class and when it happens and it is a distraction, make a note... and ask her to remain after class.  After class and in private explain to her that her personal views on sexual orientation and the language used to address sexual relationships are her own views and she must respect others who don't share those views...  and that you will not tolerate such distractions in your class.  Inform her if she can't abide by those rules she can either withdraw... or if she insists on disrupting the class,  by making an issue out of her personal views, that you will have her removed. 

      Summarize the meeting in writing and provide her with a copy ASAP... Then report any further incidents to the Dean of students and let the Dean deal with it... suspending or removing the student from your class. 

    • And yes, I will pray to bind that spirit out of my classroom. But, public is needed. 

  • I Wonder hows his "WHITE WIFE" is??

  • What a highy repulsive pair of leftist swine!

  • This lemon is HELPING Republicans in polling. These two guys are the two dumbest dickheads trying to pass themselves off as newscasters.

    God help us if these bidenites get elected. All you REAL democrats better vote for Trump or you will be working in the same mines as the rest of us. 

    Communists/democrats/progressives have NO POLICIES that will help Americans. All they have is WE HATE TRUMP!! I think what they REALLY hate 

    is the American Party voters that put President Trump into office. TRUMP 2020

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