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  • Speaking of "false words"- -just guessing, but dizzy lizzy has uttered more than a "few" and it looks and sounds like her home state of Wyoming, has their own plan about holding her accountable.

  • McCarthy grow some stones and get rid of this disgusting broad

    • Janet, mccarthy's problem isn't a "lack of stones", it is that he is a deep state establishment TRAITOR being paid by soros and serving satan!!!!!!!!!!  Like mcconnell he is against We the People and for the new world order global dictatorship.  He is positioning himself for a seat at the tyranny table!!!!!


  • McCarthy needs to go on any score.

  • As a life-long resident of the state of Wyoming I will say I am both embarrassed by and pissed as hell about the lying RINO Liz Cheney.  Anyone living in Wyoming professing to be a republican or a conservative, and votes for lying Liz next year is as big a liar as Liz is.  The only thing lying Liz Cheney cares about is Liz Cheney.

    • cheney is one of many gop establishment TRAITORS that should be removed from office, and hanged for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!


  • Lying!!!  She has a lot of nerve - it seems to me that the entire January 6 commission is nothing but a bunch of liars.  I sincerely hope the people of Wyoming have the good sense to get rid of her next November. 

    • I am a life-long resident of Wyoming, and if the conservatives in Wyoming have their way, the lying RINO, Liz Cheney is burnt toast.  Unfortunately, Wyoming voting laws allow democrats to cross over and vote as republicans in the primary election.  If enough democrats do so, and there are too many RINO republicans voting, Liz could get the nomination.

  • Does the same rule go for you and the other members of the committee.  It is more lying and cheating going on in congress than on Chicage south side. When the state party squashes you like a bug you should know you are like a red headed step child.  You are not one of the privilege. 


  • cheney should be held accountable for her lies and TREASON but won't be because she is on satan's team and he runs the house of "representatives"!!!!!!!!!!  I put that word in quotation marks because it is sarcasm.  Most of them DO NOT represent American citizens, including the vast majority of the gop!!!!!

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