The Homeland Security Department wants to build a tech solution to monitor the health and stress levels of its employees to help identify when workers need assistance—due to physical or mental weariness—and optimize “human performance and resiliency” among the workforce.
The department issued a call for proposals looking for solutions that incorporate biometric technologies to monitor employees’ health and “psychosocial information” entered into the software by the user. That data will be supported by algorithms that can alert employees to oncoming physical and mental health issues and suggest actions that can be taken to avert those breakdowns.
“The scope of this project is to find innovative technological solutions that will improve the overall health and wellness of those consistently placed in high-stress and dangerous conditions,” the call states. “DHS is seeking capabilities that not only promote intervention action when necessary, but preemptively and in real-time optimize DHS personnel performance and resilience.”
Those solutions should be able to address three goals:
  • Increase self-awareness of physical and mental status and associated limitations.
  • Promote actions or provide interventions that optimize human performance and resilience.
  • Define how DHS can measure well-being as a trackable metric over time.
The effort is targeted specifically at the Customs and Border Protection workforce, though officials are looking for solutions that can be used across the department.
Officials note the DHS workforce often has particularly stressful jobs.

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  • Big Brother is here in spades... tracking our every step and cataloging our every word.

  • How C.C.P. of  our new dictatorship.

  • Ron, Am I hearing an echo?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Assuming all "Needs" and "Requirements" to be True, Legal and Constitutionally Required " the same question remains proposed, "How is this to be accomplished with the Tools at hand?" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The DHS is superfluous and needs to become a Branch, Bureau, or Office, under the Department of Defense (DOD).  All US Intel, and security services, with the exceptions of the CIA, NSA, Secret Service, FBI, US Marshall Services, and agency-specific enforcement officers, such as the BLM, Parks Service, US Postal Service, BATF, IRS, etc,  Defense of the USA constitutionally is the function of the DOD/War Department.  All the necessary functions to secure our Nation from external and internal enemies of the state need to be part of the DOD.

  • All those "Elected Officials" are your servants meant to abide by "Your Will!" Your Job and Duty as a Sovereign Citizen is to assure the do exactly that! When they fail to do their job, it is only because "We Failed to Do Ours!" Find, read, understand the meaning of, "The Great American Experiment." 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • The people don't determine who runs for office or wins elections...  It is not those who cast their votes that determine who wins. It is those who count the votes, that determine who wins.

      The People no longer control who runs for office... that task has become the function of the Major Political Parties, and their internal rules.  For all practical purposes. the selection of candidates is a party function  Therein lies the problem... obtaining qualified candidates that support the will of the people... not the Party.  The manipulation and corruption in our Political Parties has resulted in the poor quality and character of our elected officials... not the voting patterns of our electorate.

      The problem is not voting... not turnout.  The problem is the poor quality of candidates the people are given to chose between. We need Political Party reforms that focus on controlling the local party precincts, and the management of the State and National Party apparatuses. The People need to take control of the leadership and management of our Political parties.  The System of Party politics needs to be firmly in the hands of the common man.  Currently, no matter who wins, the Party elite win.  As the candidates on the ballot serve the political interest of the Party elite... not the people.

      Until the general public understands the PROBLEM... PARTY POLITICS... the political parties will continue to nominate and run corrupt candidates for office... Candidates who are beholding to the party... Candidates who do whatever it takes to deceive and manipulate the public.  The ability to elect independent responsible candidates to federal office will elude the public until the Political Parties reflect the will of their base.

  • This totally stupid.   It is just another way to get control of the population.  It is coming down to the wire.  We win election or we fight. People who are informed should know by now that biden is a crooked SOB.  Follow the ;money


  • Harken back to when "Brave New World and 1984" were required reading in School and remember the "Warnings!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I have firmly come to believe that there is nobody even remotely honest in the Biden administration.  My health is my business..the last thing we need is more Big Tech interference.  This is just another excuse to look into people's private business.

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