• Oh Well...That's what happens when you call to Defund the Police and spend a year trying to rob the Conservatives of their Rights!

  • Go Proud boys GO!!!  Beat the  low-life puke into submission!  ABOUT TIME we stood up for ourselves!!  Not going to take their attacks ANYMORE!!!!

  • wake up American that's not the way to handle the situation.

  • Proud Boys, job well done! Next time kill the filthy subhuman antifa or blm domestic terrorist!

  • Strike one up for our side

  • Ideological differences between good and evil.   Evil reigns when good men do nothing.   Proud boys and all the other boys that should have been there, continue to be there to confront this craziness.  Can we expect a news conference from Biden and Harris denouncing this..?   I for one am not holding my breath.

  • "Cops just watching as Proud Boys beat the hell out of an Antifa militant who was stabbing Trump supporters."

    The Proud boys oughta' bring coffee and doughnuts next time. Its friendly.

  • I have watched the escelation of the Antifa progressing from unmasked, and rather docile into a little by little change into total killers.  Plus their ranks seem to have increased by the week.  Using Neuton's laws of physics...."for every action - there is an equal and opposite reaction."   Enter the...."Proud Boys."   The reaction to the evil that is being perperatored onto our society.  Sanctioned by George Soros, The Democratic Party, Upper Liberal leaders in congress, and yes even the supposedly president elect...Pedo Biden.  All of them are accessories to the crimes the Antifa and BLM are involved in.  Yet we give them a clean pass as ..."'s their free speech."   My goodness...By all means....we cannot infringe upon their 1st amendment rights.  But what is happening here is that the evil and criminal dooers are doing is in their zeal to cause changes in the American landscape, in doing so...they infringe upon the rights of those around them and those that love and appreciate this Nations.   Cannot exercise your rights if you cause another to be disenfranchised on their rights.  The Constitution represents what we all should do.  Exersise our rights to be on the town stump...but allow the next person to step on the town stump as well.   No organization - person - country - who and whatever...can say no you are not allowed to speak your mind, and if you do...we will maim or kill you. 

    Sorry for my long rant...but thank God the Proud Boys were there to take on a hard task that the DC police are tired of handling alone.   To pit citizen against citizen should be the way to handle this sort of thing.....police against citizens only cause more division.   So.....there...!

    •  "No organization - person - country - who and whatever...can say no you are not allowed to speak your mind, and if you do...we will maim or kill you."

      The only prescription for a tyrants itchy palm.

  • It's about time we fight for our country and send Biden a message and that is he is a fake president who was elected by fraud and let him know every single day the "Fake President ".

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