Even Satan quotes the Bible, but we got the last laugh......

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    • Satan also uses words to deceive its followers.

  • The sixth Commandment says thou shalt not kill.  Or murder as in babies.  Whoopee apparently never read them because she lies about others constantly and the ways her eyes are looking around, it seems that she knows she lying but she does it anyway. This DA doesn't understand what Jesus said about little children and what he'll do to those who take their innocence and hurt them. 

    Eat drink and be merry, lefties, for tomorrow you don't just die, you go to eternal hell. 

    Nancy and old Joe are very close.  Taking the sacrament of Communion doesn't save anyone, the way they apparently think it does. It's supposed to quietly and descretely remind us of Jesus' sacrifice for our sins.  It doesn't mean, one is forgiven and can go out and continue sinning, murdering, ruining lives as one pads one's pockets at the expense of the unborn or nearly born or the nation's hard working people. 

  • It's done, let's celebrate that in at least one case the right decision was made.......he no longer has the power to screw with our laws!

  • He should not have been suspended, he should have been arrested for his abuse of power under color of law...  He should have to consecutivly serve the max senece for everyone that he refused to prosocute.

    • Herbert, that scumbag will suffer in eternity in the Lake of Fire along with others like himself!!!!!!!!!!


  • Satan quoted the Bible also when he tempted Christ in the garden.

    • JC, marxist dirtbag whoopie goldberg said God is pro-abortion because He gave mankind freedom of choice!!!!!  She is in the same category as this DA, on the way to the Lake of Fire!!!!!!!!!!


  • He is blatantly working for the satanic cabal.  He is working in opposition to the Constitution of the United States of America.  We are a Republic.  We are free.

  • A true blood sucking flesh eating Luciferian.

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