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  • Then shut them down for their aiding and abetting criminals.

  • Ilona, If it were possible to award one the "Ultimate Medal for Suffering" I would give it to you! You above all should be able to demonstrate "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." As for the warnings of the Communist coming to get us and the consequences, please keep in mind that we are all joined in this together and it is not a contest but a group seeking solutions.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    New safe place for liberals. They feel just like they are home!

    Prison Cell Photos Show How Prisoners Live Around the World

  • meanwhile these universities have these things called fraternities in which they often get underage people drunk to the point that they die

    • huh ?

  • These institutional communications are not issued by educated enlightened professionals.

    The content shows they are composed by mind-conditioning propagandist handlers for their victims.


  • Ilona, I haven't, but evidently you escaped from an environment such as that and more than others should be keenly aware of the danger signs telling us we are rapidly approaching where you have been. However I do not need to be consumed by fire to know the feeling of being burned neither. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I didn't escape, while I swam well enough to swim the Adriatic to mother was not!
      It took me five years to convince the communists that I was not worth the risk for them to keep me.
      After many hours of interrogation through five years, much intimidation, being watched around the clock, followed for years by communist thugs, to their dismay they finally agreed the country was better off without my way of thinking.
      In the end the police chief's last words to me were "we are better off without you, you are the kind that can cause revelations". He even offered to me to take my brother, his wife, and their new baby with me. He provided us with passports, and on the 30th of January  1969 I walked out to the KLM flight at the airport in Budapest. There was great satisfaction in walking out as they watched...........rather than to sneak through the border. There was great risk in this approach, they could have ended my quest anytime, but for some unknown reason they did not.
      It all felt too easy, we were waiting for them to stop us on the tarmac, then to take us off the flight in Prague and ship us to a camp, but the plane took off again to Amsterdam, and we soon heard  the pilot say, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we just entered into West German airspace!". That's when we knew we actually were free!

      I am keenly aware of the danger signs, have been warning native born Americans for decades, who for the most part told me it will never happen in America, some still do. Thank God for those who see it, people like you who can warn others. Perhaps there is still time to save the republic so my grandchildren don't have to grow up as I did, with barbed wires, soldiers at checkpoints, always with the knowledge my food, heating supply, my ability to live in society could be cut off at any moment.

    • There were Polish people and Chinese people at the capital in Jan.,   carrying signs about encroaching Communism and imploring Patriots to recognize the signs. 

  • Everyone of the cry baby students requiring safe spaces to avoid the truth should have to serve two years in the military.


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