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  • In order for the Marxist Socialist to take absolute power, they must destroy the free-enterprise system and everything that is American. So the virus mandates are one of the tools they use. Psaki along with Bidens socialist regime is socking it to us. It’s a shame the GOP just sits on the sidelines like spectators watching a football game. 

  • Once had a dog when I was a kid. Dog used to bite my friends and killed our chickens. Sold the damned thing for Crab Bait. She brings back memories of that dog.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Whatever the left accuses us for, like unvaccinated is causing the pandemic, we know the opposite is TRUE. Russiagate was the left. Whitewater was the left. Etc. Etc. 

    Trump really Openned a Can of Worms. Now they will implement everything possible before They are Finally brought to JUSTICE

  • She wouldn't know the truth if it hit her smack in the face

  • Lie, Lie, Lie!

  • She is nothing but a traitor and a liar 

  • It would be so nice if someone else but Peter Doocy asked the pertinent questions; or at least others when they heard the questions demanded answers.  Thye know that Pissantki is lying and yet they persist in believing and spreading those lies.  Is is any wonder that a per centage of the country really has no idea of how disasterous the situation in our country is?

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