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  • And James, its Antifas, not Antics (damned spell check). Perhaps we could all take a lesson from a Religious Group that settled a State not far from Oregon. Their Cities had a Group of Four Citizens. If an Individual, or group, did not "Follow the Rules of the Society" they received a Verbal Warning. The Second Time, a Severe Beating. The Third Time, they disappeared, with family and property absorbed by the community, and never a word spoken. All Societies reach a Point where Their Own Societal Laws End the Civilization. The offenders become protected and the innocent become the prey.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpaing

  • Antics along with BLM have basically turned Downtown Portland into Rubble, after months of uncontrolled burning, looting, assaults, robberies and murders, with "Catch and Release" Arrest, and Basically Zero Prosecution! At present, the Illegals, Antics and BLM own parts of Portland that the "Police" dare not enter, due to being forced into "Understaffed and Underfunded!" A handful of Good guys, well intentioned, attempting to Resist/Stand against overwhelming odds would be an "Echo of Custer's stupidity at Little Big Horn!" So James, if you want to be among the "Broken Bodies" left behind for the Masses of the LBGTQs to come along later and play call yourself "Brave", go for it!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain
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  • All christian groups, when meeting, should come prepared, with sprays, such as hair spray, and all other sprays - especially sprays in containers that shoot FAR,! Filled with anything that will burn the eyes, at least for a couple hours -- then do not hesitate! As soon as they make themselves known that they are antifa communist, or BLM, also communist, and mass everybody circle the wagons around your children to protect them from the riders and start shooting them in the eyes with whatever you have that you can bring that will put them out of business for a while because they cannot see. Then call the police and say we have made a citizens arrest of these antifa we have them in custody come right now and collect them if you don't you will be sued!

    then work very hard to get all your authority figures that have been elected wrongfully to be removed from office and replaced with respectable people that care about your city and your state. God doesn't intend for you to be fools!


    As a Christian I know God protects His people, but I have to say as a Veteran and the flesh side of me I would have had to do something. God forgive me, but this kind of evil has to stop. In the Old Testament God gave Israel the commend to fight, and we are getting sick and tired of businesses being burned down, personal, and private property being destroyed and so much more being done to innocent individuals while justice turns their back, and the government does nothing. Open borders is certainly not helping the situation. It is really bad in our border cities. Pray that something good will be done soon. Amen!

  • I know I am on the fringe but just start killing these assholes and it will stop...force meets force and they don't have shit!!!

  • Most are unaware that when Christ said, "When they enemy (Roman) strikes you, turn the other cheek." Had an additional meaning. When a Roman struck anyone they used their Right Hand upon the Others Left Cheek. "Turning the Other Cheek" would cause the Roman to strike the person on the Right Cheek, thereby acknowledging them as an "Equal." Established long before Christ's Birth.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Christ also said "Exchange your cloak for a sword"!

  • This is not the time to turn the other cheek.  It is the time to fight back.  Whatever it takes to put antifa out of business.  I would carry a firearm and any one lays hand on me or mine would suffer.


  • it's time for the Christians to stand strong against the enemy which is the Devil himself.

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