• Finally got smart Huh?

  • More and more thinking people should leave the democrat party which has become the communist party of America

  • Question: I now wonder if this former democrat mayor will be a TRUE Republican or if he'll join the DESPICABLE RINO's. 

  • The mask has come completely off. The REAL democrat party is revealed. Notice how Pelosi and Schumer have gone further left. It's obvious that BEIJING biden, CHINA joe's puppet masters are the CCP and the GLOBALIST ELITES who work in alliance with China. 

  • Can we imagine? Someone openly coming to his senses!  


  • 90% of Democrats are card carering members of the American Commuunist Party


  • Took courage in this cancel culture. 

  • He finally wake up thanks goodness 

  • He will find out how much happierhe will be

  • Welcome to the right side of history Mr. Mayor

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