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  • We don't need Republicans from the past we need Republicans that stands and fight for the people and not fear the socialist party 

  • BTW, I'll NOT be buying the rag book you come out with!

  • Have another DRINK bonehead, then make some more BONEHEAD comments, JUST GO AWAY idiot!

  • STFU BONER, you had to retire for the same reasons you are advocating!  Nobody wanted you then and no one wants to hear from you now!

  • What does that mean? Republicans have to be good a bowing to the Democrats? After all, that is what John Boehner did when he was Speaker.  What principles is he talking about? Defunding Infanticide for Hire? He had mandate after  mandate. Defunding PBS? Mandate after mandate? Standing up to radical Democrats? Not lately. What does that mean? Turning their backs on 75,000,000 voters? Nothing new about that.  

    So, people want to know why I think it's time for a new party? A 1776 Freedom Party that is clings tight to their  Guns, the Constitution and their Bibles? John Boehner, Mitch McConnel and the rest of RINO's who are only too happy to be the minority party, as long as they can stay in office and milk the system. No Thank you. Time for a change, a real change. Time i burning, we have less than 18 months to organize and elect 37 Senators 150 Representatives and then Impeach the imposter frauds in the Oval office and down the hall.   It is after all, a crime to receive stolen goods. 



  • Look up RINO in the dictionary, and you'll see a picture of JOHN BOEHNER.  

    BOEHNER is the offscouring and scum that we are seeking to ELIMINATE from the Republican Party, a party founded to help free the slaves, and that has God-honoring planks including pro-life, proi-marriage, pro-Israel, pro-religous-liberty, and pro-rule-of-law!  

    DOES BOEHNER even KNOW, let alone SUPPORT, the Republican Party planks??  

    IF BOEHNER were truly a REPUBLICAN (supporting the platform/ planks), THEN he would be a big SUPPORTER of PRESIDENT TRUMP (who DOES support the Republican platform and planks)!  

  • coming from a spineless, whimpering RINO.....

  • corrupt and stupid like he was/is

  • Go away and stay away idiot

  • what's that supposed to mean John? when you were the leader back when Obama was the president I recall you did not do anything to stop him.

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