It appears newly elected Democrat Rep. Cori Bush, who’s been accused of being a radical and liar, has no compunction about smearing her Republican colleagues.

Newly elected Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has the receipts to prove it.



Responding to the smear, the newly elected Georgia Republican posted a video recording of the incident showing what she claims really happened.

From the video, it appears Greene had been walking through the halls of Congress while recording a message about the hypocrisy of congressional Democrats. At the time she had a mask on, but she’d dropped it to her neck so she could speak more clearly.

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  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is one of all too few Republicans with balls and hers are nearly big enough to need a wheelbarrow. All you pusillus weasels can get off her back.

    • Marjorie Greene is a patriot, one of the very few not owned by the gop and its owners!!!!!

  • Cori bush is another racist black supremacist  who thinks she the above everybody else, with her limited IQ and education from a corrospondence school.

  • Cori Bush is your typical fat, nasty , ignorant, black racist who due to The Obama Double Standard can say and do anything she wants and get away with it. If a white person did what that how now brown cow did they would be crucified. 

  • This is getting a lot like high school.  Stop screwing around and get to work solving our problems.  


    • Use names.  Who was screwing around?

    • it will never happen because the Democrats and the Republicans don't even know what the word work is all about they know one thing is power and that's it.

  • How should youalways respond to bullies?  Fight fire with fire.  Bully back - 10 times stronger.

    • I agree John. It's unfortunate that Trump is such a decent and almost timid man that he didn't fight back 10 times as hard when demonrats and rinos bullied him. 

    • Hi, Paul!  Sorry I am getting back to you at such a late hour.  I think Trump probably did respond.  I suspect that he saw a bigger picture about this than you and I can see.  He probably responded in a way that he has not told us about - yet.  I suspect he has done something which will ruin all dems and RINOs in one sweeping motion. We will just have to be patient through April 26 to discover it with everyone else.  I believe February is going to be raucus at best.  I am looking for several things to happen, but I am no guru, or whatever.  View this Paul, and everyone else.  Be patient and hold your responses until the end.  Amanda Grace: February Will Be Explosive! Purim Coming! (welovetrum...

      Amanda Grace: February Will Be Explosive! Purim Coming!
      Several of you have emailed me recently asking why I haven’t covered Amanda Grace before on WeLoveTrump. Truth is, I have right here. But I wanted to…
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