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  • Time to take the thugs down, period......

  • I love reading the comments on a post like this one. Thank you, patriots! We prove that we are the opposite of the terrorists in BLM and antifa.

  • When anyone from marxist/commie bowel movements matter or antifa approach law enforcement with weapons, the law enforcement should put them down, end of story. If they riot, the National Guard and/or U.S. Marines should just go in and clean house. These soros paid azzclownz should be taught a lesson. Suicide by cop is becoming fashionable by the soros/obama/clinton tools. In this 18 second video jacob made numerous bad choices. Resisting, having a weapon while being a convicted felon, attempting to retrieve the weapon while police were in close pursuit. How was this going to end any differently? His poor choices left the police with no other choice.

  • I do believe he wanted to die. Otherwise,  nobody would be so stupid to reach into the car where he might have a gun hidden. Adios. There's one black life that don't matter. 

    • Agreed.......but the lefty idiots will still use this as an excuse to loot and riot, commit arson, etc.  They want a civil war.....

  • This is a logical consequence for this criminal.  We need to have more of this.  These people have been handed their cities on a platter. That cannot stand any longer.  Wonder how many of these criminals have been released from prison under the Leftist's authority.   

  • Shoot the looters and arsonists of you have to....time to get tough on these thugs!

  • These rioters(a.k.a. wild apes) must be shot on sight for the rioting and lawlessness to stop!!

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