• Unless you are a PROVEN conserative you should be primaried and voted out

    • Janet, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!


  • China Joe ,  "The Big guy "  the yet to be indicted felon playing at being president . Why vote for his hair brain agenda ????

    One year and look at the damage he and his handlers have done to "We The Peoples" America .

  • Maybe they need to be primaried on their past record?  the fact they are laying low shows they're scared.

    • Absolutely... These chameleon turncoats can not be trusted... Primary the lot... Nominate men and women for Congress who CAN BE TRUSTED... Send these disloyal incumbent masters of perfidy and duplicity packing.  They can not be trusted. 

  • The sad thing is that once they get reelected they have 5 1/2 more years to stab us in the back before using the last 6 months to begin covering their tracks so short memory voters can be duped into voting for them again, the tactic of the gop establishment TRAITORS who only look for their own personal power and wealth!!!!!  We the People are just useful idiots to them as the devildemocommiecrat voters are to them!!!!!!!!!!

    • Isn't that the truth Bob

  • That is a good thing.   The rino's would jump ship and vote blue if they could.  


    • Walter, they do but keep rotating so We the People can be convinced they are conservatives!!!!!  They don't fool me but I can't vote on but just 2 senators and 1 "representative"!!!!!!!!!!


    • Wonder if the idiot realizes that that is applicable to his party also.


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