• One Nation UNDER GOD, he forgot that part.

    • No he didn't . Democrats are of the Devil. They get  an awful burning in their belly if they mention God!


  • Article 2 is also a joke to the enemy within. WE'RE BEING OVERTHROWN!!!!.............Half of society is CONDITIONED FOR IT thanks to a treasonous academis and media.


  • Can't anyone see this man is senile.

  • Constitutional Amendment XXVIII

    Voter rights and procedure

    Section 1.  Only registered voters may vote. A register voter must prove citizenship in the United State of America, the person must be alive in the local, city, county, state, and USA of an election. Exception: military personal who will be automatically registered at time of service. These registered voter lists must be updated every 30 days. (This should be easy to set up by contact with vital statistics and utility companies, etc...) At election time all who vote must match the voter list and get one vote each.

     Section 2. All election procedures, equipment, software, etc. Must be approved by referendum vote of the registered voters of the local, city, county and state held on July 1 every 2 years.

    Section 3. When 5% of the registered voters request a referendum vote on any government legislation, any part of any legislation or any executive order, it must be brought up on the ballot of the next local, city, county, state, and federal election to which that legislation or executive order applies too.

    Section 4. When 20% of the registered voters sign a petition to recall any elected official there must be a recall election setup immediately.

    Section 5. Any violation of this Amendment is punishable by five years in prison or $250,000 fine or both. Any deliberate violation is treason and in this case is punishable by death.

  • That corny sob should be arrested and put in jail over at Getmo for the rest of his life.  

  • Can't stand to listen to him and his lies

  • The fake news MSM can only cover for this fake administration if this administration isn't out showing how they truly are. It was only a matter of time before they had to be in front of the camera for all the world to see why the supposed to be Free citizens of our supposed to be Free country are so upset about a second fraudulent administration of obama/biden/harris.

  • I'm no fan of Biden but your headline is taken out of context. That's as bad as WAPO reporting.

    • You don't know what the hell you're talking about, The headline accurately reflects what's in the video clip. He went off-script, started mumbling another one of his famous word salads and then, he did say that the preamble to the the Declaration of Independence "sounds corny." At least he didn't say, "You know, the thing" the last time he tried to quote the same preamble 

      Also, your comment is every bit as bad as the claims made by the Washington Post since yours and theirs are totally unsubstantiated.

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