Joe Biden on Friday announced a ban on travel from eight southern African countries in response to a new COVID variant - hours after his chief scientific advisor suggested the move was unlikely, and despite Biden himself declaring last year that 'banning travel will not stop it'.

The president, in Nantucket for a Thanksgiving break with his family, said travel will be banned from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, and Malawi.

U.S. citizens and green card holders will still be able to travel into the U.S. from the banned countries, but no one else will be allowed.

Biden's decision came after the UK and Israel on Thursday halted travel, and the EU followed suit.

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  • Why??? Because Africa has been quiter successful in using Ivermection to fight their fake pandemic???

  • Why not just stop all travel in and out of Washington D.C.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    Don't worry about going to these African countries!....they are coming here!!!! (and we are paying them to be here) WHAT COULD GO WRONG? 

    Why Haitian immigrations are in Del Rio, Texas





  • ...and this new variant is so concerning that we will wait until Monday to begin the ban.

    Let's go Brandon 

    • Let's go Brandon!

  • Let's go Brandon

    • So, here we are looking at another shut down, I guess the first was not damaging enough....let's do it again, this time we might be able t9 wipe out the middle class completely.
      Interestingly, the problem is with those who are fully vaccinated, they are coming down with the new verient, they are the hospitalized.......what is science to say about that? Did the vaccine weaken the immune system and are the vaccinated more susceptible to exposure than those who didn't get the vaccine? 
      Is Biden salivating over the idea of following Australia, putting the sick into camps and forcing vaccination?

      Imagine vaccanating those who are sick with Covid!!!!!!

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