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  • Mask up to stop the COVERT while He lets Illegals in with every disease know to man & Criminals to boot!

  • Our children are being kept OUT OF SCHOOL, but the illegals are being taught by teachers being shipped in for their education!!!!!!!!   No wonder Magoo has to increase our taxes to pay for all the ILLEGAL ALIENS INVADING THE UNITED STATES.  Are you ticked off yet????

  • We are told to mask up, but Magoo is shipping covid infected illegals all over our country, and he does not give one damn about that!!!!!

  • ive said this. my father was born in 1914, 5 years before the spanish flu, his mother died 6  months into the flu, not from the flu but from a severe bacterial infection from  being forced to wear a fucking mask. even tho my father was only 5, his father told him how the government forced the citizens to wear mask, and even then they knew the mask did nothing to stop the virus,, moral history repeats itself if we let it.

  • It's what Dictators do!


  • COVID is not what is killing people. Bacterial infection of the lungs caused from wearing masks is whats killing people. Fauci and Bill Gates knew this so they weaponized it to start their plan for depopulation and make billions more off of their vaccine that will kill millions more

  • The mask doesn't stop the virus all it does is bring fear and power to the government time to tell the government you don't control my life.

  • They are never going to let us go. We are weak and cowardly for letting this happen in the first place. Look what happens to someone who dares not comply, they are attacked by the angry mob of mask Nazis and ran out of businesses, and thrown off airplanes. People, we need to stand up to this and take back our freedom, because it's never going to end if we don't. The Biden administration has no love for the American people, if they cared, they wouldn't be bussing and flying Covid laden illegals into our cities, towns, and neighborhoods. They are breaking the number one oath they all take when sworn in, and that is to protect the U.S.citizenary first and foremost, they have forsaken us.

    • Yes.  We do need to stand up to the democrats/communists and take back our freedom.  When do we start?

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