• Continued: He got "Absolutely No Booze in his Coke." When He complained, we would taste it, make faces, and ask "How can you drink it this strong?" By the end of the Movies, He was Drunk. He was Puking! The next Morning, He had a Hangover! Black Lives Matter reminds me of those days. So does CRT! Tell anybody something long enough and they will believe it.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I remember way back when in High School when a group of us guys would go to the "Drive-In Theater", to get drunk and watch " B" Movies. Our School (like all others, at all times and places), had sniveling, whiney, yackety, obnoxious kids that were just plain annoying to be around! However, as the "Fates" would have it "They had Money!" Money bought Booze. We would all get our "Cokes" and One of us would be in charge of pouring the "Bottle." "Fair Shares ", except for the " Whiney Kid." He got 

  • It was bad enough in the 90's. We had a few blacktivists in most high schools of 2400+ students and a bussed-in contingent to make it worth their time to spread the venom of privilege, supremacy, reparations, racism, the whole bit, which, as most people know, developed into the  massive assault known as CRT. At the time, I responded to one who was known for his in-your-face style, "Why do you want to send kids intot he workforce with chips on their shoulders?"  I never did get a good answer, but I think I now know what the answer to that is.

  • ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS need to have TV cameras in each class room that can be viewed by the PUBLIC Parents. We have the simple cheep technology to do that now. TOTAL Parental control of ALL SCHOOL CLASSROOM functions instead of the Communist controlled NEA having control of the Dept. Of Education and Teacher Unions. 

    • AMEN!

    • Very well put! Agreed

    • Terrific idea !!  We have the means to do that...

  • We are all descendents of "Victims" if we go far enough in History! The Secret of Happiness is to Live in the Moment as Yourself. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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