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  • Oh well, it's a tired idea but they hate White people so let's raise funds to send them where there are only Blacks... not talking about inner cities in the US of A at all...

  • some ass needs to be kicked

  • Can anyone say INTIMIDATION and FEAR MONGERING... there is no other reason for such a group to make this kind of open show of force... Shows of Force are a military tactic used to intimidate and frighten one's enemies.  It is used to LEVERAGE CONCESSIONS, from one's enemies, through the use of implied force, to create fear in the general population.  This fear is then used to demand concessions one would not normally be able to negotiate.

    • Can you imagine how the commie mainstream media would be all over this, if this were a group loyal to the President of the United States of America? 

    • that's what the Democratic commie want us to think.


  • People thought that Trump was talking crazy when he told us that there was a planeful of people liks this flying to DC. There is the proof. These are dangerous racists who need to be eliminated from American soil.

    • they need to go to a place where the only thing they can do is sleep and that is it.

  • This idiiots are the racist attacking white people because they are doing better in supporting them self is stupid 

  • This is obviously an organized armed private army.

    Where are the airborne  mini guns when we need them.

    Goon there will be all war and these pretty and novice idiots will face true patriots and veterans 

  • The Burn Loot Murder group make an excellent statement why the wild negros must be shipped back to Africa!!

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