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  • The Democrats won't be happy until they've managed to start a civi war.

    WHY in the hell are we silenced by a COMMUNIST REVOLUTION ON OUR OWN SOIL!!!

  • They better not, he is one strong leader

  • Remove all those Rinos and get our party back or will RNC stand for Rinos National Committee 

  • The Republican Party must go after every Rino that is attempting to oust Jim Jordan. These Rinos must be removed from the Party themselves.

  • The Republican Party must go after all the Republoican in Ohio that are attempting to oust Jim Jordan. Strip every one that hold a leadership position in the party.

  • There a bunch of durty rinos for sure .

  • the deep state gop establishment TRAITORS hatr Jim Jordan because he isn't one of them, won't sell out!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wouldn't be surprised. The leftists are trying to do that here, so I sent an email to the Redistricting Commission to keep the southern California valleys as they are, but I'm not holding my breath.

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