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  • Tyhis simple minded skank should be hanged for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This woman doesn't even have the brains to be a bartender.  The people of her district should be ashamed for even voting for her. Unfortunately, they are probably as lawless as she is. Investigate, arrest, try and jail her!

  • The best place for AOC is either in a Looney Bin or Jail. I prefer JAIL for this btch!!!!

  • She knows she is safe. Maybe the new Republicans that we vote in will open an investigation into Maxine and this idiot for incitin an insurrection.

    • Shirley, don't count on any gop, unless they are non-establishment that manage to sneak into office!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Treason comes to mind.  So does deportation to Cuba where her mother is.

  • So are we going to have a June 24th Committee to invesitgate and will Maxine Waters be included?

    • William, there won't be any investigation into the TREASONOUS satanic left!!!!!!!!!!


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