• Invoke article V of the Constitution!

  • If they block my way I will defend myself by running them down, they won't pull me out of a stopped car and beat me to death!!!!!!!!!!

    • Makes you want to use spiked snow tires, huh?

  • I am getting tired of contacting politicans to fall upon deaf ears. We need to organize and not just complain in this place....

    • Convention of states. Join the grassroots army in all 50 states and take the power away from the federal government. Term Limits & balanced budget amendment are the 1st things on our list. Camp on the doorstep and make your state representatives listen to you and do their job or we will replace their Rhino butts.

    • What is your plan, I am listening?????


  • Antifa is a terrorist group. Biden and his Communist Comrades will not admit to this because Biden’s contributors [George Soros and other Communist] pay them to terrorize. Many are unaware of this or do not believe it to be true. Biden wants to take America down to a Communist level so bad; he has billionaires paying the bums to help. Biden and everybody tied to him should be exiled from the United States forever!! Anybody who does not like it here pack up and get out!!!!

    • The FBI, Antifa, BLM and democrats were behind the coup on Nov 4th and Jan 6th. Proven fact. The White hats and military will eventually take out all the demon democommunists 

    • Jim, I AGREE 100%!!!!!!!!!!


  • Antifa needs to be declared a domestic terror organization and taken OUT of circulation permanently.

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