National Guard troops flooding in as Washington locks down | Star Tribune

Gov. J.B. Pritzker activated 500 Illinois National Guard troops Thursday, with plans to send them to Washington D.C. "at the request of the Department of Defense, his office announced.

“The U.S. Department of Defense has asked Illinois to assist federal and local agencies in this continued effort, and Major General Neely and I are ready to ensure that the state of Illinois continues its proud legacy of protecting our democracy,” Pritzker said in a statement. “Ultimately, we must root out the dark forces of racism, white supremacy and disinformation that have created this moment, but until we do that, our extraordinary troops will deploy with honor.”

The soldiers, along with some Illinois Air National Guard airmen, are expected to remain at the nation’s capital until mid-March.

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  • The Heart of man is desperately wicked who can know it? We are at the closing days of the church on earth. We can see the world pushing toward a one-world confederation that has been hoped for many years. When the church is removed they will have what they desired for many years and mankind will be shocked at what will come. Fear will be the norm for the earth... it will erupt into violence never experienced before. Mankind will be lovers of themselves and hate anyone or thing called good. Blood will flow down the streets and across the land, we are told by God... for 200 miles at a depth of 6-8 feet. The believers in Jesus will be with their Lord watching it all from heaven. How many today are ready for these future events? Many are occupied with the things going on in the world and pay no attention to the eternal things of God. I'll wait and see is not the answer to what is coming! The question is are you ready to leave when the Lord returns for His own... FAITH IN JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY... He said I am the way truth and life no one comes to the Father but by me.

    • Many of our founders were not saying likewise, and look at what happened...

      Rapture Doctrine invented by John Darby in 1830 AD
    • Amen... the end times are here and the Church should take note and make straight the way of the Lord... get right with God as the day comes when the Spirit of the Lord will no longer dwell with mankind... and the Grace of God will turn unto judgment.  Today is the day of Salvation Tomorrow brings with it great tribulation as never before. Pray ye are with Christ in heaven as the earth will become a living hell.

    • that is scary we think this is wild wait and see when the Spirit of God moves out of this earth.

    • the very first statement of your paragraph says it all.

    • it just around the corner 

    • I am ready for the Rapture but hoping it doesn't happen until all of my family has accepted Jesus.

    • my question is could it be anytime soon?

    • everything in prophecy is in place.  it could happen any second!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree... Amen

This reply was deleted.