Obama to Ohio State Grads: Reject Voices Warning of Government Tyranny

In a speech to college graduates at Ohio State, President Obama spent a few minutes talking about people who warn of government tyranny. He told the graduates to "reject these voices." That sounds very transparent and democratic, doesn't it? He went on to say that "we [including himself] don't think that the government is the source of all our problems." I would argue that the government is the source of many...not all...but many of our problems at hand. Ronald Reagan has many quotes that agree with my assessment in this area.

Get more info on the speech here: http://lincaustin.com/2013/05/05/obam...

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Comment by Jane Binkley on May 12, 2013 at 4:51pm

The sad fact about my family of grown kids is that of the four only one will sit down and talk politics and what's going on with the govt. these days. One year ago on Easter I was invited to the home of my second oldest daughter and her retired Marine husband. I tried to broach the subject to create a conversation about the state of the govt. and they didn't want to talk about it. I got the "high sign" from my friend so shut up. This Mothers Day I got asked if I was planning to talk politics while my son and oldest daughter are here. I said no. My friend said, "good because they don't want to hear it". So I waited until she had left and my oldest son and I had a talk until I got asked if that was the only thing I was going to talk about, so I changed the subject, it was also boring his wife. It's a shame more young people aren't interested in the state of affairs.

Comment by H. Gregory Badger on May 12, 2013 at 7:32am


Comment by Don Holton on May 12, 2013 at 7:22am

Lets see "I" AM ONE OF THOSE VOICES ON GOVERNMENT TYRANNY!  I want to take a moment for being noticed by the Regime so what WE are doing is WORKING!  Why make such a statement at a Graduation Ceremony unless your working to put out the fire burning at the root of the problem which appears to be the most recently rekindled Benghazi Yellow Bellied failure to protect our Ambassador and seals?  This is just another use of the Socialists Play Book:  Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" on the impressionable minds of those that have endured during 17+ years of indoctrination at the hands of the leftist educational system we have allowed to flourish from K-12 paid for with OUR tax dollars and then $$$ thrown at a College to do more of the same!  You see they believe if you Vilify your enemy, throw plenty of mud and something will stick even if it is not true, an out right lie just something to fester!   Go to your local Library and borrow or read this book!  Know the game plan but "DON"T BUY THE BOOK!"

Come on people WAKE UP!  

So "I" am 1 voice against the Tyranny occurring.  You are less free than you were 20 years ago.  Yes the last administration was progressive light but this one shined through like no other and you are far less free now than you were 5 years ago!  I believe that the Constitution is the Law Of The Land and not an inconvenient document that requires and continuous end run.  I believe in the separation of Powers was put there for a reason not to be end run by executive orders!  I believe this Regime lives on bloated Governmental Control so yes that would be Tyranny.   JUST LISTEN and JOIN US ... Stand Up, find your voice and Speak Out, Educate YOUR: Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers, Clergy, Congregations, Social Organizations, Social Media and most importantly Wake your legislators from the street level to the town to the County level to the State level and last but not least the Federal levels and if they are part of the problem and MOST are ... Fire THEM In November!  

You see, The Truth and Facts do hurt worse than the LIES, FACT TWISTING, FAILURE TO LEAD, FAILURE TO PROTECT CITIZENS IN KNOWN HARMS WAY, Just the facts Mam JUST THE FACTS!

Now Conservatives learn from the left ... put all of the balls back up in the air:
1) Revisit the hard questions on AG Holder for being held in Contempt of Congress on Fast & Furious,

2) sHillary and Rice and the entire STATE Department for Lying on Benghazi.  

3) The lies about our OPEN Southern Border, while politicians like Chuck Schumer and John McCain just sit by and watch illegals blatantly come over the border with NO RESISTANCE,  Illegals are Illegal are Illegal!  

4) The phony sequester issues while Government WASTE, runs rampant!

5) DHS and so many Federal organizations that don't have to answer to WE THE PEOPLE!

These are but so few so DON'T LET UP!   Ask the hard questions and don't accept anything less than the truth ... WE ARE THE VOICES SHOWING THE LIGHT ON THE TYRANNY OF THIS REGIME ...  WE HAVE THEM ON THE RUN ... JOIN US SHINE THE LIGHT BRIGHTER AND DON'T LET UP! 

Comment by Rebecca M. on May 8, 2013 at 12:46am

He is a big sham! Liar, liar, pants on fire. Mr. Tyranny speaks as a Marxist bourgeouisie to his followers, the proletariat, .... just like a good commie dictator. He would make Hitler proud.

Comment by Tim Burkett on May 7, 2013 at 6:44pm

The only person who has to inform others that they should not listen to voices speaking about tyranny is the person who spreads the tyranny.  It the voices were wrong, then there is no reason to speak of that wrong - because everyone would already know it.  A defense like this is simply another lie from the tyrant that is spreading the tyranny. 

Comment by George Zornetsky on May 7, 2013 at 8:22am

Methinks he doth protest too much!

Comment by Sonia Jones on May 7, 2013 at 6:43am
I thought the point of "higher education" was to debate issues open mindedly? How can the young do this is the president tells them to reject the beliefs and opinions of others? If debate is silenced by discrediting those who disagree.
Comment by Sharon Jones on May 6, 2013 at 10:05pm
Hahaha voice of tyranny talking!!
Comment by MORTON STEVENSON on May 6, 2013 at 4:33pm

school are nothing but subvesion tanks for children.

True Christian school are the way to go.

Comment by JuneUSA on May 6, 2013 at 4:00pm

Yeah Grads.   Dumb it down.  You don't want to listen to anyone else.  That would be terrible if you actually learn something.  Then Obie couldn't control you and that would not be forgiven.  You must salute the little worm and bow real deep.  Just don't do any thinking for yourself and you will fit right in on the left. 



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1 Billion Dollar Net Worth!!! Oberlin College Claims Poverty To Avoid Paying Punitive Damages To Gibson’s Bakery

Although IRS reports show the university is worth around $1 billion, Oberlin College still claimed poverty to avoid paying punitive damages to Gibson’s Bakery.

As Breitbart News reported this week, the far-left Oberlin College lost a defamation case filed by Gibson’s Bakery after a local jury found the university liable for falsely accusing the family bakery of racism.

The jury ordered Oberlin on Friday to pay Gibson’s $11.2 million in compensatory damages for defamation and intentional interference with a business.

Legal Insurrection reported on Thursday that “the jury awarded a total of $33 million in punitive damages, which will probably be reduced by the court to $22 million because of the state law cap at twice compensatory.”

Legal Insurrection has been following the case for two years — since the beginning — and reports that the school’s only defense against a sizable punitive award is to pretend it is poor, despite holding assets that amount to a billion — with a “b” — dollars and despite paying some of its staffers more than a half-million dollars a year:

Oberlin College was so hellbent on getting the message out that their cash liquidity was in such dire straits — as the eight-person jury was figuring out if they wish to add $22.4 million to the school’s legal verdict bill — that they brought out the school’s president, Carmen Twillie Ambar to the stand to tell that part the story.

“We’ve created deficits … and over the next ten years, if this continues, that is unsustainable and we will not exist,” Ambar told the jury. She even indicated the school’s grants — about $60 million a year from the school, and lots of students get those scholarships as only 10% of them pay the full $70,000 a year — were important to preserve as “the accessibility of education” was a key component of the school’s purpose.


The college has more than $1 billion in funds and net assets according to the latest IRS 990 form, an endowment fund that had grown from $440 million to $887 million in the last 20 years, and because of its non-profit status, pays no taxes on any property it owns.

It also had 18 members of their administration making more than $100,00 a year. The president and chief financial officer of the school were both making more than $500,000 a year.

Grifters gonna grift…

The day after Donald Trump won the presidency, this nutball school apparently decided to take out its impotent woke-rage on this poor bakery, which has been part of the Oberlin community for more than a century.

It all started when three Oberlin students (who would later plead guilty in a plea deal) attempted to steal bottles of wine.

The proprietors caught the students and, while attempting to hold them until police arrived, were allegedly roughed up by the shoplifters. But because the students are black and the proprietors white — and with no respect for due process or facts — Oberlin staffers and students decided some vigilantism was in order and did everything in their considerable power to destroy this local bakery forever, to smite it off the map.

Classes were canceled so hundreds of students could protest in front of the small store while enjoying free food and drink, courtesy of the school. School staffers handed out fliers that basically described the family-owned bakery as the local branch of the KKK.

As a result, the bakery had to lay off almost all of its employees and barely avoided bankruptcy.

In the end, the three shoplifters said race had nothing to do with what happened.

For those of you interested in incurring $200,000 in debt before you even enter the workforce, it looks as though you can major in Mob Justice at Oberlin.


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