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Kitzhaber DIspatches State Cop to Harass Journalist as Oregon Obamacare Fails

"Do You Have a Gun On You Today?" This is only part of the harassment doled out by a State Cop as Kitzhaber again dodges questions on "Cover Oregon," his Obamacare disaster.

Dateline November 13, 2013 - Portland Oregon: On his way to an event (to which the public was invited) Governor John Kitzhaber is peacefully approached by a Citizen Journalist. It seems Kitz's Obamacare web site has yet to sign up a single person. Rather than stopping to answer a few questions, Kitzhaber continues to avoid any negative media coverage of his healthcare disaster. Instead he dispatches one of his State Police bodyguards, Kyle Wilson, to harass and try to intimidate the reporter. When asked what law prevents him from approaching the Governor to ask a question, Wilson retorts: "Because I told you to." The reporter is forced to yell his questions in order to exercise his First Amendment Right.

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Comment by Terri Applen on January 19, 2014 at 12:05pm

I never liked Kitzhaber and I never voted for him but now I have even less respect for him....poor Oregonians!

Comment by Virgil Earl Koon on December 21, 2013 at 10:08am

Did anyone watch the video with the idiot, John Henry? He suggests Ted Nugent is a coward, but want to bet this idiot always has his back protected with many? This is the way of the fool Liberals are! They are the cowards and will not meet anyone one on one. I am 68, want to meet me in the ring, fool? I mean one on one and not with your boyfriends!

Comment by Virgil Earl Koon on December 21, 2013 at 9:33am

Moore needs to be in prison in Cuba and water boarded daily!

Comment by GB on November 21, 2013 at 5:28pm

I wish we could shot every single commie in this country. Our country would NOT have these problems if we did away with those that follow communist agenda.

Comment by DAVID SWANSON on November 20, 2013 at 10:26pm


In the early 1900's, there was a little known radical activist that worked behind the scenes to bring Communism to the Soviet Union. The following is an answer he gave during an interview. 

"We asked for freedom of the press, thought, and civil liberties in the past because we were in the opposition and needed these liberties to conquer. Now that we have conquered, there is no longer any need for such civil liberties."    Nikolai Bukharin

This is the end-game of those that spread the disease of Communism within the present administration and the Democrat Party. We must fight hard to make sure they are UN-SUCCESSFUL.

Comment by A_Nobody on November 17, 2013 at 5:47pm

Sounds like another Dem punk in uniform to me....along with his buddy the gov.

Comment by Thom Raasio on November 15, 2013 at 8:27pm

That's why America NEVER HAD A SEPARATE POLICE FORCE from the people from the beginning of the colonies till well AFTER the Constitution was written.   EVERY ABLE BODIED MALE, age 15 and older was REQUIRED to be in the MILITIA, supplying THEIR OWN GUNS AND AMMO.  EVERY MALE WAS A COP.......and a SOLDIER.  Keeping law and order was EVERY MALE'S RESPONSIBILITY and that's why there was SO LITTTLE CRIIME for hundreds of years in America.   It all fell to pieces when politicians FOOLED THE PEOPLE into believing they only needed a FEW armed POLICE..............our Founding Fathers KNEW that would be one of the RUIINATION points for America.




Picture this for a moment.

I have a "comb" that has 74 teeth in it.

Counting each tooth to represent 1.16 MILLION legal American Citizens, consider the following.

Using the first two teeth, on the left, their sum total is 2.32 Million American Citizens who make up the entire population of America's Active Military Forces, ALL police officers, and ALL top echelon Public Officials. (includes the POTUS, Congress, all Governors, State Representatives, Mayors, and Community officials)

The remaining 72 teeth add up to a total of 83.5 MILLION, Constitutionally LEGAL, American Citizens, who "legally" own guns.

We the People, are allowing 1/10 th. of 1 tooth, (the politicians) backed by 1- 9/10 teeth (all armed military and police), to THREATEN and BULLY, 72 teeth (American armed citizens) into surrendering their RIGHTS under the Constitution, and they are OPENLY, and ACTIVELY engaged in the OVERTHROW of the United States Constitution, TO OUR FACE!!!

This PUNY force of arrogant, CITIZENS, actually believe they are the MAJORITY force and power, and are answerable to no one, especially the "private sector" CITIZENS and PATRIOTS that write their paychecks.

Note this..........EVERY YEAR, the 83.5 MILLION citizens in the Private Sector, become the LARGEST armed military force in the WORLD.

This happens on OPENING DAY of "hunting season" across America, when 83.5 MILLION HUNTERS step out of their houses, into the public, fully armed, with their guns loaded, and head into the fields and woods for a two week hunting period.

There are NO REPORTS of mass shootings or homicides or an inordinate amount of "accidents" involving OUR GUNS during that two week period, EVER.  We are Americans.  We have been raised and trained how to use and handle guns SAFELY from our youth to old age.  WE ARE TRUSTWORTHY to keep and bear arms, as our Founding Fathers knew.

Comment by Thom Raasio on November 15, 2013 at 8:26pm

Are we going to let a MEASELY 1/10th of 1 tooth, (the politicians) to continue to dismantle the United States Constitution at EVERY LEVEL of government, when they have SWORN an Oath to "protect and defend" the very constitution they are actively engaged in destroying???

OR...are WE THE PEOPLE going to strap on our LEGALLY owned guns, and armed with the BILL OF RIGHTS,( which have NEVER been repealed), MARCH down to our LOCAL government and City Counsel meetings, and DEMAND of our ELECTED officials, to STAND UP, one by one, and openly declare their own PERSONAL position on the American Citizens RIGHT to keep and bear arms, and to wear them in ALL PUBLIC VENUES, and to state, YES or NO, on whether or not ANY of the first  10 amendments to the constitution have been repealed.

If the INDIVIDUAL answers in FULL SUPPORT of the Constitution, he/she retains their job.

If the INDIVIDUAL answers AGAINST the Constitution and in favor of the continued Usurpation and Overthrow of our constitution through LAWS and ORDINANCES depriving the CITIZENS their constitutional RIGHTS, and ordering the local police forces to ENFORCE these laws, then that person is to be placed under CITIZENS ARREST for PERJURY, for LYING under their oath, stripped of his/her position of public office, and punished under the laws of perjury of the State, and an interim supporter of the Constitution is to be temporarily installed until new elections can be held to fill the seat.

All Police officers are to be questioned in the same manner.

We can STOP THIS MADNESS without having to fire a single SHOT, if WE THE PEOPLE, will simply put on our guns, and NEVER take them off again, and go to our town meetings, DEMANDING IMMEDIATE CHANGE, and the INSTANT REPEAL of all LOCAL laws contrary to the Constitution, and declaring such laws as UN-LAWFUL ORDERS only, and NO PERSON, public or private, is required to obey or follow an unlawful order.

CLAIM YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGAIN, PATRIOTS and the State and Federal officials HAVE NO POWER to continue overthrowing us.

THEN march on your State Capitals, demanding the same.  KICKING OUT OF OFFICE, immediately, those who have perjured themselves.   THEN we march on Washington D.C. and take back the Capitol.

It's a PIECE OF CAKE, patriots, and the PUNY 2 teeth are absolutely CRAZY if they decide they want to start shooting at us.

Its time for WE THE PEOPLE to put a stop to all of this NONSENSE, and we can do it.

NO LATER than Opening Day of hunting season, 2013, America...........PUT YOUR GUNS ON, and NEVER TAKE THEM OFF AGAIN.

We can have our nation BACK TO IT'S ROOTS in less than 60 days, and ALL of OUR actions, are Constitutionally LEGAL .

It's once again time that the public officials, and police, FEAR the CITIZENS instead of the citizens fearing the politicians and police.

An armed American citizenry is a FREE American citizenry.

What say you......America??

Comment by Dr. Gene Sanders on November 15, 2013 at 6:35pm
Frank W Brown
Not a matter of the cop doesn't know the law. Cops his age were properly trained and tested and required to pass all the usual tests (background, aptitude, agility, a probation period--during which he could be fired for any reason--and probably polygraph). So this cop, at some time in the past, was probably a competent guy--unlike most, if not all, of our third world cops and agents who had backgrounds waived (they found early on if you hire these people and find something bad, then they do something wrong your d***'s flying in the wind so the answer was to stop doing backgrounds, except on white guys), the written is waived (or they are given the answers--blacks only--to the tests in advance as LAPD has done since 1975). They are given a pass on the oral board, as soon as the officers see what color, sex and or sex/color the applicant is.
Further, the feds and most states have a one year probationary period--I actually know training officers who've been screwed over because they told the truth about an incompetent probationary minority person.
So, Frank, what was really going on with this cop.
1. Did you see his age, his physique (that gut?)... this guy's at the end of his career.
2. Remember Sarah Palin when she fired that St. Trooper? This is the same deal, in that:
a. He's got to do what the gov. wants or he's history.
b. He gets fired his career is history (especially for a white guy). As to why the guy didn't ID himself? I've seen this before with these guys... in the first place he knows it's total BS having to play guard dog and gopher-in-general for a Assh*** like this gov., on the other hand he'd risk his job if he told his "principle" to f*** off (which is probably what he feels like doing).
None of this is an excuse for being an ass**** however.
I've already mentioned what the reporter could have done or should have done.
Bottom line is that as long as Berry is allowed to lord it around, illegally, his Kommissars (the big and the little ones) will continue this crap--get rid of Berry and the rest will fold. That's a promise.
Comment by Frank W Brown on November 15, 2013 at 1:15pm

another cop that needs to be fired, he didn't even know the law!



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