Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Jihad Mom: Lady, You Shouldn't Be Allowed Here"

"We should not be required to breathe the same air as you, we should not be required to share the indignity of your presence" says Judge Jeanine Pirro in her opening statement to the Jihadi mother of the Boston bomber, as she exposes the facts that are being brought to light behind the terrorist attack in the Boston Marathon.

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Comment by George on May 3, 2013 at 5:30pm

This is outstand! She just said everything reasonable Americans have wanted to say about this inhuman person.

Comment by Donna Rammer, mod on May 2, 2013 at 11:39am

with all do respect to Judge Jeanine Pirro, good vid, BUT remember people, this lady works for FOXX news, and You know who they are owned by, and if you dont, pls ck it out. Amen. They get a paycheck, and each and everyone of them knows/AND holds back information from you. That is why BO is still in the WH. So they are not our friend. Just saying...

Comment by Healani on May 1, 2013 at 11:23pm

I agree with Virgil. The SO CALLED Media is to blame for Obummer being in the WH. It's so amazing the difference in the way they treated Bush compared to OBummer. If they treated OBummer the way they did  Bush on a daily basis that Evil B*****D wouldn't be in the WH.

Comment by Virgil Earl Koon on May 1, 2013 at 3:27pm

Do we see how corrupt this fool is, I mean Canan! Then do not support his advertisers of his foolishness! He needs to have mouth washed out with what his Mom forgot! What do we bet this idiot used ever word that ever was wrong as young, and his parents supported his foolishness?

Comment by Virgil Earl Koon on May 1, 2013 at 3:21pm

This man is an ignorant idiot as we all know! Jobs.. for Communists in other countries? See how much a liar this tripe is? But, Americans can hurt you and put you under using your own words, stupid.. O'Brien with Obama. Cut. Did Obama clap for an honorable American Doctor, when Obama was given the facts? Dr. Carson what totally our supporter and is black. The Liberal Communist media hates him! O'Brien is an anti-American AH and he needs a stint in China on the street. Corrupt piece of junk!

Comment by Virgil Earl Koon on May 1, 2013 at 3:13pm

I think we need to support America and our rights. I think that it is not too late to support a giant march on Washington by all Christians. Will we get arrested? Could be, but we are supporting our Christian Nation and our freedoms against this fool Marxist and a totally ignorant media!

Comment by Virgil Earl Koon on May 1, 2013 at 3:07pm

The Liberal media call those who tell facts, like this lady judge, every name in the book! Do you really think that the Federal Controlled media supports our rights or the rights of others to take them? 

The latest move by the Obama Administration is to allow the imprisonment of any Chaplain that asks anyone to come to Christ! Not bad enough? The Administration says that any serving our military; male or female, no matter what rank, can be dishonorably discharged and face a prison term for supporting the name of Christ! Obama is still President? Yes, because of the idiots in our media!

Comment by Julianne on April 29, 2013 at 7:45pm

She tells it like it is.  Ditto JEANINE.  I admire her.  whatever shall we do oh dear no pc here. 

Comment by Cookie "D" on April 29, 2013 at 3:43pm

Now Aaron Klein is mentioning the very possible connection between Benghazi (re: Syria) and Boston. Remember that Russia backs Syria...Iran has its hands in the conflist there...We have an incompetant AlQaeda/Muslim Brotherhood a---licker Erik Holder telling Magistrate Marianne Bowler to shut the Bomber Brother up... while he and Barry continue to cover up Benghazi by gagging the witnesses. WHO WILL STAND UP FOR AMERICA !!! WHO'S BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS WERE SPILLED IN BUILDING THIS COUNTRY !! The dishonorable have only brought DOWN America. The honorable have built it up...and Barry, Hillary "Yoda" Clintong and Holder have only been the scum of the earth in trying to bring America down...by covering up...by even being in Benghazi in order to try ON THEIR own, or to ORDER the CIA to remove those "WMD" (oh no: here we go again...) poison gas weapons with no Congress members knowing... Ambassador Stevens may VERY WELL have known about it: he may have been CENTRAL in playing a part in it all,and that mission BEING the center of operations...! And yet: gag orders, "Yoda" lying in her concussion-glasses, Holder BS-ing about what HE thinks is the law and protecting ALL Americans: HE IS NOT, THEY ARE NOT!!!: it is INFURIATING !!! Judge Pirro is Italian, so what, David Wallin & a ridiculous bigoted rant !!!! Liberal ex-Judicial branch Duval Patrick, another liberal in Boston, did not do his job, like his local FBI guy, and the FBI overall, it appears. There is a breach of communication Homeland Security was supposed to bridge... I say Fire Janet Napolitano as well. We are getting hit again, I guess, and terrorist-butt licker Holder & Barry claim he is protecting us all. SCUM OF THE EARTH. They belong in jail. Meanwhile, Sean Smith's mum deserves ANSWERS !!!

ANd where is the Bostonian who tackled the FIRST SAUDI suspect Ahmedrahman AlHaribi, that guy with the terrorist tribe/affiliations in Saudi Arabis (who Barry issued another executive order in order to deport him...but now I hear ended up NOT deporting him...) or is Eric Holder also shutting HIM up.

I'm soo sick of distortion in the FACTS, the expansion of such BIG GOVERNMENT taking away our RIGHTS (& the constitution spells that out, marxist Holder) and protection of only SOME of Americans and yet ALL of ILLEGAL ALIENS. 

Coward Eric Holder. SHUT UP, biache.

Comment by Healani on April 29, 2013 at 12:42pm

Awesome!!! Judge Pirro is a Great American!!!! And if one of the 4 who were killed in Benghazi were my family member I would be all over the news every day til the truth was out and OBummer, Clinton and the rest of them were in a Cell!


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‘WikiLeaks Can’t Protect Their Sources’
Is The CIA About To Reveal Names Of DNC Leakers

Image result for Julian Assange

The saga surrounding who leaked sensitive DNC documents to WikiLeaks may take an interesting turn, hints former CIA officer Fred Rustmann.

WND reports:

The Central Intelligence Agency knows the identities of the people who leaked DNC emails to the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks during the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign, a former CIA officer contends.

Fred Rustmann, who served as an operations officer in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service for 24 years and was a member of the agency’s elite Senior Intelligence Service, said in an interview with WND that WikiLeaks’ ongoing release of classified information is “disgusting.” 

“WikiLeaks says they want to protect their sources – Julian Assange said that he wouldn’t reveal his sources, but he would say that it wasn’t the Russians,” Rustmann said. “But the agency knows a lot of the information. I suspect they may have a pretty good idea of who provided that information to WikiLeaks.”

Rustmann’s comments raise questions about potential plans for the CIA to reveal the names of those who allegedly leaked DNC documents to WikiLeaks.

Recently, the CIA made a veiled threat to WikiLeaks in respect to protecting their sources.

“WikiLeaks may think they are protecting those who provide them with classified information & other secrets, but they should not be certain of that,” the CIA statement said. 

In a statement to WND, Robert L. Deitz, a former advisor to CIA head Michael Hayden, called the threat “unprecedented.”

“It’s pretty unusual for the CIA to make a threat to WikiLeaks so publicly. It’s pretty unprecedented; one ought to be skeptical about this. That is not the way that CIA officials should operate,” Deitz said.

“This is the kind of thing, if somebody were to make this kind of threat it would come out of a different organization, DOD, State or maybe the White House. Traditionally it would certainly not come out of the CIA,” Deitz added.

WikiLeaks is in the news after both CNN and CBS falsely reported the group granted Donald Trump Jr. access to future leaks.

However, WikiLeaks had tweeted a link to the information days before the email reached Trump Jr.’s inbox. The fake news media claim this was stone cold proof of collusion, as WikiLeaks has long been smeared as a Kremlin puppet.


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