Yes, Unique, The Black Trailblazer Is Alive and Well in American Politics

The Green Room was alit with excitable greetings amongst the many champions of public policy.  Provocative conversations about China's economy and its impact on the US economy, Nannie Helen Burroughs cultural impact and the chasms between the Republican establishment and Tea Party radicals were fervent and boisterous.  Amidst the afternoon's electricity, a little 5 year old girl stood, bracing herself between two chairs, awaiting the opportunity of her life.  How great it would be to return to her DC charter school to tell all that she had met her favorite Trailblazer.

Was she waiting for the elegant, former Florida Lieutenant GovernorJennifer Carroll?  No.  Maybe it was one of America's Great Jack Kemp Urban Economic pioneers, Robert Woodson, that stirred her fancy?  No.  Unique's choice of admiration was for a conservative that best supported her efforts to lead her dance and baton twirl team--Music Star BriaMarie.  Posing with the "Fresh Princess", pressing her autographed CD to her heart, Unique exuded a sense of appreciation, ambition and hope that could only be found at the Fourth Annual “Black Republican Trailblazer Awards Luncheon™” in Washington, DC.

Black Americans for a Better Future”, founded by longtime Republican political operative, syndicated newspaper columnist and author Raynard Jackson, hosted a transformational, intergenerational weekend event.  Not anchored to the symbols preferred in emanating a message that one is reaching out to "blacks" to try the Republican brand, Jackson chose the Willard International, across the street from the White House, to openly defy the myth, accepted woefully on both sides of the aisle, that it is a bleak pursuit of promise to recruit voters from Urban America.  With grace and precision, he honored such Titans as Carroll, Woodson, Trailblazing financier Ambassador Harold E. Doley, Jr.,  Legendary ABA/NBA Basketball Player James “Jimmy” Jones, George H. W. Bush Presidential Library CEO Fred D. McClureand Webster University Graduate School Professor Allegra McCulloughwhile promoting the values and principles of the conservative movement.  Jackson weaved the personal victories of titans with the aspirations of grassroots champions not availed the limelight by National Republican organizations. 

"Ken this is phenomenal...Didn't know that you were such a good writer!!!!"
Raynard Jackson: "The Power of Ideas."

Urban Conservative, You Are Being Called Off the Island to Take Back the Main Stream!
Saturday, February 20, 2016
Yes, Unique, The Black Trailblazer Is Alive and Well in American Politics

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