I think it's fair to say that the biggest Republican victory in the last 100 years has been one of the biggest disappointments in the last 100 years. The party is controlled by Rockefeller Republicans; fake conservatives who get their marching orders from NWO "Paper-Clip" descendants. They are comfortable tearing up the Bill of Rights and Constitution, destroying the America we, and the families that gave birth to us, grew up in and prospered in. We are in serious trouble. If America, this time next year, even resembles the abomination it is now, it will be a miracle. We have gone through changes, since JFK was rubbed out, that are culminating in the outright dissolution of the USA; not that these changes were not manifesting themselves 50 years before the JFK event, they are now one city block away from parking us in an active driveway. One that has tractor trailers ready to roll into and over us, to deliver the goods ordered by the NWO.

I dare say it is highly unlikely we will have any political solution to this mess any time soon. We as a people need to band together and promote Pro-Active Resistance to anything smelling of NWO:

  • Television
  • Newspapers
  • Formal Education
  • Processed Foods
  • Tap Water
  • Movie Theaters
  • Musical Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Vaccinations

If we can either boycott, or severely restrict, our participation in anything the Power Structure gives to us, and create our own grassroots lifestyle centered around freedom, physical and mental health, character, morality, and selflessness, we can move the balance of power from the Super Class side to the Citizen Class side.

The Tea Party can play a huge role in this. It can move itself from a political organization to an organization dedicated to building Americana. It could even re-name itself the Americana Party. A Party that funds itself through promoting and supporting what made America great. The list of things would resemble our Bill of Rights and the products pushed would have to be direct outgrowths of these principles. Then through this Americana lifestyle would you be able to have Leaders that the citizens would clamor for. Eventually the movement would get large enough to drown the Super Class and float the Citizen class to higher ground.

Time has come today. 2015 is the year. We are the People.

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Comment by paul rinier on April 9, 2015 at 5:20am

I must agree the people of this country have been cowed & beaten down by these leftist bastards for so long now ,we believe theres nothing we can do. BULLSHIT read the newest blog I just posted ,this is what the people of our country needs to do. TAKE OUR COUNTRY & OUR GOVERMENT BACK!!

Comment by Bonnie Somer on December 29, 2014 at 5:06am


CREATE OUR OWN WAY, OUR OWN PARTY SORT OF AND DAM DC.   boycott, or severely restrict, our participation in anything the Power Structure gives to us, and create our own grassroots lifestyle centered around freedom, physical and mental health, character, morality, and selflessness, we can move the balance of power from the Super Class side to the Citizen Class side. THEY WANT CONTROL OF US TIME WE DO NOT GIVE IT; DO NOT BUY WHAT THEY SAY; DO NOT GET A VACCINE B/C THEY WANT IT; WE CAN DO IT BY NOT GIVING IN NOT COWTOWING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT; VOTE FOR WHO WE WANT AND STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS.   

Comment by Robert Caleb Potter on December 28, 2014 at 7:16pm

I am aware that those who have sacrificed throughout history for America gave their lives for something much different than what we have become today. I am aware that OUR GENERATION has dropped the ball. I don't like being part of a generation that drops balls of this magnitude.

Comment by Marcus Christopher on December 28, 2014 at 7:08pm

I think there is one very important point many people calling for Revolution are missing.  The government our forefathers revolted against was, for all intents, a foreign government ruling from London.  The government we have today, corrupt as it is, rules from our very own Washington DC.  Now I know people will jump all over me saying our government is ruled by the NWO, etc.  That is a discussion for another day.  The point is Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boehner and McConnell (the filthy five) are in DC, which is a domestic government.  This is not to say we should lie down and let them have their way, my only point is what people are ACTUALLY calling for is much different than what they THINK they are calling for, and they need to be aware of that.

Comment by Cyrus J Mallinson on December 28, 2014 at 4:41pm

HI Gary -  There is one very simple way to achieve the points you suggest.  However, it will require a substantial, very substantial, change in thinking about how the U S Government can take money out of our pockets.  Please call me so I can tell you about it.  Cy Mallinson. 269-342-0410.

Comment by Gary Haist on December 28, 2014 at 4:19pm

@ Oren Long  last I knew it was a freedom to voice an opinion in this country. I do not belong to any political party because I know they are all corrupt. As for you sir you would do better not insulting people and have patience enough to steer people in the right direction if they are mistaken.

Or are you afraid of someone who may have a different take on things. I do not know everything about the convention of states other then what I have read, and yes from what I have read there is a danger that the convention could be used to further damage the constitution or add amendments that are not in the republics interest.

If I had read some bad information then fine tell me what you think I should read. Anyway you do not have to get personal or insulting about it. I am sure you have never been wrong before, so give me a break for not being perfect. Must be lonely in your perfect little world.

Comment by InfoWarsTV1 on December 28, 2014 at 3:56pm

"More can be accomplished toward the goal in 5 years of war than in 50 years of peace."
- Carroll Quigley, "Tragedy & Hope"

The globalists want a war, they can control the outcome. They have had a lot of practice. What they don't want is warrants for treason.

Comment by Brian Massie on December 28, 2014 at 3:38pm

Do not expect help from the Republican party. They are in league with the Democrats.

Comment by William R. Porter on December 28, 2014 at 2:52pm

It will be business as usual, our Government is for sale, taxpayers are slaves for this Federal entity.

Comment by Arthur on December 28, 2014 at 2:51pm

What makes us think the Republicans will honor their promises. It is only a hope. We will see


Political Cartoons by Henry Payne


 CNN’s Coverage Of Trump Is So Bad,
Even Kasich Criticizes Them

After President Donald Trump’s bipartisan meeting on immigration reform this week — and a certain utterance by the commander in chief that quickly went viral — CNN seemed to have transmogrified itself from its self-described mantle as “The Most Trusted Name in News” into “The S***hole Channel.”

Yes, after the president apparently made the unwise decision to use a deprecatory expletive to say what everyone knew anyway about Haiti and El Salvador, CNN and its retinue of totally unbiased reporters treated the incident like Court TV treated the O.J. trial. (Sample: “This is ‘CNN Tonight,’ I’m Don Lemon. The president of the United States is racist.”)

As the weekend hit, there were plenty of people sick of seeing CNN drag the president through the mire over one asterisked word. One of those sickened, surprisingly, was Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Kasich, bear-trap minded readers will recall, has been one of the president’s most vociferous critics from the Republican Party, particularly among those in elected office.

Kasich managed to fight Trump to the bitter end during the primary campaign despite only winning one state (his own) and offering America nothing besides the mien and attitude of an ornery principal from a 1980s high school movie.

Even after his loss, he continued to go after Trump, with some speculating he would run in 2020 on a unity ticket with Democrat Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

However, during a Friday appearance on CNN with Jake Tapper, Kasich turned on CNN when the network tried to get him to call the president racist, instead saying CNN was wasting its time on a single frivolous expletive.

The fun began when Tapper asked Kasich “what it would take” for the Ohio governor to call the president racist.

“I’m not a name-caller,” Kasich responded. “What would it take? I’m not into name-calling.”

Tapper, apparently not quite getting the hint that the cantankerous governor wasn’t quite thrilled with the line of questioning, pressed on and asked Kasich if Congress (a body which he is not a member of, it should be noted) ought to censure the president for saying “s***hole.”

“We need to move on, Jake. Look, I’ll be honest with you, I understand ratings, newspaper hits, clicks, ratings in television, OK? Everybody’s had their say,” Kasich said.

“Hopefully we’ll see some more out of Republicans. Maybe the president will say something, apologize or whatever. We’ve got to move on. We have big issues out there. We’re facing maybe the closing of the government. We’ve got a situation where we’ve got to take care of these other folks,” he continued.

“Everybody, you know, this is a time for everybody to pound somebody. I’ve never been a big one on pounding somebody when they’re down, other than to say that was wrong and I think what the president said was wrong. I don’t have any more to say about it other than this.”

I must admit to being rather unsurprised and resigned when it comes to the media’s coverage of s***holegate. Every time CNN and related networks get a bee in their bonnet regarding any Republican (particularly the current president), the breathless oversaturation reminds me of nothing so much as the old SNL “Buckwheat Dead: America Mourns” skit.

While this is hardly anything new — remember the hours upon hours of airtime devoted to Larry Craig and his “wide stance” in some godforsaken airport lavatory while two wars were raging in the Middle East? — the media has found some way to turn it up to 11 during the Trump years.

Who knows? Maybe they’re expending all of the outrage they didn’t bother using from January of 2009 until January of 2017. Or maybe they just can’t help themselves.

Either way, kudos to Kasich for not taking the low-quality bait — especially since he’s close to CNN and loathes the president.

If only all GOP politicians so principled.

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What are your thoughts on the president’s remark? Scroll down to comment below!


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