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The dirty cop-Mueller/scumbag-Comey/
scumbag/liar-Clinton Collusion 
to Take Down Trump
by Mark Alexander  
Supreme Court hands dirty cop-Mueller 
investigation major defeat
by Jerry McCormick
{patriotnewsalerts.com} ~ The Mueller investigation has finally hit a roadblock in its quest to take down President Trump... The Supreme Court has issued a temporary stay protecting an unnamed company under subpoena by dirty cop-Mueller. Last week, word got out a company, only identified as “Company A,” was seeking relief against a grand jury subpoena. The company was also hoping to get relief from a daily fine being issued for not complying with the order. During the week, the company was frantically working the appeals system to quash the subpoena, to no avail. When the issue landed on the steps of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the court, not surprisingly, sided with dirty cop-Mueller and his investigation. Now, dirty cop-Mueller will have to respond to the stay before the end of the year for the Supreme Court to decide whether the stay will remain or be removed.  dirty cop-Robert Mueller has enjoyed considerable support among liberals since this investigation started. Multiple outlets have already reported they do not expect dirty cop-Mueller to announce any type of collusion between the President and the Russians. Point being, save the indictments that had nothing at all do with collusion, the investigation will end up being pointless...
Mattis' exit offers chance for '
Trump do-over' at Pentagon, insiders say
by Rowan Scarborough
{washingtontimes.com} ~ One group of Washington operatives not sorry to see Defense Secretary James Mattis leave is the Trump supporters who feel locked out of Pentagon jobs... Insiders say Mr. Mattis’s chief of staff, retired Navy Rear Adm. Kevin M. Sweeney, preached a “non-political” Defense Department. They translated his edict as meaning that Trump campaign people and Republicans on Capitol Hill would have limited access to 160 plum, high-paying appointments. Mr. Mattis gave Mr. Sweeney wide authority over personnel matters, sources said. Mr. Sweeney’s official  Pentagon biography states: “He is responsible for providing counsel and advice to the Secretary on all matters concerning the Department.” Said a former Trump campaign adviser: “General Mattis was briefing scumbag/liar-Hillary during the 2016 campaign and only became a Trump supporter after the election. He then worked hard to keep Trump campaign advisers and surrogates out of the Pentagon while undermining Trump policies all along. I hope he doesn’t let the door hit him on the way out.” Sources point to Michele Flournoy as the best example of Mr. Mattis‘ “non-political” department. She served as President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s undersecretary of defense for policy and is a scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton supporter. Yet she was Mr. Mattis‘ first choice for the ultra-plum job of deputy defense secretary, to the exclusion of rank-and-file Republicans who had been outside looking in for eight years...  https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/dec/25/james-mattis-exit-... 
Does It Bug Anyone Else That Rod Rosenstein’s 
Wife Worked for the scumbag/liar-Clintons?
{americanlibertyreport.com} ~ Jeff Sessions did what he could to curb illegal immigration in the two years that he served as Attorney General, but he was always crippled by his faulty decision to recuse himself from anything Russia related... Seeing how effective that recusal was, Democrats are already calling for AG nominee William Barr to recuse himself from, basically, everything that the Department of Justice is doing these days. Silly question, but why are President Trump’s allies the only people who are supposed to recuse themselves from doing their jobs? Who made up that rule? Special Counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller’s conflicts in the Forever Russia investigation have been well documented here. dirty cop-Mueller was besties with scumbag-James Comey when the two were mentored by scumbag-Eric freaking Holder in the scumbag/liar-Clinton administration. dirty cop-Mueller went to a posh prep school and played on the same sports teams as scumbag/liar-nObama’s second Secretary of State, hanoi-John Kerry. And dirty cop-Mueller’s crack detective agency looks like The Official scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton Fan Club. Jeff Sessions was ordered to recuse himself from anything Russia-related because he spoke with the Russian ambassador in his official duties as a US Senator. Yet dirty cop-Mueller gets a pass and doesn’t have to recuse himself from anything. We’ve also pointed out frequently that scumbag-James Comey worked as a private attorney for Lockheed Martin before he became scumbag/liar-nObama’s FBI Director – and scumbag-Comey’s work entailed negotiating weapons contracts with the scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton-run State Department. scumbag-Comey became a multimillionaire because of this work and then ran the entire scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton Email Exoneration charade in 2015 and 2016. No recusal...
 ICE drops off almost 200 more migrants in El Paso
by cbsnews.com  
{cbsnews.com} ~ One-hundred-eighty-six more migrants were released in downtown El Paso, Texas by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Christmas Day... reports the CBS affiliate there, KDBC-TV. That came after approximately 400 were released in the southwest Texas city in the two days before Christmas. Democratic Congressman socialist-Beto O'Rourke, who represents El Paso, said he'd been told some 500 more would be released there Wednesday. Local nonprofit groups told the station the key difference Tuesday was that they were notified in advance by ICE of the mass release, something the groups and socialist-O'Rourke said didn't happen previously. As a result, the nonprofits were a bit more prepared for the large influx. "They're coming from immigration cells so they're coming hungry, they're coming thirsty, most haven't bathed in a long time. The situation is really difficult for them," said Dylan Corbett, executive director of the Hope Border Institute. ICE said in a statement earlier this week the mass releases were designed to ensure families weren't held longer than it's allowed to detain them, and blamed "decades of inaction by Congress" that resulted in the government being "severely constrained in its ability to detain and promptly remove families with no legal basis to remain in the U.S."...
Erdogan’s Anti-Semitism Will Sink Turkey’s Economy
by Aykan Erdemir and John Lechner

{fdd.org} ~ On Nov. 21, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a meeting of local elected officials that “the famous Hungarian Jew scumbag-Soros” was behind an individual who “financed terrorists”... 
during the nationwide anti-government protests of 2013. He added that scumbag-George Soros is “a man who assigns people to divide nations and shatter them. He has so much money and he spends it this way.” The individual whom Erdogan smears as a “terrorist financier” is Osman Kavala, one of Turkey’s leading philanthropists and civil-society activists. Turkish authorities arrested Kavala over a year ago and have held him without an indictment. The Turkish president and his media mouthpieces accuse him not only of supporting the widespread protests of 2013, which were sparked by Erdogan’s plans to raze Istanbul’s popular Gezi Park to build a shopping mall, but also the abortive coup of 2016. After Erdogan’s latest attack, scumbag-Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF), citing his “baseless claims,” decided to leave Turkey, likely worried that the safety of their employees was at risk. Ten days earlier, Hakan Altinay, one of the founders of the OSF’s Turkish branch, was arrested. Although OSF announced that it will “continue to support future partners in Turkey who would want to work with them,” this might prove to be impossible for local nongovernmental organizations. Pro-government media have already smeared OSF’s partners as “evil structures,” claiming that “after the Open Society Foundation of Jewish speculator scumbag-George Soros, who is an aide of the great devil the United States and Zionist Israel, fled Turkey,” German foundations picked up where they left off...  https://www.fdd.org/analysis/2018/12/24/erdogans-anti-semitism-will...
The dirty cop-Mueller/scumbag-Comey/
scumbag/liar-Clinton Collusion to Take Down Trump
by Mark Alexander:  The claim of campaign-finance violations will fuel the Democrats' relentless hounding of Trump over the next two years, as it fits with their "stolen election" narrative and is fodder for faux impeachment charges.

             There was actual news this week (versus the constant din of media churn) regarding the special counsel investigation into what originally was supposed to focus on Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election.
               Of course, that mandate immediately turned into an unlimited investigation into all manner of ostensible wrongdoing regarding Donald Trump and his campaign associates, including an investigation into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election. As you recall, that diversion was prompted by a fake dossier funded by scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
               scumbag/liar-Clinton and former FBI Director  scumbag-James Comey, whose “higher loyalty” was, first and foremost, to  scumbag/liar-Clinton, set that fabrication into motion.
               The “collusion” diversion has not turned up anything of substance thus far, though it has served its purpose – to keep Trump on the ropes for 18 months. So the investigation has now diverted to the question of how then-candidate Trump used his own money to settle what constituted extortion payouts associated with two past lurid associations — and whether those payments violated campaign-finance law.
               What follows is a breakdown of the key developments, but first, an observation on the hypocrisy regarding foreign influence in our electoral process, as well as perjury. At the same time Democrat Party principals are feigning concern about foreign influence of our elections, they are advocating for open borders, pandering to their Hispanic constituents in an effort to change the demography by flooding voter rolls with “new” constituents. And Democrats are now concerned about perjury after defending scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton’s lies as president about his sexual assaults?
               Never let it be said that Democrats allow abject hypocrisy to get in the way of their political agenda...  ~The Patriot Post  


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SICK: New Jersey Awarded $3.8 Million In Financial Aid To Illegal Aliens

 A local news report revealed that the state of New Jersey awarded $3.8 million in financial aid to illegal immigrants during the 2018-2019 school year.

According to a report from NJ.com, the state of New Jersey gave $3.8 million in financial aid to 749 illegal immigrant students in the last academic year. More than a quarter of the funding went to 328 illegal immigrants that attend Rutgers University.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a law last year that allowed illegal immigrants to apply for financial aid. Prior to the signing, illegal immigrants were permitted to apply to pay in-state tuition at public universities but they were not eligible for financial aid.

Murphy, who supports the spending, hit back at Republican critics by arguing that giving financial aid to illegal immigrants is compatible with American values.

“I’d even invite any of those folks who have that attitude, beginning with our president, to come on into this room and allow me or any of us to say, ‘This is the United States of America,’” Murphy said at the time.

David J. Socolow, executive director of the state’s Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, defended the state’s decision to offer financial aid to illegal immigrants.

“This financial assistance offers these New Jersey students a life-changing opportunity,” Socolow said in a brief comment.“The successes of these first 513 students, who are now attending county colleges, state colleges and universities, and independent institutions around the state, will have a positive impact on countless additional lives.”

According to the report, there is currently no limit on the amount of illegal immigrant students that are permitted to receive financial aid from the state of New Jersey. State lawmakers forecast that they will spend approximately $5 million on financial aid for illegal immigrants each year.

Video: Flashback: NJ Governor signs bill allowing free tuition for illegal immigrants

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