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Trump: “We Want God”
by Katie Kieffer
 Trump Impresses So Media Distracts With 
 Another Russian Collusion Story 
On Saturday, the day after Donald Trump met and faced off with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, The New York Times trolled out yet another article aimed at reviving the Leftmedia's Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy. This time the story relays the existence of a meeting that took place in June 2016 involving Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer. Allegedly the lawyer claimed to have dirt on the Democratic National Committee and liar-Hillary Clinton being funded by Russians. But Trump Jr. said he ended the meeting after about 20 to 30 minutes because the lawyer's comments were "vague, ambiguous and made no sense." So has the Leftmedia finally found its long-sought-after smoking gun? Nope.
          A better question to ask is this: What did New York Times "journalists" know
and when did they know it? How "convenient" for the Times to suddenly come across "breaking news" of a year-old meeting directly after Trump confronts Putin over Moscow's meddling in the election. Clearly the timing is designed to overshadow
another successful foreign trip for Trump. And once again the sources are anonymous government officials. We've seen this movie before, and it's getting old.
          The Times and its media kissing cousins are eagerly engaging in an anti-Trump smear campaign using trickled-out fake news. Their insistence on pushing the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy is evidence of a no-holds-barred effort to impede and undermine Trump's presidency. The irony is that the Leftmedia has been playing right into Moscow's hands, as Putin would love nothing more than to undermine Americans' trust in our electoral system. But Trump is not the darkness threatening the American republic; the source of that darkness is these fake news stories published by the Leftmedia. ~The Patriot Post
CNN Fake News Asks “Why So Many Lies?” –
What They Should Ask Themselves
by Rick Wells
{} ~ CNN Fake News anchor Jake Tapper asks the question that many, those who haven’t totally switched to alternative sources of information, ask of CNN every day, “Why so many lies?”... Jake “the Fake” Tapper, the prosecutor for CNN’s lynching of President Trump, acts like he’s really got his hands on something big. “An admission,” he says, “from the oldest son of the President of the United States, who runs the Trump organization, Donald Trump Jr., in no uncertain words, acknowledging that last year he took a meeting with a Russian lawyer with connections to the Kremlin.” What are those connections, Tapper? The network implies that they are intimate, but if they were, the specifics would be part of the story and his setup. It’s safe to assume he’s included that association to enhance the narrative...
One Year After Dallas Police Shooting,
Anti-Cop Hostility Still Threatens Our Society
by Scott Erickson
{} ~ One year ago, the American law enforcement community suffered through what was arguably it’s most trying and emotionally difficult event since 9/11... July 7, 2016, marked the day that a deranged man, seemingly motivated by nothing more than an intense hatred of law enforcement, assassinated five Dallas-area police officers. The rawness of that tragedy was only deepened by the subsequent murder of three Baton Rouge police officers only 10 days later. Then-candidate Donald Trump said the murders had “shaken the soul of our nation.”...These groups need to be removed and thrown out of our country.
Lawmakers Cite Evidence Russia ‘Colludes’
With US Green Groups to Block Fracking
by Kevin Mooney
{} ~ Forget about allegations of Russian interference in U.S. presidential elections for a moment, or even “collusion” between Russian officials and Trump campaign operatives... The real action is in the European and U.S. energy markets, according to a letter from two Texas congressmen to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that details what they call “a covert anti-fracking campaign” with “little or no paper trail.” The Daily Signal obtained a copy of the June 29 letter to Mnuchin from Reps. Lamar Smith and Randy Weber, both Republicans who chair energy-related House panels...
Iran’s Growing Missile Might

by Uzi Rubin
{} ~ Last month, the Islamic Republic fired seven of its newest model of Zulfikar ballistic missiles at Islamic State positions in Syria, not far from the U.S. zone of operations... Official Iranian media covered the missile launch with enthusiasm, although it seems that only one of the projectiles hit its target. Despite this apparently poor performance, argues Uzi Rubin, the fact that Tehran possesses such long-range, high-precision weapons should arouse serious concern: To hit a single house from more than 6oo kilometers away, as one of the missiles probably did, is far from trivial. In fact, it is a very significant development. As a military operation, Iran’s missile strike may have been a dud, but as a technical demonstration of the Zulfikar’s inherent capability, it may have been a step forward...
CNN Disproving Trump Russia Collusion
Hoax With Latest Don JR. Witch Hunt
by Rick Wells
{} ~ CNN needs to figure out at some point in time which anti-Trump vehicle to attempt to ride to his removal from office... Will it be the Trump – Russia collusion hoax that has produced no evidence in a year or the new Donald Trump Jr. collusion story, that contradicts their first narrative. Despite a year of multiple investigations and incessant propagandist coverage, no evidence of any Trump – Russia collusion has been uncovered. Now, the angle that Don Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort met with a Russian attorney is about to blow up in CNN’s fake news face as well. Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya shares a common opposition to the Magnitzky Act with Vladimir Putin. That doesn’t in any way make her connected to the Kremlin, which denies knowing who she is...
Trump: “We Want God”
by Katie Kieffer
{} ~ In 1984, Ronald Reagan won the Catholic vote. Bush, RINO-McCain and Romney failed to repeat Reagan’s feat, but 2016 exit polls show Donald Trump won the Catholic vote by 7%. If Trump and Reagan gained popularity among the faithful by being unafraid to mention God, so too the Catholic Church should be unafraid to speak the truth.

As in 1984, the Catholic Church has a historic opportunity to bring society closer to God in solidarity with the world’s most powerful political leader.

“We want God!” President Trump said last week in Warsaw, Poland. The crowd erupted into wild applause.

President Trump was relaying how—in 1979—one million Poles attended Mass by Pope John Paul II and, amid his sermon: “…suddenly raised their voices in a single prayer … and sang three simple words: ‘We want God.’”

And then President Trump went to a place no modern politician is brave enough to go: he named the most important missing element of modern life—God. “The people of Poland, the people of America, and the people of Europe still cry out ‘We want God.’”

Except next to no one is publicly crying out for God these days. Many Americans are afraid to mention God in public much less in private conversation. Trump was courageously giving voice to the silent cry for God that millions of humans hold deep within their hearts.

A Rock that Rocks the Boat

We think of rocks as naturally solid and sturdy objects. But it takes a prolonged or intense force to create a rock. A volcano converts lava into rock. And scientists just discovered that the concrete ancient Roman architects used to build sea walls became stronger after spending hundreds of years in the ocean.

What do rocks have to do with Trump? Quite a bit, actually.

After the Apostle Peter denied Christ three times, Christ did the opposite of what you or I might do if a friend let us down and called Peter a “rock;” the foundation upon which He built His Church. For, Christ knew the depths of Peter’s heart and his potential as a leader.

Like Peter, Reagan and Trump are flawed men. Before becoming President of the United States, both men made mistakes. And Trump has shown us that “turning the other cheek” isn’t always easy for him to do. He took the high road after so-called comedian Kathy Griffin did a photo shoot holding a model of his decapitated and bloody head. But he’s let others—like MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski who publicly attacked his intelligence, masculinity and sanity—get under his skin.

Yes, Trump is not perfect. He’s human like you and me. But, like Peter, his heart seems to be in the right place.

What other politician talks about God as openly as Trump? We do need God. And we need more leaders who publicly acknowledge this need.

A Washington-Vatican Solidarity

President Reagan collaborated with Pope John Paul II on the common goal of disemboweling communism and the former Soviet Union.

Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Bernstein writes that Pope John Paul II and Reagan formed a secret alliance against communism that centered around Poland: “A free, noncommunist Poland, they were convinced, would be a dagger to the heart of the Soviet empire; and if Poland became democratic, other East European states would follow.”

The papal-presidential pact smuggled supplies from food to printing machines and spies both clerical and lay into Poland and slowly but surely grew a resistance movement that ushered Western values into Europe and destabilized communism.

Today, Trump is boldly urging the world to remember the example of Poland and root out a new global threat, namely Islamic extremism.

Catholics and Christians—why not urge the Vatican, the world’s most powerful non-partisan force—to support Trump’s call to return God to society?

Rather than hyperventilating when Trump falls, like the time he called Ms. Brzezinski “low I.Q. Crazy Mika,” we could remember that he’s not a saint. Maybe someday. Today, Trump remains rough around the edges yet brimming with charismatic zeal.

No one can deny that Trump is passionate about America just as no one who reads the Bible can deny that Peter, at heart, loved Christ. Trump is already a billionaire. He doesn’t need the stress of his 11-year-old son Barron having nightmares of a comedian holding Trump’s decapitated head.

President Trump clearly feels that he’s capable of making the United States a better place for Barron—and the rest of us. So instead of enjoying his family, wealth and golf courses in peace—he’s taken on the world’s most demanding job. And last week he took a page from Reagan by boldly doing what no other politician has the guts to do. He asked us to follow God.

Trump can’t turn the world into a more God-fearing society alone. It is crucial that we do our part as well. A great place to begin is by encouraging Rome to break free from any attachment to popularity. Let us urge the world’s two most powerful leaders and cities to unite around our fundamental yearning: We want God.

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