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UN: It's Climate Doomsday, and
We Mean It This Time
by Lewis Morris  
Wednesday Top Headlines
by Media Editors:  Hurricane Michael strengthens to Category 4, will make Florida panhandle landfall today (The Weather Channel)
Trump: Five people on short list to replace Nikki Haley as UN ambassador (The Hill)
Grassley says he would not allow Supreme Court vacancy to be filled in 2020 (The Washington Post)
Cotton suspects Schumer of being behind leak of Ford letter (The Hill)
California admits DMV error added noncitizens to voter rolls (The Daily Signal)
Missouri judge blocks parts of state’s voter photo ID law (Reuters)
Census citizenship question lawsuits move toward Supreme Court showdown (NPR)
Previously deported illegal alien now sentenced for child porn (CNS News)
MN teacher resigns under fire after “kill Kavanaugh” threat (Hot Air)
Humor: The Left learns an important lesson from Kavanaugh fight: They need to be even more obnoxious (The Babylon Bee)
Policy: What do the worst-run states have in common? They’re run by tax-and-spend dummycrats-Democrats (Investor’s Business Daily)
Policy: Why the Left won’t take up originalism (National Review)  
~The Patriot Post
American ISIS – the dummycrats-Democratic
Nazi Communist Party Endorses Terrorism
by Dustin Koellhoffer
{} ~ Make America Hate Again – dummycrats-Democrats used this as an epithet against Trump’s MAGA, but they have made it a reality in their own ranks... Following the confirmation of an American son to the Supreme Court, dummycrats-Democrats in Congress openly declare war on Republicans endorsing assassinations and the heinous murders of their families. Gangsterism, Islamism, Leftism, American dummycrats-Democratism, they are all the same thing – the violent subjugation of the innocent. Leftist witch trials convict and condemn the blameless as guilty even if proven innocent, and then blames their victims for the violence they inflict on them. dummycrats-Democrats say their followers are right to threaten and kill Republicans on the basis of their slanders that Republicans are the white supremacists, not the  dummycrats-Democrat elites, their slaves, and their lemmings who are the ones engaging in violent bigotry. dummycrats-Democrats threaten to murder Republicans. dummycrats-Democrats says Trump Republicans are the violent racists raping women and destroying minorities. Since when has been giving people job opportunities in a booming economy been violence against them? This sickness of the liberal mind is being created and fed by leftist dummycrats-Democrats in government. These people need to suffer the consequences of their sedition. A Republican senator has already been shot and numerous police and innocent civilians murdered by leftist terrorism in the United States. It has been imported by scumbag/liar-nObama and his minions and it is getting worse. Just because they operate individually doesn’t mean they are not a national threat. American law needs to be changed to stop protecting dummycrats-Democrat criminals. The United States needs new laws against slander and libel and the inciting of violence. If a single member of a congressional GOP family is harmed because of this then every single dummycrats-Democrat in Congress needs to be arrested and charged for the crime.  Their leadership needs to be hanged; the scumbag/liar-nObamas and liar-Clintons, scumbag/clown-Schumer, dinky-Reid, sick-Pulosi, scumbag-Booker, scumbag/mad-Waters, and every  dummycrats-Democrat in Congress that has been calling for violence against Republicans and slandering them as racists needs to swing for their crimes. And every one of their billionaires and millionaires that have been bankrolling their anti-America campaign needs to be seized and have all their assets stripped...
dummycrats-Dems consider changing the number of justices
on the Supreme Court if they win the presidency
by Jerry McCormick
{} ~ If you thought the Brett Kavanaugh saga is over, you were sadly mistaken. The dummycrats-Democrat fight against Kavanaugh is far from over... While some dummycrats-Democrats have retreated and are licking their wounds, others are still pursuing him in the hopes of impeaching the new associate justice. dummycrats-Democrats in office are still aggressively pursuing Kavanaugh’s records from his time in the George W. Bush administration. There are also rumors that dummycrats-Democrats are continuing to pursue private testimony that will somehow refute something Kavanaugh stated while under oath. But if that does not work, there are some other plans in the works. One plan that has been floated depends upon the dummycrats-Democrats gaining a majority in Congress and winning the White House in 2020. If they do, there are more than a few people that believe they will try to add two more justices to the Supreme Court. If that happens and they have the White House, a dummycrats-Democrat would be nominating the two justices, giving the high court a liberal tilt...
Republicans must cut spending now
{} ~ Republicans go to Washington elected on a few key promises to their voters. Chief among these is cutting taxes and shrinking the government... Voters still believe that Republicans are the party of small government, and understandably so. When constituents have the most contact with their elected officials, it is during campaigns, which Republicans run time and time again on truly limited government principles. They advocate for getting the government out of health care, for returning power to the people, and for adhering to the Constitution. It is when Republicans actually get to Washington that most of them thus fail to keep most of their promises by voting against these conservative principles. But one campaign promise that Republicans did keep this Congress is cutting taxes. Inside of the legislation passed last December were significant simplifications of the tax code along with reductions in tax rates for both individuals and businesses. The tax bill has clearly encouraged investment and boosted economic growth, creating more prosperity for all Americans. However, the individual and pass through business tax cuts will sunset, or expire, within the next decade.The job of Republicans to cut taxes is not done, as the tax cuts last year should be made permanent and expanded upon. Moreover, the job of Republicans to cut spending has not even begun. In fact, it is going in the wrong direction, with spending growing out of control. The tax cuts have spurred economic growth, increased confidence in business and investment, and allowed people to keep and spend more of their money as they see fit. That is an accomplishment to be celebrated. However...
How Lindsey Graham Redeemed Himself during
Kavanaugh Confirmation Process
{} ~ For years, Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican – South Carolina, hasn’t been popular in conservative circles... Often referred to as “Lindsey Grahamnesty” due to supporting bi-partisan “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation a few years ago, the senior Senator from South Carolina was an early antagonist of President Donald J. Trump. While opposing Trump in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary, Graham called him a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot” according to the Washington Post. Since Trump’s ascension to the White House, Graham has both criticized and praised the President at various intervals. However, recently, Graham has appeared to be more of a Trump ally than foe. This was especially the case throughout the contentious process to confirm Judge Brett Kavanagh to the United States Supreme Court. Graham steadfastly communicated his unabashed support for Trump’s nominee to the highest court in the land. Perhaps, most notably, Graham blasted his dummycrats-Democratic colleagues on September 27, 2018 during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Graham contended the dummycrats-Democrats’ handling of the Ford situation had everything to do with politics. According to Fox News, the senior Senator from South Carolina said, “This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics.” He went on to add, “Boy, y’all want power and I hope you don’t get it.”...
'Riots were under control, dozens were hit'
by Kobi Finkler
{} ~ On Tuesday afternoon, IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manlis addressed the riots that took place last night in the Gaza Strip... during which thousands of Palestinian Arabs damaged and set fire to the security fence along the Gaza Strip. The rioters threw explosives and spray grenades, burned tires and threw stones at IDF soldiers. In addition, one of the rioters crossed into Israel for a short period of time, setting fire to an abandoned military position near the fence. There were no casualties and only a camouflage net was damaged. In the course of the violent riots, soldiers acted to prevent widespread infiltration into the country. The IDF spokesman addressed claims that the riots were hidden from the public and from the media. "The incident was controlled by observation and fire from start to finish and at no point did it get out of hand," the IDF spokesman said. "The fighters hit dozens of rioters using riot control means and shooting at rioters in accordance with open-fire regulations." "IDF forces will continue to act to ensure the security of the residents of the area in the face of various terrorist attempts, as they do all the time," added Brigadier General Manelis said...
UN: It's Climate Doomsday, and We Mean It This Time
by Lewis Morris:  The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change announced in a new report that the world has just 12 years to make drastic and changes — “unprecedented in terms of scale” — to reduce global warming or we will suffer an irreversible climate catastrophe. As if we needed just one more apocalyptic warning to finally believe these Chicken Littles.

             Remember, this UN report comes just 12 years after scumbag-Al Gore declared we had 10 years left to save the planet. And 36 years after the UN itself said we had 20 years.
               This latest doomsday scenario claims that if the nations of the world don’t take major steps to reduce carbon emissions, we will miss the last opportunity to reduce rising temperatures, basically signing humanity’s death warrant. No really; they mean it this time!
               The New York Times is appalled … at President Donald Trump. “A day after the United Nations issued its most urgent call to arms yet for the world to confront the threat of climate change, President Trump boarded Air Force One for Florida — a state that lies directly in the path of this coming calamity — and said nothing about it,” the Times harrumphed in an editorial masquerading as a news report.
               The UN report calls for limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) over the next 10 years. In order to reach this goal, of course, governments must make “rapid and far-reaching” changes to their energy industries by switching to renewable energy sources and phasing out global coal production, while forcing automotive companies to ramp up production of electric cars. Several nations already want to ban combustion engines by 2040; California dummycrats-Democrats do too.
               It’s a long shot that the nations of the world can reduce carbon emissions by one million tons a year, so the UN report conveniently notes that a brief overshoot of the temperature goal will still put us on track to save the planet, so long as everyone sticks to the overall plan.
               This latest climate report follows the leftist game plan to use climate change as a path to global socialism, to bring sovereign governments and the international economy to heel under a Marxist cabal that would dictate what countries can manufacture and what people can purchase and how, or if, they travel.
               The climate alarmism of the Left goes back decades, and it has always been tied to forcing people to change their behavior in a manner that suits the leftist worldview.
               In the 1970s, we were told that overpopulation and a coming ice age would deplete our resources and cause massive starvation. The solution was for First World middle- and upper-class people to stop having children and consuming resources. In the 1980s, global warming became the new culprit with the claim that our coastal cities would all be underwater by the turn of the century. The cure? Massive price and tax hikes for First World energy producers and consumers to convince them to reduce their “carbon footprint.”
               Why should the United States pay such a high price for global warming? Of all the nations that are signatories to the Paris climate accord, America is the only one that has actually reduced carbon emissions. And, of course, we’re the only signatory to withdraw, just as Trump promised. Yet most of the solutions that scientists propose to “fix” the problem disproportionately target the capitalist U.S., leaving communist China — the world’s largest polluter — alone.
               In every instance, a large number of climate scientists have, either willingly or without realizing it, tried to advance the agenda of the Left. Some have admitted to manipulating data to enhance the danger. Others simply trash the reputations of any colleague who dares question the gospel of global warming. Reasoned debate and research, the backbone of good science, has no room when the real goal is to force a particular outcome or behavior upon the people.
               Everyone suffers in this climate of fear. When UN panels, universities, and hustlers like Gore lay out doomsday scenarios and use cooked data to warn of “last chances” and “tipping points” to stop the apocalypse, how is the public supposed to know what is true and what is false about global warming? Environmentalists appear puzzled that people aren’t more concerned about the issue. Perhaps they would be more attentive if they weren’t being lied to so brazenly.

~The Patriot Post  

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Comment by Rudy Tirre on October 11, 2018 at 7:28am


As far as I can remember thats what we been doing and it time to stop.

Comment by Bonnie Somer on October 11, 2018 at 4:31am

the climate scam will go on as long as the UN.

time to get out and kick them out of this country

they want our money we cannot comply and cow tow to them.   



Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by Steve Kelley


States Propose Orwellian Law Mandating State Home Invasion On Home-School Families

( – Lawmakers in some US states have proposed legislation that would require home visits for families with homeschooled children, posing a terrifying threat to parental authority and freedom in general.

Iowa HF 272 requires homeschool families who do not report to their school district in conducting their home education to submit to “health and safety visits” quarterly by “the board of directors of a school district.”

If parents decline, the proposed law says, “the juvenile court or district court upon a showing of probable cause may authorize the person making the home visit to enter the home and interview or observe the child.”

The law doesn’t explain why a school district would conduct “health and safety visits,” nor is “probable cause” defined.

But the party performing the visit on behalf of the school district would be a mandatory reporter, and the district can collaborate on the mandated home visits with the Department of Human Services, which in turn can collaborate with the state’s Department of Education.

A similar bill calling for a home investigation of homeschool families was recently introduced in Illinois. The visits there would be performed by the Child Protective Service Unit of the Department of Children and Family Services.

Iowa state Rep. Mary Mascher, a Democrat, introduced the bill, which is one of two introduced thus far during this legislative session requiring home visits for homeschool families.

Public schools do not exist to determine the “health and safety” of a child, they exist to provide children with an education.

In fact, plenty of public schools pose serious risks to the “health and safety” of children, whether that be increased risk to seasonal and contagious illness or the incidents of violent crime that plague the nation’s inner city schools.

This law is eerily reminiscent of the socialist systems many lawmakers in Washington would like to mimic here at home. There is nothing more authoritative than the state forcing their way into the home.

Homeschooling is a way a rapidly growing number of parents have found to combat the state-sponsored ideological indoctrination taking place in the public school system, and these authoritarians can’t stand that parents are finding a way to fight back and take their children’s educations, and minds.

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