Valerie Jarrett: Obama Admn Was "Scandal Free"?!

I recall Ronald Reagan telling the joke where a fella was running for office in a rural area that was predominantly democrat.  The fella stood atop a pile of manure and had mentioned how he's never campaigned before - from the democrat platform! [*]

Well, that pile of CRAP has gotten even HIGHER - when Obama and his assistant, the Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, said that there's NEVER been a single scandal during Barack Insane Obama's presidency.


Hmmm... Right off the bat, in Phillie in Nov 2008 - The militant hate group, the Black Panthers used voter-intimidation tactics, including the killing of "white babies", to frighten voters away from the predominantly republican precinct. The monent Obama was Inaugurated - he had his henchman Eric Holder fire the investigator and made the evidence and the charges DISAPPEAR.

> Then theres FAST & FURIOUS...Part One: Where the Obama admn, again, under his AG, Eric Holder,  sold weapons...which the Admn had purchased from AMERICAN gun stores and sold them to the Mexican drug cartels. Many INNOCENT bystanders were slaghtered because of it.  

Obama used Executive "Privilege" to obstruct Congress from even starting any criminal invesitgation against his top gangsta, Eric Holder. And those are just TWO SCANDALS alone that had occurred EARLY in his First Term. I CAN go on!

Obama and Jarrett are nothing more than LYING @$$ B*TCHES!

Thus starts the democrats' new year.


* ;

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Comment by Bryan Phillip Mena on January 4, 2017 at 11:28am
Let's not forget when his Secretary of State let the ambassador to Lybia die in a terrorist attack. She was either careless or incompetent, both of which are equally terrifying. Then in a congressional hearing LIED about it to cover herself up. That Secretary of State was Hillary Clinton and what happened in Benghazi and what happened to the DNC just showed Dems are just plain idiots.



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