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What's Not To Like About Trump Policies? 
by Cal Thomas
Sessions Stands Strong in Defense of Terminating DACA
{ } ~ Attorney General Jeff Sessions slammed a ruling Monday handed down from a U.S. district court... fully reinstating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Sessions blasted the decision in a statement, saying that the liar-nObama administration “violated its duty to enforce our immigration laws by directing and implementing a categorical, multi-pronged non-enforcement immigration policy for a massive group of illegal aliens.” He further stated that the executive branch is well within its right to rescind a policy that was established by an liar-nObama-era executive order, and that it has a commitment to do so. “We have recently witnessed a number of decisions in which courts have improperly used judicial power to steer, enjoin, modify, and direct executive policy,” Sessions wrote. “This ignores the wisdom of our Founders and transfers policy making questions from the constitutionally empowered and politically accountable branches to the judicial branch. It also improperly undermines this Administration’s ability to protect our nation, its borders, and its citizens.”...
The Russian dummycrats-DNC hack
shows the US needs to get smart on crypto
by Yaya J. Fanusie & Boris Zilberman
{ } ~ If the United States is going to stop Russia from hacking its next election, law enforcement and the intelligence community will need to get much smarter... on how to catch adversaries who use cryptocurrencies. According to the recent indictment filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Russian intelligence officers used Bitcoin to rent servers and buy domain names and virtual private networks in order to execute “large-scale cyber operations” to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Although cryptocurrencies are not innately illicit and, like all technologies, can be used for good or bad, the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is likely to lead to greater use by criminals, terrorists and spies. The U.S. is unprepared for this eventuality. Russian efforts to hack the dummycrats-Democratic National Committee (DNC) shed light on Russian cyber-intelligence methods and how “crypto” enabled much of their activity, even if it ultimately left a trail for U.S. investigators. The hackers laundered about $95,000 in their operation, largely through cryptocurrencies to hide their identities and obfuscate their true connections to Russia. For instance, they used Bitcoin to a buy website domain names and virtual private networks (VPNs), as well as rent computer servers; all of which allowed them to build an online apparatus to steal and publish documents from dummycrats-DNC hardware...
Trump faces big test as voters head to polls
in Ohio, Michigan, and Kansas
by W. James Antle III
{ } ~ President Trump isn’t on the ballot Tuesday, but his sway with Republican voters will be put to the test in a series of races... with major implications for the midterm elections. The main event is a special congressional election in Ohio’s 12th District, where dummycrats-Democrats are trying to flip a seat that has belonged to Republicans for decades. On paper, GOP nominee Troy Balderson should have the advantage. He has the support of both Trump, the populist president who carried both the district and the state in 2016, and Gov. John Kasich, the increasingly centrist Republican who held the seat himself for nine terms. Except the public polling shows Balderson locked in a dead heat with dummycrats-Democrat Danny O’Connor as the more affluent and suburban parts of the district swing against Trump, as Kasich himself has. That makes Trump’s decision to come to Delaware and host a rally for Balderson risky, with the White House and GOP politicos betting it necessary to counter dummycrats-Democratic voter enthusiasm. In a typical freewheeling speech that touched on other subjects more than the special election, Trump lit into “Danny boy” as someone who blindly follows House Minority Leader Nancy Pulosi, D-Calif. “A vote for Danny boy and the dummycrats-Democrats is a vote to let criminals and drugs pour into our country,” Trump said. “And to let MS-13 run wild in our communities. And you know what they do once they’re there.”... 
Sean Hannity Highlights Russian Collusion Case,
But Not for Trump - For scumbag-Adam Schiff
by Mike Brest 
{ } ~ Fox News’ Sean Hannity highlighted the case against Congressman scumbag-Adam Schiff for collusion with Russia on Monday night’s show...  “Meanwhile you have an old leaker and liar, Congressman scumbag-Adam shiftless Schiff joining his friends in the mainstream media — we have a great tape we will play for you in a second. Also weighing in with fake feigned moral outrage of his own.” “Where is it? We’ve been looking for a long time. We do have evidence of collusion. Russian collusion in plain sight. Alright, let’s look shiftless scumbag-Schiff. He could easily be talking about himself,” he added. “Remember when he tried to dig up dirt on President Trump from his own Russian sources? It turns out he was being pranked by a Russian radio personality. He thought he was talking with the Russians. A conspiracy, collusion with the Russians and we actually, Mr. Mueller, we have evidence.” Hannity then aired a clip of scumbag-Schiff talking to a Russian radio host disguised as someone who could give him dirt on the President...
VIDEO at the site.
Socialism's Downfall
by Steve McCann

{ } ~ With the unexpected success of commie-Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primaries and dummycrats-Democrats swooning over the newest face in the crowd... commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, socialism – or its latest euphemism, " dummycrats- Democratic Socialism" – is the new hot-button issue of the American left and its Millennial allies, who are enamored by its egalitarian rhetoric. Socialism has been ruinous everywhere it has been tried, yet this cabal is just the latest in a long line of true believers throughout the Western world, convinced that they are so exceptional that they can succeed where so many before them have failed. Their naïveté oozes from every pore as they mindlessly rail against capitalism and tout the theoretical benefits of socialism. Why has socialism failed everywhere it has been tried – and why does it continue to do so – despite the best efforts of the die-hard true believers in the United States and the rest of the world? The original and current proponents of socialism fail to take into account one basic and immutable factor: the fundamental nature of the human race. The most dominant trait mankind has, as do all living creatures, is an innate desire to survive and prosper. While some may willingly choose to pursue subsistence on their own terms, to the majority of the human race, the path of least resistance is the most desired. Thus, mankind is susceptible to financial scams, gambling, crime, and resentment or violence toward those who may have more. Above all, far too many people are open to the concept of a central authority providing them with the means of livelihood. A secondary characteristic of the human race, again shared by other species, is the need by some within the group to conquer or maintain control over their fellow creatures...


What's Not To Like About Trump Policies? 
by Cal Thomas

{ } ~ Like a baseball team that is way behind going into the fifth inning, dummycrats-Democrats and socialists are hoping for the political equivalent of a rainout, so that the game President Trump is winning will be canceled, allowing them time to regroup.

The president's opponents are going to need more than that figurative cancellation, however; they're going to need a real plan of action. dummycrats-Democrats, whose policies of tax, spend and regulate, are being reversed, seem to have nothing to offer except failed policies that have slowed growth and discouraged business expansion. Their "policy" is a vain hope that "scandal" and Russian "collusion" will lead to Trump's downfall. So far that strategy isn't working. His base continues to support him.

During the 2016 campaign when candidate Trump pledged a growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 4 percent, "experts" claimed it was impossible. President liar-nObama said we would have to accept much smaller growth because the days of rapid economic expansion were over.

The left is coming up with all sorts of excuses, including the export of large amounts of soybeans, to explain 4.1 percent GDP growth as a one-off. Some of the same "experts" who claimed such growth was impossible now say it is unsustainable. Let's recall that other 'experts" said there was no way Donald Trump could beat liar-Hillary Clinton. And yet the media continue to return to these people, as they might a soothsayer, hoping they will get it right next time.

Within days of his inauguration, the Dow Jones industrial average climbed above the 20,000 mark for the first time. As of last Friday the Dow stood at 25,451, a 5,000-point rise. Retirees with their 401k accounts and other investments must be happy with those numbers. Low unemployment figures for African Americans and Hispanics President Trump claims they are the lowest in history "because of my policies," even though black unemployment had been on a years-long downward trend when he assumed office nonetheless have fueled a hiring boom.

Tax cuts and tax reform have put more money in the pockets of some Americans to spend or save on goods and services, producing more of them and leading to the hiring of more people, who will pay more taxes. The Treasury last quarter again took in record amounts of revenue, though Congress spends it faster than it comes in.

It appears the president may have won a significant battle in the trade war with a promise last week from European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker to negotiate zero tariffs on U.S. steel and aluminum; something else the "experts" said was impossible. The president is on the way to winning this battle because of his assertion that the U.S. has been treated unfairly by other countries that slap tariffs and taxes on American goods while we import their products with few or no penalties.

President liar-nObama once said it was impossible to bring back manufacturing. At a 2016 PBS town hall event, liar-nObama derisively said: "Well, how exactly are you going to do that? What exactly are you going to do? There's no answer to it," adding, "He just says, 'Well, I'm going to negotiate a better deal.' Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn't have an answer."

Would Mr. liar-nObama like salt or salsa on the words he should eat? President Trump is proving that the past can be prologue.

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LOOK: Obama Declared National Emergencies 13 Times Including Swine Flu, Iran And Flint Water Crisis

President Trump is expected to declare a State of Emergency at the US southern border on Friday.

Declaring the immigration crisis a national emergency is overdue. Presidents have declared national emergencies for nearly 50 years.


Barack Obama declared 13 national emergencies, 11 of which continue to this day. The Obama emergencies included the Swine Flu, Flint water crisis and Iran.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

As it turns out, there are currently 31 ongoing national emergencies over which the president wields certain authorities, the first of which has been in existence since 1979 and is one of only two emergencies declared by Carter.

There were a total of six national emergencies during former President Ronald Reagan’s tenure, as well as four more during the administration of former President George H.W. Bush, all of which have ended.

Former President Bill Clinton declared 17 national emergencies — six of which remain in effect — while former President George W. Bush declared 12 national emergencies, of which 10 remain ongoing.

Then we get to former President Barack Obama, who declared 13 national emergencies, 11 of which continue to this day. Thus far, President Trump has declared three active and ongoing national emergencies.

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