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Still don't think the U.S. Embassy 
belongs in Jerusalem? Get over it
by Naftali Bennett  
Melania Trump Has Kidney Surgery at Walter Reed Medical Center 
by Thomas 
{ } ~ First Lady Melania Trump underwent emergency kidney surgery today... It’s a benign condition but serious. She will be in the hospital all week, according to media reports. The Office of the First Lady reported: “This morning, First Lady Melania Trump underwent an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. The procedure was successful and there were no complications. Mrs. Trump is at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and will likely remain there for the duration of the week. The First Lady looks forward to a full recovery so she can continue her work on behalf of children everywhere.” According to CNN, Melania “is the first US first lady to undergo such a serious medical procedure while in the White House since Nancy Reagan had a mastectomy in October 1987. Rosalynn Carter underwent surgery to remove a benign lump from her breast in April 1977. Weeks after Betty Ford became first lady, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy in September 1974.”...
Turkey recalls ambassadors to Israel, US over Gaza ‘genocide’ 
{ }~ Turkey on Monday recalled its ambassadors to Israel and the United States in protest of the Israeli military’s deadly response to riots on the Gaza border...The announcement was made by Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag, who also declared three days of mourning over the 55 Palestinians the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza said were killed in the riots. “Israel is wreaking state terror. Israel is a terror state,” Erdogan told Turkish students in London in a speech broadcast by state television. “What Israel has done is a genocide. I condemn this humanitarian drama, the genocide, from whichever side it comes, Israel or America...Erodogan is once again wrong and is no leader.
FBI Stonewalled House Intel Committee
 to Cover Up a Spy in the Trump Campaign 
by C. Mitchell Shaw 
{ } ~ In the midst of the ongoing strategy of delay and obstruction on the part of Deep State operatives in the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI... which bent rules well past the breaking point to keep the House Intelligence Committee in the dark about facts relevant to its investigation of DOJ and FBI handling of alleged Trump/Russia collusion — the other shoe has finally dropped. It appears the FBI had a spy in the Trump campaign. As The New American reported Monday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes — tired of being “stalled” and “stonewalled” — threatened Attorney General Jeff Sessions with charges of contempt of Congress unless Sessions complied with a congressional subpoena to provide information on a “specific individual” in the investigation. That “specific individual” is a U.S. citizen who acted as a “source” for the FBI in its never-say-die investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Both the DOJ and FBI had already pushed the boundaries one time too many for Nunes and he was ready to pull out the big guns to force compliance with the subpoena. On Thursday, his efforts were richly rewarded: The DOJ briefed House Intelligence Committee members about their top-secret intelligence source. As the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel wrote in an explosive op/ed piece Thursday, even with all of the stonewalling and smoke-and-mirror tactics...
Comey Troubles Mount as House, 
Senate Leaders Say He Misled Them 
{ } ~ Earlier this month, it was revealed that Comey had told the House Intelligence Committee... that agents hadn’t noticed any physical signs of deception when they interviewed former national security adviser Michael Flynn about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Now, according to the Washington Examiner, a letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee has gone even farther, with Chairman Chuck Grassley saying to the Department of Justice and FBI that Comey had suggested Flynn wouldn’t be charged for making false statements to investigators. “Director Comey specifically told us during that briefing that the FBI agents who interviewed Lt. General Michael Flynn, ‘saw nothing that led them to believe he was lying,'” Grassley, an Iowa Republican, wrote in the letter. “Our own committee’s staff’s notes indicate that Mr. Comey said the ‘agents saw no change in his demeanor or tone that would say he was being untruthful.'” This was similar to what the House Intelligence Committee said in its report... 
Hero Takes Out Armed Thug Robbing 
Women with Children at School
{ } ~ The street thug never saw it coming. A robber was intently focused on the woman he was in the process of robbing... as she and others were picking up children from outside a private school in Sao Paolo, Brazil. One of those mothers happened to be an armed, off-duty police officer who knew exactly what action was necessary and took it without hesitation. The thug, 21-year-old Elivelton Neves Moreira, 21,approached the crowd from outside of camera range with his pistol drawn and aimed it at the innocent civilians, including children, at the crosswalk. As his attention was directed solely on his intended victim, another woman, military police officer Katia da Silva Sastre,42, retrieved her own pistol from her purse and delivered three taxpayer relief shots to the chest of Moreira. He later died at the hospital from his injuries, ending his life of crime and making the streets of Sao Paolo a little bit safer for innocent people...
Still don't think the U.S. Embassy 
belongs in Jerusalem? Get over it

by Naftali Bennett 
{ } ~ The inauguration of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is an important recognition of Israel's inherent right to govern itself. It is also the start of a new era, one in which the international community's relationship is based on reality and fact, not fantasy and fiction.

President Donald Trump's decision to allow the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act to move forward is historic. At the most basic level, it states what has been obvious to Jews for thousands of years: Jerusalem is, has been and will always be the capital of the Jewish people. This notion was formally adopted by Israel when it named Jerusalem its capital in December 1949. For too many years, however, foreign countries continued to site their embassies in Tel Aviv, a symbolic statement with a clear message - a refusal to recognize Jerusalem, even West Jerusalem, as the country's capital.

By moving its embassy to Jerusalem, the United States is making a statement: Israel is no longer a second-class country whose capital isn't recognized by the world. Although we are a small country, we have long punched above our weight in the international arena. By acknowledging Jerusalem as our capital, President Trump has given us the respect and dignity all other nations have enjoyed for a long time.

We would never question Britain's, Germany's or Canada's choice of their capital city. So we would never dream of locating our embassies anywhere but in London, Berlin or Ottawa. Capital cities are determined by the governments of the states, not by outsiders or visiting diplomats. Yet even though Israel has long made clear that Jerusalem is its capital, we have been disrespected and our decision ignored. Today, that starts to change.

Yes, we might disagree with many governments about the future of east Jerusalem. From our perspective the Holy Basin --- including Temple Mount, the Western Wall, Mount of Olives and the City of David - will always be an integral part of Israel. Others do not share this view.

Yet even those who argue with us about the eastern parts of the city understand that West Jerusalem is Israel's seat of government. Ambassadors to Israel present their credentials at the President's Residence, visit government offices and meet in the Knesset - yet these countries locate their embassies elsewhere.

Despite our diplomatic argument, despite a difference of opinion on east Jerusalem's final status, having an embassy in west Jerusalem, in the areas everyone knows are and will remain Israeli, is the most natural thing. There is no other country whose capital is questioned by the world, and Israel should not suffer from such discrimination.

Jerusalem once hosted many foreign embassies, from Africa, Latin America and even Europe. None of these embassies closed immediately after the 1967 Six-Day War. Instead, they were shut down one by one, because of Arab political and diplomatic pressure starting after the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The Dutch and Colombian embassies, as well as others that operated in Jerusalem until 1980, showed that the move to Tel Aviv was nothing but a political choice.

Just as we welcome the American embassy, there are already others, including Guatemala and Paraguay, following Washington's lead and planning their embassies' relocation to Jerusalem. This trend will only grow, and I look forward to the day when having an embassy in Jerusalem will be the norm, not the exception.

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 After Years Of Stagnation Under Obama 
Household Income Hits 50-Year High

Image result for money

Former President Barack Obama got plenty of praise for shepherding us through the recovery from the 2008 economic crisis. However, those on Main Street, USA, knew the truth — things weren’t any better than they had been when George W. Bush left office.

As The Weekly Standard reported in 2016, median household income when Obama came into office in 2009 was $56,731. In 2015, six years into his presidency, that number was $56,516 — a decrease of just over $200.

By the time he left office, it’s true that media household income had risen to $59,471 — but that was essentially the same as it had been in December, 2007, at the end of the “Great Recession” and just a few weeks before Obama took office, when it was $59,549.

So, how’s The Donald doing?

Well, as Investor’s Business Daily reported, a new study from Sentier Research found that the median household income in April was $61,483 — a 50-year high.

That’s up from $59,471 in January of 2017.

The firm tracks income using census data and adjusts for inflation — so even a slightly weaker dollar doesn’t account for the increase.

Donald Trump Jr.   @DonaldJTrumpJr  

Bad News For Dems: Household Income Hits All-Time High Under Trump … And He's Getting Credit For It!!! 

Household Income Hits All-Time High Under Trump, And He's Getting Credit For It

A new report shows that the median household income has climbed 3% since President Trump took office. It's another sign of a strong economy, and at least one poll shows the public credits Trump for...

That’s great news for the country, but maybe not the best news for Democrats.

“This is just another indication that the economy has notably strengthened under Trump. And polls show that the public’s mood has brightened considerably as a result,” Investor’s Business Daily reported.

“The latest IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index is 53.6. This index has been in positive territory (anything over 50 is optimistic) since Trump took office. The Quality of Life Index, meanwhile, hit a 14-year high in May and the Financial Stress Index is at an all-time low.”

That economic data is followed by a lot of polls that seem to show that the “blue wave” expected in the November midterms breaking and rolling back into the sea.

A new Reuters poll found that a generic Republican would beat a generic Democrat by six points. Back in March, the Democrats were up by nine points. A CBS poll found that Democrats had a two-point advantage on the generic ballot — hardly “wave” material.

The CBS poll also found that 68 percent of Americans believed Trump’s policies deserved at least some of the credit for the economic situation, with 35 percent saying he deserved a “great deal” of the credit.

Sixty-four percent of respondents rated the economy as “somewhat good” or “very good.” In a CNN poll, 57 percent of voters said that “things are going well in the U.S.” In February, that was 49 percent.

Perhaps the most important figure: Under Obama, when Gallup asked whether it was a good time to find “a quality job in the U.S.,” the highest number that administration ever achieved was 45 percent. Under Trump, that number is 67 percent — the highest number in the 17-year history of the poll.

While Trump’s personal numbers haven’t seen the same bounce, they’re still up — and that’s the important thing. Thanks to the relentless campaign of personal attacks against him, Trump’s stated approval rating has always been a lot lower than it probably is.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Hillary Clinton. For all of the personal barbs and attacks, 2016 ultimately came down to the economy. So will 2018 — and that’s not good news for the Democrats.

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