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The Great Wall of America Will
Break the Democrats
by Rich Logis
What, precisely, do Democrats want 
to impeach Trump for?
by Byron York
{} ~ Newly sworn-in Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib electrified progressives with her passionate declaration that she and her colleagues will " impeach... the ************"... the " ************," of course, being President Trump. Democratic leaders were embarrassed that a high-profile freshman would speak so frankly in public. But hours before Tlaib spoke, on the first day of Democratic control of the House, another Democrat, Rep. scumbag-Brad Sherman, filed a resolution of impeachment. scumbag-Sherman's resolution was later co-sponsored by another colleague, Democratic Rep. scumbag-Al Green. The efforts by scumbag-Sherman and scumbag-Green, who filed his own articles in 2017, and another House Democrat, Rep. scumbag-Steve Cohen, who also introduced articles in Trump's first months in office, are nothing new. Nor are those efforts a lonely quest. In an early 2018 procedural vote, 66 Democrats voted in favor of moving an impeachment measure forward. But on what grounds, specifically, do the pro-impeachment Democrats intend to remove the president? The new scumbag-Sherman/scumbag-Green resolution, and scumbag-Green's and scumbag-Cohen's resolutions from last year, are not exactly a comprehensive recounting of Trump's alleged offenses. scumbag-Sherman's is based entirely on the president's firing of FBI Director scumbag-James Comey and the scumbag-Comey memos, while scumbag-Green's articles seek to remove Trump for "sowing discord among the people of the United States" with his comments on Charlottesville, transgender troops, and Muslim immigration. In an earlier version, scumbag-Green also sought to impeach Trump for statements about Rep. Frederica Wilson and NFL players who do not stand for the national anthem. scumbag-Cohen's articles rehashed much of Sherman's obstruction allegation while adding a charge that Trump violated the Constitution's emoluments clause, plus articles seeking to remove Trump for tweeting about federal judges and calling some press organizations "fake news." Judging by the articles currently on the table, Democrats will have to raise their impeachment game if they choose to go forward with an attempt to remove the president... These dummycrats need to read the constitution about impeachment. Not their hatred.
Pulosi Introduces Bill to Force Presidents—But Not Members
of Congress—to Release Their Tax Returns
{} ~ House Speaker Nancy Pulosi introduced legislation on Friday that would require the president and vice president and candidates for the presidency and vice presidency to release their tax returns... The bill, however, would not require members of Congress or candidates for Congress to release their tax returns. The provision is part of H.R. 1—the “For the People Act”—which Pulosi introduced Friday. A summary of the bill says that it includes a section titled “Presidential Tax Transparency.” This section, says the summary: “Requires sitting presidents and vice presidents, as well as candidates for the presidency and vice presidency, to release their tax returns.”... Why not the rest of congress?
scumbag/liar-Hillary's agents pushed Anti-Trump
Prague tale before -- and after -- 2016 election
by Rowan Scarborough
{} ~ scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton’s election-year opposition research team pushed the infamous Prague-Russia-Trump story before and after... it first emerged in the 2016 dossier by Christopher Steele. Two years later, the Prague tale has risen again, this time compliments of McClatchy news service, bringing with it familiar denials. Here is how the Prague allegation has stuck around Washington for two years without any independent public evidence, feeding liberal suspicious of a Trump-Kremlin election plot: Mr. Steele accused then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen of secretly traveling to Prague in August 2016 to meet aides of Russian President Vladimir Putin and arrange hush payments for hackers who broke into Democratic Party computers. When BuzzFeed posted the dossier in January 2017, Cohen denied he had ever made such a clandestine visit. He repeated those denials to Congress. The story lay moribund until McClatchy revived the tale in two stories — first in April, asserting that there was evidence of Cohen in Prague. McClatchy said in a Dec. 27 story that Cohen’s phone pinged a cell tower near Prague and that Russians were overheard at some point discussing his trip...
Dan Crenshaw rebukes Democrat for 'cowardly' speech calling Trump supporters alcohol-addicted, drug abusers
by Daniel Chaitin
{} ~ Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, issued a stern admonishment Sunday of a House Democrat who recently compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler and described his supporters as being alcohol-addicted and prone to drug abuse... In a two-minute video the freshman GOP lawmaker chastised Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., for the combative speech he delivered last week. "President Trump is a lot of things, but he's not Hitler. He didn't kill millions of people. He didn't star a world war. He doesn't have any concentration camps," Crenshaw said. "And to accuse him of being Hitler is intellectually dishonest, and frankly, a huge insult to the millions of Jews who died under Nazi Germany.""If you want to insult President Trump, at least you're picking on someone your own size -- at least you're picking on somebody who can fight back" he continued. "But you went on to insult, degrade, and demean tens of millions of Americans who voted for him. This is a cowardly form of politics." Johnson made the comments while addressing the attendees of an NAACP "Jubilee Day" event in Atlanta's Friendship Baptist Church...
What Does Diversity Have To Do With Science?
by Heather Mac Donald
{} ~ Do you care about the race of your doctor, or the gender of the person who built the bridge you drive across?... The latest trend across STEM fields claims you should. Heather Mac Donald, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The Diversity Delusion, explains where these destructive ideas are coming from.
The Great Wall of America Will
Break the Democrats
by Rich Logis

{} ~ Democrats know that the wall is imminent. Is the pending dread more psychologically damaging than the erection of the wall?

Democrats know that the wall is what will finally break them, and no amount of Democrat and Democrat Media Industrial Complex (DMIC) agitprop will ever tear down the wall. It will be the chasm between the old guard and the burgeoning of Leninism within the party.

The wall is deserving of proper name capitalization.

The Democrats know that The Wall will achieve its intent of deterring and preventing mass illegal immigration, which has resulted in an illegal alien population that the federal government has no true, accurate count of.

The Wall will be the physical affirmation of our historic, theory of black swan, glass-ceiling shattering 2016 win over Empress scumbag/liar-Clinton. Tax reform and withdrawals from bogus deals with Iran and climate change globalist welfare treaties aren't palpable; I can't take a selfie in front of the 2018 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. United States Supreme Court justices are a bit more tangible, but the court isn't omnipresent 24/7.

The Wall, though? That proposed happy marriage of steel, spikes, and concrete? Oh, it will be glorious. I know that President Trump has described The Wall as "beautiful," but we don't care if it's the ugly Christmas sweater of American architecture.

The Wall Will Save Lives and Money

Want to know how padded rubber room-inducing The Wall is for Democrats? Trump has convinced fiscal conservatives to spend money, and Democrats have talked about saving money, as evidenced  and .

The Wall is Mount Rushmore and AR-15s and Confederate statues and the Electoral College and the Gadsden flag all in one. It is a watchtower, a monument to sovereignty, an homage to citizens, law enforcement officers, all Americans who have to worry about not only American criminals murdering them, but those here illegally as well. Ignore the Democrats and Ben Sasses of America, who prattle on about "xenophobia"; fear and greed are the bases for every decision made by the Homo sapiens species. Am I afraid of crimes being committed against me and my family from those who shouldn't be here? Damn right, I am, and if most of the spineless politicians in Washington acted a bit more fearful, Kate Steinle, Mollie Tibbetts, and Ronil Singh would likely be alive. Singh, a California police officer killed by an illegal alien in the line of duty last week, emigrated from Fiji, a country I bet is safer than the Golden State.

I wouldn't care if "only" one person died annually from illegal immigration, and I would care not if "only" one illegal border crossing occurred annually; the cult of the Democrats' gun confiscation sales pitch has always been "if it saves one life." If they believe that, vote to fund The Wall and end the government shutdown. If The Wall saves one life it'll save many more, and saves even the smallest percentage of the annual $116-billion illegal alien financial burden, then break ground today. Just keep reiterating this to all your Democrat friends and relatives: "but if it saves one life," "but if it saves one life," " but if it..."

And GOP, you listening? Especially you zealously open-borders Tessio Republicans, who have continued to betray your voters the way Sal Tessio betrayed the Corleone family in The Godfather?

The Democrats know that The Wall will work spectacularly well. The spcalist6-Beto knows it. Fugaziahontas, Elizabeth dinky-Warren, knows it. Kuckoo lowlife-Kamala Harris knows it; so does Gay Sex Goon scumbag-Cory Booker I gave him this moniker after he interrogated Mike Pompeo about gay sex during his secretary of state confirmation hearings earlier this year. Joey B to the I to the D-E-N? Affirmative. The Wall will accelerate the cannibalization within the Democratic Party, between establishment Dems, who are mostly covert Leninists, and the new-school Dems, who are unabashedly open about their collectivist fetish. The Wall is the Bolsheviks overthrowing Tsar Nicholas II, and it will usher in the Democrats' version of the Russian Revolution. It will be a sight to behold. Recommended viewing beverage is a Build That Wall cocktail. Yes, such a drink exists. 

The entrenched Washingtonian Democratic and Republican parties can't stand the fact that a reality television star president will do more to curb illegal immigration and the ills it has begotten than all their combined lousy efforts. 

How much will The Wall cost? A lot of moola; $25 billion, maybe more. Is it worth it? Sure is. Am I concerned that Mexico won't pay for it? Nope.

Admittedly, I'm not thrilled about all aspects of The Wall, such as the expected eminent domain, which could displace hundreds of landowners. Since these property-owners will be an integral part of history, let's compensate them with triple their market value.

The Wall Makes or Breaks 2020

The Wall is a black and white policy issue for Trump. He knows he can't cave to the Democrats. If he acquiesces, read my lips: scumbag/liar-Clinton will be the 2020 Democrat nominee, and she will win.

But worry not. The Wall is Fort Sumter; there's no going back from it now.

The Wall isn't anti-immigrant; in fact, it might be the most pro-immigrant expenditure in American history – a ubiquitous reminder that America is the most generous nation in the history of the world – which admits two legal immigrants every minute of every day and will welcome with open arms those who adhere to our rule of law. Nationalism is the glue that holds this whole American experiment together.

Some presidents wants freeways, hospitals, and airports named after them. Not our president. The Donald J. Trump Great Wall of America is what he wants, and it's what the majority of people in the majority of states want. Time to get this "elections have consequences" party started.

Build that wall along all 2,000 miles on the southern border, Mr. President. Build it high, build it wide, build it tall, as tall as the sky. Our only regret about The Wall will be that it's not visible from outer space.

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Political Cartoons by Pat Cross


Racism -> Emergency Medical Doctor Rails Against Whites: “White People Can Be Exhausting” – ‘Racism Towards Whites Doesn’t Exist’ 

 Esther Choo (pictured above), an emergency medical doctor and professor in Oregon, took to Twitter to rail against white people and after getting called out for her racism, she asserted that it’s impossible to be racist towards whites.

According to Choo’s bio, she’s an emergency physician and associate professor at the Oregon Health & Science University.

Choo is the daughter of Korean immigrants and uses social media to talk about racism and sexism in healthcare, according to her bio.

“White people can be exhausting. Just an observation,” Choo said in a tweet on Friday.

White people can be exhausting. Just an observation.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

When she received backlash for her racist tweet, Choo continued to taunt and disparage whites.

“Observation #2: white people are going to prove my point on this very thread,” Choo said responding to the backlash.

She also bragged that Twitter took her side when people reported her tweet.

“Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.”

Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

Twitter may not have a problem with racism against white people, but what about the medical community?

Dr. Choo received huge backlash on Twitter.

Joe Biggs   @Rambobiggs

This is coming from an Emergency Medicine Physician who is considered a "leader" in her field. She's scheduled to be a speaker at the American College of Emergency Physicians in October. She runs a website called FeminEM prompting Feminist causes in EM and a racist.

Embedded video
Dan Bongino  @dbongino
 Here for the ratio
Dan Roth@Dan12R

Pretty racist statement, TBH.

See Dan Roth's other Tweets
Blake Anderson@BitcoinBlake

Protected groups being immune to being called out for blatant bigotry is exhausting, just an observation.

Replace “white” with any other race, and Dr. Choo would be out of a job.

Update: Dr. Choo deleted her racist tweets and set her Twitter account to “private” after she received backlash from hundreds of people.


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