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The Holographic Nation-State Law
Trump reinstates Iran sanctions, slams 'horrible' nuclear deal 
{ } ~ President Trump on Monday renewed sanctions on Iran as he followed through on vows to unravel the liar-nObama-era nuclear deal with Tehran... “Our policy is based on a clear-eyed assessment of the Iranian dictatorship, its sponsorship of terrorism, and its continuing aggression in the Middle East and all around the world,” Trump said in a statement. The move comes three months after Trump pulled out of the deal and is part of an effort to apply “maximum economic pressure” on the regime, according to the administration. The order drew a swift rebuke from European allies, though, whose foreign ministers said they "deeply regret" the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran. The European Union issued a "blocking statute" Monday to protect European businesses from the sanctions. A senior administration official told the Associated Press the United States is "not particularly concerned" by such EU efforts to protect European firms...
Judge loses his cool with Mueller’s prosecutors, ends court early
by Jerry McCormick
{ } ~ As Paul Manafort’s trial continues, Judge T.S. Ellis III is beginning to lose his patience with Mueller’s prosecuting team... When the prosecution tried to pull a fast one on the jury, the judge berated the attorneys, then ordered an early recess. The judge’s blowup occurred from an “expert” witness testimony. The prosecution had called J. Phillip Ayliff, a certified public accountant. Ayliff was there to lay the groundwork for terminology and explain what a tax preparation company does for its clients. After a testimony that seemed to go on forever, Judge Ellis finally had enough. The prosecution attempted to have one of Manafort’s e-forms submitted... 
Make Men Masculine Again
by Allie Stuckey
{ } ~ Rape, murder, war – all have one thing in common: Men... The solution seems simple: make men less toxic – make men less masculine. In this video, Allie Stuckey, Host of "Allie" on CRTV & "Relatable" podcast, explains why demonizing masculinity is not the solution, but the problem.
dummycrats-Democratic Socialist Clears It Up:
“Truth Is, We Want to End Capitalism”
{ } ~ There’s been a lot of conflicting viewpoints and explanations about dummycrats-democratic socialism... the ideology claimed by commie-Bernie Sanders, dummycrats-Democratic Party “It Girl” commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and even former Sex and the City actress/Would-Be New York Governor Cynthia Nixon. Some people say it’s just a lighter version of capitalism, modeled off what they have in Norwegian countries and, to an extent, in the UK and Canada. Others claim it’s another version of communism that aims to overthrow the private marketplace, redistribute wealth until “wealth” no longer exists, and put the government in charge of everything. And still others say it’s somewhere in between. Thankfully, we have good old Vox to clear things up. They had a dummycrats-democratic socialist named Meagan Day explain what it is we’re dealing with – the ideology and party that is gaining followers at an unheard-of rate in the United States. And she wasn’t shy about owning up to the bottom line. “I’m a staff writer at the socialist magazine Jacobin and a member of DSA, and here’s the truth: In the long run, dummycrats-democratic socialists want to end capitalism,” she wrote. “And we want to do that by pursuing a reform agenda today in an effort to revive a politics focused on class hierarchy and inequality in the United States. The eventual goal is to transform the world to promote everyone’s needs rather than to produce massive profits for a small handful of citizens.”...
Rick Gates testifies he committed
crimes while working for Paul Manafort
by Alex Pappas & Peter Doocy
{ } ~ Rick Gates on Monday took the stand in the federal fraud case against his former business partner, ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort... testifying that he committed crimes while working for Manafort. “Were you involved in criminal activity when you worked for Paul Manafort?” federal prosecutor Greg Andres asked the witness. “Yes,” Gates replied. “Did you commit a crime?” Andres asked. “Yes,” Gates said. Gates, considered a star witness against Manafort, struck a plea deal with prosecutors to cooperate in the case against his former business partner. The usually bearded Gates appeared in court clean-shaven on Monday. His testimony is important for prosecutors: The federal judge in the trial, U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III, said in court last week they “can’t prove conspiracy” in the case unless prosecutors call Gates to the stand. Ellis issued that warning after prosecutors suggested Gates might not be called to the stand after all. Manafort, facing charges of bank and tax fraud related to his work in Ukraine, has pleaded not guilty to the charges...
VIDEO: #FoxNews


The Holographic Nation-State Law
by CAROLINE B. GLICK } ~ There is no connection between the substance of Israel’s newly passed Nation State of the Jewish People law, and the debate its passage has unleashed.

On the one hand, supporters of the law led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insist that the law is a vital step in entrenching and protecting Israel’s Jewish identity. After the law passed last Thursday night, Netanyahu declared, “This is a pivotal moment in the annals of Zionism and the annals of the State of Israel. 122 years after Theodore Herzl published his vision of a Jewish state we affixed in law the founding principle of our existence.”

On the other hand, Arab members of Knesset theatrically condemned the law and claimed that with its passage, Israel had officially embraced “apartheid.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Israel is the heir of Nazi Germany. PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas and his deputies said the UN should reinstitute its definition of Zionism, the Jewish national liberation movement as a form of racism.

Israeli leftists, including members of Knesset from the supposedly center-left Zionist Union Party, backed by Haaretz, parroted the Arab-Turkish talking points -- with Hebrew accents. The American-Jewish leadership, like the New York Times, argued that the passage of the law is proof that Israel is on the verge of rejecting democracy.

Given the unreconcilable claims of the Right on the one hand and the Arabs, the Left and the American-Jewish leadership on the other, it is imperative that we all read the text of the law itself.

As you read the law, you discover something remarkable.

This law is a nothingburger without a bun, or a patty, a plate or a pickle.

It does nothing new and it says nothing new.

Israel was the Jewish state for 70 years before the law was passed and it remains the Jewish state a week after it passed.

The clause in the law which is supposed to render Israel an “apartheid” state deals with Jewish settlement of the land of Israel. Its language is weak and declaratory. It refers to Jewish settlement as “a national value.”

In contrast, the League of Nations 1920 Mandate for Palestine explicitly enjoined the British mandatory government to “encourage... close settlement by Jews on the land.”

Because it does nothing, the Nation-State Law is like a hologram. It means whatever you want it to mean. Which means that the maelstrom surrounding it tells us more about the sides to the argument than it tells us about the law.

What does the vacuous law tell us about the nationalist camp that has championed it since its first draft was written 14 years ago? It’s possible that members of the nationalist camp that promoted the law didn’t understand what they were doing. They thought that by legislating the obvious, they were, in the words of George Orwell, performing “the first duty of intelligent men.”

They thought that by legislating that “The land of Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people, where the State of Israel was established,” would protect Israel’s status as the Jewish state from those who deny its right to exist.

The problem with the Right’s narrative – that Israel’s Jewish identity is under attack and that steps must be taken to protect it – is not that it is wrong. Israel’s Jewish identity is under assault from post-Zionists and anti-Zionists in Israel and abroad.

The problem is that far from protecting Israel’s Jewish character, the Nation-State Law serves as a red flag for Israel’s detractors, inviting them to attack it.

This brings us to the law’s three groups of opponents: the Arabs and their would-be savior Erdogan; the Israeli Left; and the American Jewish leadership.

The Arab members of Knesset, like Abbas and his deputies are using the law as a means to sell their rejection of Israel’s right to exist. Erdogan uses his hostility and rejection of Israel’s right to exist to advance his goal of leading the Sunni Arab world.

While there is nothing new about their positions, the law has given the Arabs an excuse to ratchet up their assaults. The distressing fact that Arab lawmakers have convinced many of Israel’s Druze citizens and its Arab citizens who seek to integrate into Israeli society that the law harms their civil rights redounds directly to the Arab Israeli lawmakers’ cynical, but predictable exploitation of the law to bash the state.

The amazing thing about the rhetoric of leftist Israeli lawmakers is its radicalism. Without the Israeli accents, it would be hard to distinguish statements by Meretz leader Tamar Zandberg and editorials in Haaretz from denunciations of the law by Arab Joint List leader Ayman Odeh.

The close resemblance of the Left’s talking points with the Arab narrative reflects a profound, and fast-paced process of radicalization that the Israeli Left has undergone over just the past few years. Case in point is the self-proclaimed “Zionist Union” Party’s response to the law.

In 2014, Zionist Union MK Shelly Yacimovich wrote a letter regarding the then circulating draft of the law to the bill’s author, then-Kadima MK Avi Dichter. The draft bill circulating at the time was more substantive than the law passed last week.

Yacimovich told Dichter that while she couldn’t see anything objectionable about the law, she couldn’t understand why its passage was necessary given that it was merely an aggregation of laws that were already passed.

In her speech in the Knesset plenary ahead of the law’s passage last week, Yacimovich did a full about face. She referred to the law that simply aggregates previously passed statutes, “racist” and “xenophobic.” Likewise, Zionist Union leader Tzipi Livni condemned the law she once supported in the most extreme language.

It is hard to align Yacimovich and Livni’s positions with even the lowest common denominator definition of Zionism. How can it be racist to define Jewish settlement of the historic Jewish homeland as “a national value”? Of course it is a national value. If it weren’t Israel would never have been established in the first place.

This brings us to the American-Jewish leadership.

The Jewish Federations of North America lobbied strongly against the bill. In an email to members, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the JNFA Richard Sandler said the Jewish Federations, “were disappointed with the law that ultimately passed.”

The Federation’s Israel office sent out a detailed explanation of the law to members. While the language was careful, it strongly intimated that the law is racist for making Israel’s Jewish character explicit.

The Philadelphia Federation’s letter to its members alleged that the law’s provisions “are a dangerous check on Israel’s democratic principles.”

Like the self-proclaimed Zionist Union’s condemnation of the law as racist, the American-Jewish response marks a stark departure from past responses of the Jewish Federations and other Jewish groups to Israeli laws and policies. For Israel’s first 60 years, the Federations, like the other major Jewish groups weren’t quick to air their disagreements with Israel’s elected officials. Their gut response was to support Israel and let others attack it.

Now the longstanding instinct has been turned on its head. Underlying the Federation’s reactions to the law is a profound discomfort with the fact that Israel is the Jewish state and intends to remain the Jewish state. This pronounced discomfort speaks to a profound shift in Federation values from Zionism to post-Zionism.

Moreover, as Sandler noted, the Federations were intensively engaged in the legislative process. As a consequence, their representatives and leaders knew the law changed nothing in the status of Israel’s non-Jewish citizens. That is, they knew that the law was an anodyne statement of principles that did nothing more than enshrine the situation that has existed in Israel since its founding. And yet, they hate it.

From the nationalist camp’s perspective, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the Nation-State Law and the controversy it sparked and intensified demonstrates that its members and leaders have forgotten the lessons of the past.

On July 30, 1980, the Knesset passed Basic Law: Jerusalem, Israel’s Capital. The law declared that “Undivided, unified Jerusalem” is Israel’s capital.

That declaration did nothing to change Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel since 1949. Its municipal boundaries were extended and the city was united by government decision shortly after the 1967 Six Day War.

In 1980, then-prime minister Menachem Begin said the law would protect Israeli sovereignty over unified Jerusalem. Instead, the law undermined Israel’s control of the city.

Seizing on the law as an opportunity to condemn Israel, rabidly anti-Israel then-US president Jimmy Carter orchestrated the drafting and passage of UN Security Council Resolution 478. The resolution, which the US abstained from, declared the Knesset law null and void and ordered the nations who had set up their embassies in Jerusalem to withdraw them. In short order, 14 of the 16 nations whose embassies were in Jerusalem removed them from the capital.

To the extent the Israeli Left opposed the Jerusalem bill, like Yacimovich in 2014, they did so not because they disagreed with its provisions but because it had no practical value.

The American-Jewish community was so angry with Carter for stabbing Israel in the back that Jewish support for the dummycrats-Democratic president reached an all-time low in the 1980 presidential election.

Carter received a mere 50% of the Jewish vote, less than any dummycrats-Democratic candidate before him or since. Ronald Reagan received a whopping 35%.

This then brings us to the lesson the nationalist camp ignored when it passed the Nation State law.

Back in 1980, Begin could have protected Israeli sovereignty over unified Jerusalem if he had built new Jewish neighborhoods throughout eastern, southern and northern Jerusalem and invested in road infrastructure.

Instead, Begin opted for a law that changed nothing in relation to Jerusalem’s legal status and caused harm to Israel’s international standing.

In 1980 Begin was right to be concerned about forces that sought to undermine Israeli sovereignty in unified Jerusalem and today the nationalist camp is right to be concerned about protecting Israel’s Jewish character.

And just as Begin could have done a lot to protect and strengthen Israeli control over the unified city in 1980, there are substantive steps that the Knesset can and must take to secure Israel's Jewish character today. The Knesset must undertake a significant overhaul of Israel’s legal system. It must revoke the tax exempt status and other privileges of political NGOs financed by foreign governments. It must apply Israeli law to Area C in Judea and Samaria.

These steps, taken separately and together will do more to protect Israel’s Jewish character than a hundred nation-state laws.

It’s too late for regrets. The milk has been spilled. The law has passed. Amending it will only prolong the bloodletting and empower the anti-Zionists.

But the time has come – 38 years late – to finally learn the lesson of this experience and Begin's from 1980. Declarative laws do not protect Israel.

Action protects  Israel. 

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TEA PARTY -> Lois Lerner Case Explodes:
IRS Docs Link McCain’s Office To Tea Party Attacks


Since announcing his brain cancer was terminal, Arizon Sen. John McCain has continued to make headlines, but not due to his medical status. Instead, it has been one controversy after another revolving around him, and now one more had been added to the list.

This one is based in his dislike not for Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, but of the tea party.

McCain has never really endeared himself to conservatives, and he made his feeling public about the tea party movement at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor in 2015, according to a Yahoo report.

“I think also — I probably shouldn’t say this — but some of (the tea party) appeals to the bad angels of our nature rather than the better angels of our nature,” McCain said.

This attitude ties into the latest scandal swirling around McCain.

One of a number of scandals that plagued President Barack Obama and his administration involved the IRS targeting tea party groups after 2010. It seemed that their tax-exempt status requests were denied or delayed due to intense political partisanship in the agency.

In May 2013, The Washington Post reported that the IRS’s exempt-organizations division director Lois Lerner “let slip” the week prior “that low-level IRS staffers had focused extra scrutiny on conservative groups with words such as ‘tea party’ or ‘patriot’ in their names.”

In addition, “internal reviews have shown that Lerner knew about the targeting in 2011 — but neither Congress nor the public knew until (2013).” Despite this, Lerner was never prosecuted and was allowed to retire with her taxpayer-funded pension intact.

This did not change, even after House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican, and Tax Policy Subcommittee Chairman Peter Roskam, an Illinois Republican, wrote a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In it, they begged him to reopen a probe into the matter, according to Jay Sekulow, chief council for the American Center for Law and Justice, writing in a commentary for Fox News.

When President Donald Trump was sworn into office, some held out hope that the perceived injustices from Obama’s tenure would somehow be made right. However, in September 2017, Trump’s administration had already preemptively declined to pursue criminal charges against Lerner “based on the available evidence,” according to Fox News.

But more has since been uncovered about the scandal. Government watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained and released “internal IRS documents, including material revealing that Sen. John McCain’s former staff director and chief counsel on the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee, Henry Kerner, urged top IRS officials, including then-director of exempt organizations Lois Lerner, to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”

Judicial Watch �dd0e

JW President @TomFitton: Much of what you know about the IRS scandal is thanks to JW... Our new docs show the scandal is bipartisan in nature. A McCain staffer suggested Lois Lerner audit all of the 501(c)(4) groups in a way that'd be financially ruinous.

Meeting notes from April 30, 2013, involving Kerner, Lerner, “and other high-ranking IRS officials” were obtained by JW. With the meeting taking place only 10 days before the IRS scandal exploded into the public view, they are particularly incriminating against Kerner and Lerner:

“Henry Kerner asked how to get to the abuse of organizations claiming section 501 (c)(4) but designed to be primarily political. Lois Lerner said the system works, but not in real time.”

“Henry Kerner noted that these organizations don’t disclose donors. Lois Lerner said that if they don’t meet the requirements, we can come in and revoke, but it doesn’t happen timely.”

“Nan Marks said if the concern is that organizations engaging in this activity don’t disclose donors, then the system doesn’t work. Henry Kerner said that maybe the solution is to audit so many that it is financially ruinous. Nikole noted that we have budget constraints.”

“Elise Bean suggested using the list of organizations that made independent expenditures. Lois Lerner said that it is her job to oversee it all, not just political campaign activity.”

Thus far, there is no evidence that McCain knew about or directed Kerner to take such action. It is plausible that Kerner, knowing of McCain’s dislike of the tea party, opted to be a proactive and loyal staffer by urging the IRS to take action against the groups.

But McCain’s personality does little to keep him far removed from the scandal and tongues are wagging with speculation as to his involvement. Regardless, McCain’s frosty relationship with President Donald Trump has not made the Arizona senator many fans among Trump supporters.

New suspicions about him betraying the tea party won’t help matters at all.


Chelsea Handler Says Fox Doesn’t Work With
Black People, Obviously Doesn’t Watch Network

Humor is supposed to be based on truth. After all, the reason we laugh at a joke or scenario is because it triggers a feeling of recognition about reality, especially if it’s presented in an unexpected way.

It doesn’t look like “comedian” Chelsea Handler has a very firm grasp on truth or reality, however.

After a production error during a Fox News broadcast was called out by users on Twitter, the raunchy and sex-obsessed Handler tried to bash the network … but ended up showing off her ignorance instead.

“Fox News honored Aretha Franklin by using a graphic that contained a photo of Patti LaBelle,” the comedian and television host posted on Twitter Thursday evening.

That part was true enough: Fox admitted that they made a mistake on a background slide during a tribute to the late soul singer, and accidentally showed a faded photo of LaBelle. The main image still showed Franklin, who passed away on Thursday in Detroit.

Broadcast television is complex, which you would think Handler understands after being involved in TV for many years. Honest mistakes happen on every network. But no: In Handler’s alternate reality, the only explanation for the mistake was racism.

“It’s probably hard for anyone who works at Fox News to tell black people apart because they’ve never worked with any,” she declared.

Chelsea Handler  @chelseahandler

Fox News honored Aretha Franklin by using a graphic that contained a photo of Patti LaBelle. It’s probably hard for anyone who works at Fox News to tell black people apart because they’ve never worked with any.

Was she trying to be bitter or funny? It was hard to tell, but either way, that statement shows just how isolated the Hollywood left is from reality.

If she really believes that Fox has “never worked with any” black people, maybe she should try an experiment: Actually watch the channel for a minute.

She would probably tune in to the face of Harris Faulkner, the enthusiastic and Emmy-winning host of “Outnumbered,” which airs every single weekday.

Or, maybe she could get a clue from Deneen Borelli, another well-known face of Fox News for nearly a decade. How about the venerable Juan Williams, co-host of “The Five” and a “Fox News Sunday” regular for over 20 years?

Nah. They apparently don’t count, because Handler would rather live in an alternate reality of ignorance than admit she was the one making racial assumptions.

We’re not finished! Moving on to frequent guest contributors to Fox News, how about Candace Owens? Brandon Tatum? Ben Carson? Larry Elder? All of these smart individuals are familiar faces at Fox, and all are — look closely! — African American.

That’s saying nothing of the behind-the-scenes staff at Fox, a good number of whom are of course black. In fact, it’s completely possible the photo mix-up was accidentally made by a black employee. Handler openly assumed the race of the staff members who made the error, while knowing nothing.

Once again, the left has tipped their hand and revealed just how elitist and out of touch they are.

Handler has likely never turned on Fox News in her life, yet she thinks she’s an expert on it. She eagerly diminishes and waves away the contributions of black Americans to one of the most popular news stations in the nation, while lecturing others about race.

This type of attitude implies that only “liberal approved” black voices count. If they don’t parrot a 43-year-old white comedian’s politics, they’re invisible to her.

That arrogant view, and not an honest editing mistake, is perhaps the real outrage here … and it’s exactly why so many black voters are walking away from the left.

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