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I take action when swamp lawyers won't

 by Larry Klayman
 Tuesday Top Headlines 
It’s official: Debt tops $20 trillion for first time; jumps $317,645,000,000 in 1 day (CNS News)
Battered Florida tries to assess scope of Irma’s destruction — 13 million without power (Associated Press)
When the lights go out in a hurricane, blame climate change policies, not climate change (Washington Examiner)
Illegal immigration in Southwest doubled over past four months, but still lower than under liar-nObama (The Washington Times)
White House: Border wall funding doesn’t have to be tied to DACA legislation (The Hill)
Dems fall in line on single-payer, as Sanders prepares to launch Medicare-for-all “campaign” (Fox News)
Half off: Retailers slash prices on liar-Hillary book before it even hits the shelves (The Daily Wire)
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been pushing the Trump White House to demand that Israel return millions in military aid (The Washington Free Beacon)
Menendez aide: You bet he committed official acts on behalf of donor (Hot Air)
ESPN continues ratings slide for politicizing sports as show cohost calls Trump “white supremacist” (DCF)
UN agrees to toughest-ever sanctions against North Korea (The Washington Post)
Policy: How Uncle Sam tempts people into hurricanes’ paths. (New York Post)
Policy: To help the middle class, cut payroll taxes. (Real Clear Policy~The Patriot Post
Bannon Calls Out Neocon “Geniuses”
Of Bush, liar-nObama and liar-Clinton Admins
{} ~ Steve Bannon has a very low opinion of the George W. Bush administration and its foreign policy team in particular. In Sunday’s interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes, he let that be known and named names... Bannon describes them sarcastically, saying, “The same geniuses that got us into Iraq, that’s the geniuses of the Bush administration. I hold these people in contempt, total and complete contempt. As Rose offers the initial stages of a defense of them, Bannon cuts him off. He says, “I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it. It gets all over me like nothing else and you know why? They’re idiots and they’ve gotten us into this situation and they question a good man like Donald Trump?...
VIDEO at the site.
Suspicious Charities: What to
Look Out For When Donating
{} ~ When a natural disaster hits the United States, as a country we all come together to try to help those that are in need. This exact thing is current happening in and around Houston, Texas as well as other hard-hit areas in the Southern States... Hurricane Harvey has caused some serious damage to Houston and the surrounding areas. In response to this, there have been many calls for donations and help if it can be offered. However, even though there are many reputable places for people to donate, there is a negative side to this. There are some people that are even creating fake charities and trying to trick others into donating to other things that are not for Hurricane Harvey victims, even though it is presented as such. There are others that are posing as reputable companies asking for donations and who knows where that money goes once it has been scammed away from someone...
I Suspect Democrats Are Fearful
Trump Dossier “Is a Piece of Fiction”
{} ~ Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is speaking out to The Daily Caller, saying that he believes the Democrats are “fearful” the infamous dossier on President Donald Trump is a “piece of fiction.”... This is in response to claims by Democratic members that Gowdy and his fellow Republicans are trying to discredit the controversial dossier and the company that generated it, Fusion GPS. Gowdy’s theory is that Democrats know how horrible and dishonest the report is, which undermines their entire effort to smear the president. Should the dossier be proven false, it would take the wind out of the investigation to prove the Trump campaign colluded with the government of Russia...
Islamic Charity Linked to Extremism
and Terror Still Gets USG Funding

by Gregg Roman
{} ~ With the entire nation seemingly engaged in a heated dialogue about neo-Nazis and white supremacists, now seems like a good time to begin discussing how best to combat extremism... I have previously written about the need to engage with minority communities, work with moderates of all stripes and begin the process or marginalizing extremists. This work is critical to building a constructive future for our nation. But what if I told you there was a charity that receives federal funding and uses it to support extremist ideology and to indirectly bankroll terrorism? Seems pretty far-fetched, right? Well buckle up. Established in England in 1984, an organization called Islamic Relief is the largest Islamic charity in the Western world, comprising dozens of branches around the globe. Its officials have dined at the White House, received awards from the British monarchy, and enjoyed millions of dollars of funding from Western governments, including from the United States...
Romney Eyeing Senate Run In Utah
by Clayton Felts
{} ~ According to, 2012 Republican Presidental nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is planning to run for the U.S. Senate in 2018 if current long-time Senator Orrin Hatch retires after this term... “Sources close to Romney say the two-time presidential candidate will jump into the 2018 Utah Senate scrum if Hatch opts not to.” Right now, Hatch has not decided if this will be his final term in office. Hatch, who has served eights terms in the U.S. Senate, has previously stated that a likely decision would come later this fall...
I take action when swamp lawyers won't

 by Larry Klayman
{} ~ The nation is on the brink of a catastrophic nuclear attack, if not holocaust, by a violent communist regime in North Korea, run by a lunatic and overstuffed child dictator who has been enabled by decades of neglect and inaction by liar-Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Hussein liar-nObama. All of them allowed this maniacal despot, who along with his father played them like the “Three Presidential Stooges,” to develop atomic weapons that now can be launched on ICBMs to destroy Los Angeles, other West Coast cities and possibly your hometown!

What makes matters even worse is that our so-called leaders – who instead of paying attention to North Korea spent their time in the nation’s capital stuffing money into their slimy pockets from dishonest lobbyists – have covered up and lied to us about the now-cancerous threat from communist North Korean and Islamic Iran, which now also has atomic capability – as these two terrorist states work together and are bent on destroying “the Great Satan” – meaning our beloved country!

Ask yourself: Why is it that we the American people have just learned about this nuclear threat and increasingly possible doomsday? The answer is simple: This nightmare has been hidden from us by corrupt politicians who wanted to be re-elected, and not just our three former presidents. Where was that blowhard Sen. RINO-John McCain, a Republican and a hateful man who never saw a war he did not like?! Or his equivalent, Sen. Mark Warner, a Democrat and equal political hack who sits as the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee? Warner spends his time with his buddy, Republican Chairman Richard Burr, trying to destroy President Donald Trump with their bogus Russia investigation!

The moral to this lethal story, which can cost you and your loved ones your lives, is simple. Both establishment political parties are corrupt to the core, and they are bent on destroying the one president who gives them the middle finger when it comes to their sleaze. President Trump is not perfect, but he at least knows what he is dealing with and does what he thinks is right.

Since the problem is not President Trump – but the corrupt and greedy Democrats and Republicans who want to destroy him so they can successfully run their establishment candidate for president in 2020 to get the “green light” to again crank up their “money train” – it’s clear that The Donald needs Freedom Watch’s strong legal support and expertise. God knows, he does not have that legal support from our neutered attorney general, Jeff Sessions, a man who has put his head in the sand and is afraid to take down much less take on the holdover Deep State of liar-nObama, the liar-Clintons and the rest of hordes of lying politicized lawyers who still infest my alma mater, the U.S. Department of Justice.

Statistics show that over 97 percent of the lawyers at Justice either voted for or donated money to the liar-Hillary Clinton and liar-nObama presidential campaigns. Notwithstanding that Sessions is inert – he refuses to investigate and prosecute liar-Hillary Clinton over her email scandal and bribery schemes and liar-nObama over his criminal use of the intelligence agencies to leak classified and privileged information to destroy Trump and other adversaries – the lawyers in the Department are not loyal to him. In fact, they work against him and our interests.

Sessions has become a chameleon to these Deep State Justice Department liar-nObama and liar-Clinton loyalists, because he himself is under criminal investigation for alleged collusion with Russia. And, although he has unfairly been labeled a racist, the attorney general, I am sorry, to say goes into a defensive crouch to try to deflect these false charges from the left. In short, Sessions is no legal lion, but instead a timid mouse who has put his own political survival ahead of the nation.

And that is why, to fill this void, Freedom Watch and I are ramping up to take down the Democratic and Republican swamp creatures in Washington, D.C. – all of them! And it is why we continue to prosecute our cases against the liar-Clintons, liar-nObama and other criminals. In this regard, we are pursuing liar-Hillary for her traitorous actions at Benghazi, which resulted in the death of Ty Woods and Sean Smith, the sons of our clients, Charles Woods and Patricia Smith.

And, we are suing former FBI Director James Comey, who has obstructed justice by letting liar-Hillary off the hook and then buried an FBI investigation triggered by our brave whistleblower client Dennis Montgomery over mass unconstitutional surveillance of Supreme Court justices, 156 judges, Trump and his family and associates, and even me – notwithstanding hundreds of millions of Americans.

We are also prosecuting Black Lives Matter, Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, Al Sharpton and other black racists for the murder of police in Dallas, Texas. And, we have just recently filed suit against the University of California at Berkeley and antifa, that ultra-leftist fascist movement financed by the billionaire former Nazi collaborator, George Soros, for their violent attack on a young woman who just wanted to hear a Breitbart columnist speak.

I am also representing Cliven Bundy in my private capacity. His criminal trial will soon commence in Nevada on Oct. 10, 2017. That valiant rancher, along with peaceful but armed protesters exercising their First and Second Amendment rights, successfully stood down liar-nObama government goons who violently attacked his family, killed his cattle and tried to take their land away from them.

I am your Special Prosecutor, not the corrupt charlatan Robert Mueller, who is bent on destroying President Trump on behalf of his good friend James Comey and his fellow swamp creatures. He is another one Freedom Watch and I are taking on, for his unethical conflicts of interest and his having illegally leaked grand jury confidential information to harm Trump. Just this week we filed a complaint with the Office of Professional Responsibility and the Inspector General of the Justice Department, seeking to have Mueller removed as special counsel, and then prosecuted for his crimes.

The Freedom Watch beat goes on to cleanse the cesspool of Washington, D.C., of these bipartisan political vermin before their unhealthy toxic contagious filth destroys our body politic once and for all.

Go to to see more and also sign up to listen to my weekly radio broadcast, “Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman,” on Radio America, to keep abreast of our hard-hitting actions to save the republic and the Trump presidency. We have well over 35 dynamite cases, and that is why we need you at our side.

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( Democrats have slandered and degraded the legacy of America’s combat veterans by hijacking this country’s moral values for the sake of their totally anti-American agenda.

In a letter penned by thirteen Democrat-affiliated national security officials and sent to the highest four Congressional leaders, they begged them to quickly pass the ‘Dream Act’ amnesty. At the end of that letter, the Democrats urged Congress to extend the military’s policy of “leave noone behind” to the 3.6 million illegal immigrants and 690,000 DACA beneficiaries in a demand for unconditional amnesty, Breitbart reports.

The original transcript of the letter:

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With every day that passes, these Dreamers are getting closer to the reality of deportation. We urge you to pass the Dream Act of 2017 as quickly as possible to provide permanent protection for Dreamers and relieve this deserving group of the uncertainty created by the President’s decision to rescind DACA. We should leave no man or women behind. Let that be our guiding principle.
The Democrats have finally revealed their true intent for the United States of America. The rhetoric weaponized in this letter reveals how liberals actually view illegal aliens – as foot soldiers meant to conquer American territory and overthrow the Constitution.

Immediately after this letter was made available to the public, the actual veterans of America’s wars threw up an outrage.

The phrase “Leave No One Behind” is one of the most important values of military culture, signifying the unwavering brotherhood of soldiers in the face of impossible odds, and their commitment to one another for victory even after death.

Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, has called this letter a moral hijacking of America’s values. “It is an insult to the people who have gone out there and earned their moral authority by doing something for the country … those people earned it by self-sacrifice and the illegal-aliens want amnesty for their self-interest… that does not entitle them to amnesty.”

A quick look at the Center for Immigration Studies’ findings on the Dreamers, however, shows that the reality of these people contradicts what the Democrats would have us believe about them:

73 percent of DACA recipients he surveyed live in a low-income household (defined as qualifying for free lunch in high school);
22 percent have earned a degree from a four-year college or university;
20 percent have dropped out of high school;*
20 percent have no education beyond high school and no plans to attend college;
59 percent obtained a new job with a DACA work permit, but only 45 percent increased their overall earnings; and
36 percent have a parent who holds a bachelor’s degree.

These sad statistics prove that the vast majority of these DACA “kids,” who are actually full-grown men in their 20s and 30s, are parasitic lowlifes who want nothing to do with our way of life or even our language. Nothing even remotely like the men and women in America’s Armed Forces who sacrifice their well-being and lives to keep other countries from taking over and occupying us.

But if the Democrats succeed, and Congress grants this barbarian horde the right to amnesty, then everything the true American veterans fought for will be lost – we will be de facto occupied by foreign invaders, and they will carve up our land and government for themselves, just like the Aztecs, Mongols, and Muslims of old.

The pure fact that liberals think they can compare the men and women who fought, killed, were wounded, and died to keep our nation and freedom safe … to hordes of foreigners who have done virtually nothing for our country, who will most likely squat on our territory and feed off of taxpayer-provided cradle-to-grave services, is such an outrageous and insulting comparison, any Democrat who utters such sentiment should be instantly punished for treason and have their positions revoked.

Immigrants – legal and illegal – overwhelmingly uses the Democrats’ social services and vote for them. No doubt in their minds that liberals see them as a constant flow of reinforcements in their battle against law-abiding, natural American citizens. They are the Democrats’ soldiers for dismantling Western values, Christianity, secularism, capitalism, and freedom. Without these foreigners pouring into the United States from third world, socialist hellholes, the Democrats would never have survived this long.


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