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2020: Year of the Democrats? Maybe Not
by Pat Buchanan  
Ankara’s invasion of Syria creates 
occupying power, says Bundestag report
by Benjamin Weinthal  
{jpost.com} ~ A German Bundestag committee report declared on Wednesday that Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria constitutes an occupying power... and casted serious doubt on Ankara’s legal standing to justify its military seizure of land. The Jerusalem Post obtained a copy of the nine-page report that was authored by the Bundestag’s Scientific Services Department and does not represent the view of the German federal parliament. According to the report, “Turkey’s military presence in Afrin as well as Azaz, Al Bab and Jarablus in northern Syria fits into the description of military occupation from an international law standpoint.”  The report on Turkey was published in response to an expert opinion request from the largely pro-Russian President Vladimir Putin German Left Party. The Left Party, a mix of former east German communists, disaffected left-wing trade unionists and hardcore west German leftists, applauded US President Donald Trump’s announcement last week to withdraw 2,000 US troops from Syria. The Left Party is widely considered as Germany’s most anti-Israel party. The German Bundestag research committee wrote that Turkey’s government did not respond to a request for information about “the security objectives of Turkey – in particular the duration of the Turkish military presence.”... https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Ankaras-invasion-of-Syria-creates...
The West's Big-Ticket Power Grabs
by David Brown
{gatestoneinstitute.org} ~ It is a strange time to be a citizen in a Western democracy. Our society is based on exchange -- we transact in the free market, we share ideas online... and most significantly we give up some of our natural liberty in exchange for a civil society and a vote. But increasingly, the freedoms supposed to be protected by civil society are being eroded away. At the level of the individual, our freedom of speech is under attack. Criticism of migration is apparently about to become "hate speech" and a prosecutable offence. When the authority of the nation state is ceded to a supra-national body, such as the United Nations, our power as citizens is diluted. Based on the contractual theory of society and the works of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau from the 17th and 18th century, real power is supposed to sit with the people; in order to retain moral character, government must thus rest on the consent of the governed, or the volonté générale "general will": "What man loses by the social contract is his natural liberty and an unlimited right to everything he tries to get and succeeds in getting; what he gains is civil liberty and the proprietorship of all he possesses." (Jean-Jacques Rousseau, On the Social Contract)...    https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/13441/power-grabs 
Huawei and National Security
by Peter Skurkiss
{americanthinker.com} ~ Huawei is a massive Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics company. Some basics facts about the company include... It employs over 170,000 people, It is currently the largest telecommunication manufacturer in the world, It was started in 1987 by an engineer formerly in the People's Liberation Army (PLA), It invests heavily in R&D, and Its name can be translated to mean "China is able." Huawei has been in the news lately because Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer and daughter of the company's founder, was arrested on December 1 in Vancouver as she was switching planes. Canada did this at the request of the United States which is seeking Wanzhou's extradition to face charges of violating economic and financial sanctions on Iran. But the alleged violation of Iranian sanctions is small potatoes compared to the real risk Huawei poses to national security. This mainly revolves around 5G technology. Without getting technical, 5G is the fifth generation in wireless communication. It is designed to run at a higher frequency than today's 4G technology allowing the network to transmit data much faster. 5G will be lightning fast. Verizon says that its 5G network will likely be 200 times faster than the 5Mbps speeds many of its users get on 4G LTE. That means 5G speeds will hit 1Gbps, which is currently the fastest speed you can get from Google Fiber. At that rate, you'll be able to download an HD movie in seven seconds. speeds are expected to increase even higher than 1 Gbps as well, as 5G evolves...  https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/12/huawei_and_nationa... 

Dems Introduce Surprising Immigration Bill  
by Molly Prince
{dailycaller.com} ~ Democratic Rep. scumbag-Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas introduced legislation forbidding construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border... unless Mexico pays for it. scumbag-Lee introduced the Protect American Taxpayers and Secure Border Act into the House on Dec. 19, which would “prohibit taxpayer funds from being used to build a wall between Mexico and the United States,” and further require that any barrier constructed on the southern border “be paid for using funds provided by the Government of Mexico.” She referred the bill to the House Committee on the Judiciary and the Committee on Homeland Security, and already has four cosponsors: Democratic Reps. Karen Bass of California, Marcia Fudge of Ohio, Joaquin Castro of Texas and Yvette Clarke of New York. The Texas congresswoman has remained largely silent on the proposed legislation, as have the bill’s other sponsors. However, only a day after the legislation was introduced, House Republicans passed a stopgap funding bill that included $5.7 billion appropriated for a border wall...  https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/27/jackson-lee-border-wall-mexico/
Steve Scalise Discusses Government 
Shutdown and Border Security
by sundance

{theconservativetreehouse.com} ~
 Incoming House Minority Whip Steve Scalise appears on Fox News to discuss the current status of the appropriations impasse and the non-essential government (non)shutdown. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/12/30/sunday-talks-steve-...
2020: Year of the Democrats? Maybe Not

by Pat Buchanan

{townhall.com} ~ If Democrats are optimistic as 2019 begins, it is understandable.

Their victory on Nov. 6, adding 40 seats and taking control of the House of Representatives, was impressive. And with the party's total vote far exceeding the GOP total, in places it became a rout.

In the six New England states, Republicans no longer hold a single House seat. Susan Collins of Maine is the last GOP senator.

In California, Democrats took the governorship, every state office, 45 of 53 House seats and both houses of the legislature by more than 2-to-1. In the Goldwater-Nixon-Reagan Golden State bastion of Orange County, no GOP congressman survived.

Does this rejection of the GOP in 2018 portend the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, assuming he is still in office then?

Not necessarily.

For consider. Nancy Pulosi may want to close out her career as speaker with solid achievements, but she could face a rebellion in her party, which is looking to confront and not compromise with Trump.

The national debt may be surging, but Capitol Hill progressives will be demanding "Medicare-for-all" and free college tuition. Trump-haters will be issuing reams of subpoenas and clamoring for impeachment.

Other Democrats, seeing the indulgent attention their colleagues are getting from the media, will join in. Chairman scumbag-Jerrold Nadler's House Judiciary Committee may have to accommodate the sans-culottes.

Is this what America voted for?

By the Ides of March, a dozen Democrats may have declared for president. But looking over the field, no prospective candidate seems terribly formidable, and the strongest, unlike Barack 
scumbag/liar-nObama in 2008, are too old to set the base afire.

According to a USA Today poll, 59 percent of Democrats say they would be "excited" about "someone entirely new" leading the party in 2020. Only 11 percent say they would prefer a familiar face.

Yet, who did these same Democrats view most favorably? loose lips-Joe Biden, a 76-year-old white male first elected to the Senate when Richard Nixon was president.

loose lips-Biden polls better than any of his rivals, with 53 percent of all Democrats saying they would be "excited" about his candidacy, and only 24 percent saying he ought not run a third time for president.

The candidate who comes closest to 
loose lips-Biden in exciting the base is 77-year-old Vermont socialist Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders. commie-Bernie's problem?

Almost as many Democrats believe he should not run again as would be excited about having him as nominee.

As for Elizabeth dinky-Warren, the USA Poll must be depressing news. Twenty-nine percent of Democrats would be excited about her candidacy, but 33 percent believe the 69-year-old Massachusetts Senator should not run.

socialist-Beto O'Rourke, the three-term Congressman from Texas who put a scare into Sen. Ted Cruz in November is less well-known than commie-Bernie or  
loose lips-Biden. But those excited about an socialist-O'Rourke run outnumber those who think he should not run.

Senators lowlife-Kamala Harris and scumbag-Cory Booker, both African-American, are less well-known but have more Democrats excited about their running than are opposed to it.

However, as Harris is from California and 
scumbag-Booker from New Jersey, both blue states that Democrats are almost certain to carry in 2020, and both are from a minority that already votes 90 percent Democratic, even their appeal as vice presidential nominees would not seem to equal that of socialist-O'Rourke or Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who won re-election while his state was going Republican.

Yet, Brown, too, at 66, is eligible for Medicare.

loose lips-Biden-Brown ticket would present problems for the GOP. But could a Democratic Party that ceaselessly celebrates its racial and ethnic diversity and appeal to women and millennials get away with nominating a ticket of two white males on Social Security?

Other problems are becoming acute within the Democrats' coalition of blacks, gays, Asians, Hispanics, women and LGBT, fraying the seams of the party.

After Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan praised the Women's March co-president Tamika Mallory, and declared Jews to be the enemy in a speech last February, the Women's March movement has splintered.

Asian-Americans who vote Democratic nationally are growing bitter over diversity policies in the Ivy League and elite schools that admit black and Hispanic students over Asian students with far higher test scores.

The BDS movement boycott, divest, sanctions, targeted against Israel, is angering Jewish Democrats while gaining support on campuses.

Elizabeth dinky-Warren opposes BDS, but also opposes efforts to punish those who champion BDS. "I think the boycott of Israel is wrong," said dinky-Warren at a town hall meeting, but added that "outlawing protected free speech activity violates our basic constitutional rights."

In identity politics, loyalty to race, ethnic group and gender often trump the claims of party. The diversity Democrats celebrate is one day going to pull their party apart, as the social, cultural and racial revolutions of the 1960s pulled apart the party of FDR and LBJ.

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YUP: President Trump Signs Great And Beautiful Trump Border Wall During Tour In San Diego

Embedded video

President Donald Trump visited the San Diego border on Wednesday to show off a newly constructed portion of the wall after a fundraising trip in California.

“It’s an amazing project,” Trump said, pointing to the 30-foot high barrier constructed with steel and concrete, noting that it also went six feet underground.

“If you think you’re going to cut it with a blow torch, that doesn’t work, because you hit the concrete, and then if you think you’re going to go through the concrete, that doesn’t work because we have very powerful rebar inside,” Trump said.

The president traveled via motorcade after a fundraiser to Otay Mesa, a community outside San Diego on the United States -Mexico border to review the latest constructed physical barrier.

He pointed out the new wall structure to the press, which was 24 miles of primary and secondary wall at the border.

“We have it covered underground, we have it covered overground,” Trump said.

The president was joined by acting Department of Homeland security Kevin McAllen and several other border security officials.

He said that over 44,000 bollard panels had been set up for the wall, which was then filled with concrete and rebar.

Trump admitted that he envisioned a solid concrete wall when he campaigned for president, but he was told by border officials that they preferred a wall constructed by concrete-filled bollards so they could see through it.

“It’s hardened concrete, very powerful concrete,” Trump said, pointing to the structure.

He added that the steel wall was designed to retain heat, making it harder to climb, plus having an anti-climbing system at the top.

“You can fry an egg on that wall,” he said. The president also acknowledged to reporters that he wanted the wall to be painted black and have spikes but said it was cheaper to let it remain naturally rust-colored.

“We can paint it later,” he said.

The president discussed his growing understanding of border barriers, noting that the Southern border would not need much more than 500 miles of wall to secure the border. He cited the existence of natural mountain and river barriers that prevented criminals from crossing. He did not rule out building additional barriers in the future but said it would depend on whether it was needed.

One border patrol agent spoke about the importance of the border wall to all of the agents, thanking the president for pushing forward on construction.

Trump said he met with Border Patrol prior to constructing the wall, picking the most effective structures to protect the border.

One border security official scoffed at the idea that the wall was a “vanity” project for the president.

“There’s a false narrative out there that this wall is the president’s vanity wall,” he said. “I’m here to tell you right now that that is false.”

He thanked Trump for listening to border patrol agents during the planning and construction process.

“You listened to the agents and you gave them exactly what they asked for,” he said.

One official with Trump confirmed that the structure was funded with regular Congressional appropriations in the FY 2017 and FY 2018 and that that the new wall replaced an inferior structure.

Trump said that he still considered the situation on the border a national emergency, but as more wall went up he could withdraw military forces.

“I hope you’re impressed,” he told reporters as he took questions about the project.

One worker told Trump of a tradition of workers signing the wall if they worked on the wall.

“I’ll sign it,” Trump said, and went to the wall and signed the steel barrier with a marker before encouraging other officials present to do the same.

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