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The Great Reversal --- for now
by Charles Krauthammer

KT McFarland Interview Fox News Sunday…
{} ~ The media are full-frontal Trump Derangement Syndrome today, against the backdrop of foreign affairs, exhibiting a rather humorous unwillingness to accept that President Trump has a long-term strategy... The severity is not necessarily evident in this interview with KT McFarland, but rather in the aggregate of apoplectic punditry. President Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor, KT McFarland sits down for an exclusive interview with Chris Wallace to discuss if the U.S. can count upon China to leverage North Korea toward non hostile action.
HR McMaster Discusses Long-Range Objectives…
{} ~ National Security Advisor HR McMaster has been selected by conspiracy nuts and alt-reality moonbats as a necessary evil foil to retain their pearl-clutching placement at the table of doomsday drum-beating... Apparently, when candidate Trump, then president-elect Trump, and now President Trump said: “bomb the s**t out of ISIS“, “rebuild our military” and recreate “peace through strength” – a sketchy handful of fools perceived such statements possible without actually ‘bombing‘, ‘rebuilding‘ or ‘reasserting strength‘. Yes, cognitive dissonance relies upon use of the Mamet Principle; and yes, it happens on the fringe elements of both sides of the circular political continuum...
Dr. Sebastian Gorka Interview
With Maria Bartiromo…
{} ~ Deputy Asst. to President Donald Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, sat down with Maria Bartiromo for an interview discussing the White House global policy... ”The President is not an interventionist commander-in-chief. Nothing has changed from November 7th to today. He’s been explicit, we are not invading other peoples’ countries, we are not occupying them. This is not some neo-conservative Bush era administration.”…
North Korean 'weapon' called
existential threat to U.S.
by Bob Unruh
{} ~ WND has been reporting on the threat to America from EMP, the electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear explosion high in the sky, since early in the 2000s when former CIA chief James Wooley... former Defense Department staffer F. Michael Maloof and former Congressional EMP Commission member Dr. Peter Vincent Pry were sounding the alarm. It was only weeks later that North Korea as a possible aggressor was brought into the conversation. Nothing has gotten better since then, according to Pry, who agreed to an interview with WND on Friday, and in fact, it’s worse. In fact, the sabre-rattling from North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un in recent days and weeks, the threats to destroy America, the warnings about “nuclear thunderbolts,” and more, should be taken very seriously, he suggested...
Supreme Court Gives liar-nObama
Devastating News – It’s Happening
by Harry Hibbs 
{} ~ According to reports from UsaNewsFlash, the Supreme Court met this week with the goal of deciding a case which was very close to former President Barack liar-nObama’s heart... The highest court made the decision that the only Islam which is to be thought to children in public schools will be the history of Radical Islam as well as all the things they can do to stop it. During the voting, Gorsuch got to conclude the deciding vote, as the Supreme Court ruled 5-4. “The government certainly has no business being involved in religion, but this isn’t a government issue or a religious issue,” said Gorsuch during a statement. “This is about the Judicial branch interpreting the laws as they apply to the teaching of religion. We should be teaching any religions in this country besides standard Judeo-Christianity, as our founders wanted, and we certainly shouldn’t be filling the children with lies about Islam being a “religion of peace” when they see the carnage on the news almost every day.” With this ruling ends the teaching of Islam in public schools, which is a major hit to liar-nObama’s beloved Muslims. This is an addition to the ruling from just a week or so ago that forbids the teaching of Islamic tenets or Sharia as a part of world history as well...
Former liar-Hillary State Department Employee
Arrested on Felony Charges
by Tim Brown
{} ~ State Department employee Candace Marie Claiborne is facing charges of obstructing an official proceeding and making false statements to the FBI, both felony offenses... for allegedly concealing numerous contacts that she had over a period of years with foreign intelligence agents, according to a federal complaint that was unsealed at the end of March. Ms. Claiborne began working as an Office Management Specialist for the Department of State in 1999. She has served overseas at a number of posts, including embassies and consulates in Baghdad, Iraq, Khartoum, Sudan, and Beijing and Shanghai, China...
The Great Reversal --- for now
by Charles Krauthammer
{} ~ The world is agog at Donald Trump's head-snapping foreign policy reversal. He runs on a platform of America First. He renounces the role of world policeman. He excoriates parasitic foreigners that suck dry our precious bodily fluids -- and these are allies! On April 4, Trump declared: "I don't want to be the president of the world. I'm the president of the United States. And from now on, it's going to be America First."

A week earlier, both his secretary of state and U.N. ambassador had said that the regime of Bashar Assad is a reality and that changing it is no longer an American priority.

Then last week, Assad drops chemical weapons on rebel-held territory and Trump launches 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria.

This was, in part, an emotional reaction to images of children dying of sarin poisoning. And, in part, seizing the opportunity to redeem Barack liar-nObama's unenforced red line on chemical weapons.

Whatever the reason, moral or strategic, Trump acted. And effectively reset his entire foreign policy.

True, in and of itself, the raid will not decisively alter the course of Syria's civil war. Assad and his Iranian, Russian and Hezbollah co-combatants still have the upper hand -- but no longer a free hand. After six years of U.S. passivity, there are limits now and America will enforce them.

Nor was the raid the beginning of a campaign for regime change. It was, however, a reassertion of an American stake in both the conduct and the outcome of the war. America's abdication is over. Be warned.

Moreover, the very swiftness of the response carried a message to the wider world. liar-nObama is gone. No more elaborate forensic investigations. No agonized presidential handwringing over the moral dilemmas of a fallen world. It took liar-nObama 10 months to decide what to do in Afghanistan. It took Trump 63 hours to make Assad pay for his chemical-weapons duplicity.

America demonstrated its capacity for swift, decisive action. And in defense, mind you, of an abstract international norm -- a rationale that dramatically overrides the constraints of America First.

Trump's inaugural address had boldly rejected the 70-year American consensus to bear the burdens of world leadership. Less than three months later, the Syrian raid abruptly changed that course with a renewed interventionism -- not, to be sure, in the service of a crusade for democracy, but in the service of concrete strategic objectives, broadly defined and extending far beyond our shores.

To the North Pacific, for example. The Syria strike sent a message to both China and North Korea that Trump's threats of unilateral action against Pyongyang's nukes and missiles are serious. A pre-emptive strike against those facilities is still unlikely but today conceivable. Even more conceivable -- perhaps even probable -- is a shoot-down of a North Korean missile in flight.

The message to Russia was equally clear. Don't push too far in Syria and, by extension, in Europe. We're not seeking a fight, but you don't set the rules. Syria shared the Sharyat base with Russian troops. Russian barracks were left untouched, but we were clearly not deterred by their proximity. The larger lesson is this: In the end, national interest prevails. Populist isolationism sounds great, rouses crowds and may even win elections. But (BEG ITAL)contra(END ITAL)White House adviser Steve Bannon, it's not a governing foreign policy for the United States.

Bannon may have written the come-home-America inaugural address. But it was the old hands, Trump's traditionally internationalist foreign policy team led by Defense Secretary James Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster, who rewrote the script with the Syria strike.

Assad violated the international taboo on chemical weapons. Who would enforce it, if not us? Candidate Trump would have replied: None of our business. President Trump brought out the Tomahawks.

His foreign policy has gone from mere homeland protection to defending certain interests, values and strategic assets abroad. These endure over time. Hence the fundamental continuity of our post-World War II engagement abroad.

With apologies to Lord Palmerston, we don't have permanent enthusiasms, but we do have permanent interests. And they have a way of asserting themselves. Which is why Bannonism is in eclipse.

This is not to say that things could not change tomorrow. We've just witnessed one about-face. With a president who counts unpredictability as a virtue, he could well reverse course again.

For now, however, the traditionalists are in the saddle. U.S. policy has been normalized. The world is on notice: Eight years of sleepwalking is over. America is back. 

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