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Words and Pictures
by Tom McLaughlin
Merkel Announces G20 Hamburg Climate
Plan – Trap To Get Us Back Into Paris
by Rick Wells
{} ~ German Chancellor Angela Merkel provided a summary of the G20 Summit that she hosted, noting that despite her best efforts and those of the other members of their little cadre... the Golden Goose of the United State could not be coerced into committing suicide. President Trump said “no” to sacrificing ourselves for the benefit of the globalist pillagers, refusing to sign us up again to be the global welfare financiers or to agree to surrender our sovereignty to their world government. She says, “One crucial issue was climate and energy and what came out of this meeting was what I had already said at the beginning of this meeting. Wherever there is no consensus that can be achieved, disagreement has to be made clear.” Merkel continued, “You are familiar with the American position. You know that, unfortunately, and I deplore this, the United States of America left the climate agreement, or rather, said, announced their intention of doing this. So what becomes clear in this declaration is the dissenting view of the United States.”...
Dr. Sebastian Gorka Discusses The Liberation
of Mosul and the Elimination of ISIS in Iraq
{} ~ President Trump’s Deputy Assistant, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, spoke exclusively with One America News about how the Trump administration has been involved with defeating the Islamic State. One America’s Chief White House Correspondent Trey Yingst has the interview from the White House.
That liar-nObama And liar-Hillary Created ISIS
by Blair Patterson
{} ~ Donald Trump has been absolutely slammed by the liberal media in the last few days. He first was lambasted by the liberal lot for his comments that second amendment people could stop liar-Hillary Clinton... The liberals then blew it way out of proportion saying that Trump was saying someone should assassinate liar-Hillary. They must have forgotten what liar-nObama and liar-Hillary said 8 years ago. Right. Well Trump just said another “inflammatory” thing when he suggested, nay flat out said, that liar-nObama had founded ISIS. But instead of listening to the political pundits, how about we go to an actual world leader on the topic.
South Syria truce goes into
effect amid concerns over Iranian plans
{} ~ An open-ended ceasefire in southern Syria brokered by the United States and Russia came into effect at noon on Sunday, an hour after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gingerly endorsed the deal... The ceasefire, announced after a meeting between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Hamburg last week, is the first initiative by the Trump administration in collaboration with Russia to bring some stability to war-torn Syria. No ceasefire has lasted long in the six-year-old Syrian war. “The main fronts in the three provinces between regime forces and opposition factions have seen a cessation of hostilities and shelling since this morning, with the exception of a few scattered shells fired on Daraa city before noon,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor...
Linda Sarsour: The Enemy of the State
by Robert Spencer
{} ~ Anni Cyrus exposes Linda Sarsour’s hatred for America and for free society in general.
Words and Pictures
by Tom McLaughlin
{}  It never comes out as good as I want, whether I'm capturing an image with my camera or describing something in writing.
Photo by Vito Acconci
My camera is always with me because I always expect to see something beautiful and/or interesting wherever I go. I’ll photograph it, but the result falls short in some way. There’s beauty there, yes, but the colors aren’t as bright or as vivid as in the actual scene. The contrast or focus isn’t as sharp. I don’t get the same feeling from the image that I got when observing the real thing.

Granddaughter Lila at 7 months
It’s the same when I finish a piece of writing. Whatever words I put together do not sufficiently express what I think or feel while I’m banging them out, so I edit. Then I edit again. Then I edit some more. If I didn’t have deadlines, the editing process would never end. The piece will improve, but never to my complete satisfaction.
From elephant
It’s one thing to record an image to evoke a feeling, but trying to accomplish that by stringing words together is another matter. Nearly every week for over a quarter century I’ve published an 800 word account of whatever was foremost in my mind at the time. Subjects vary widely and while feelings drive my picture taking, thinking more often catalyzes writing. Feelings are not absent, especially when writing about family or telling a meaningful story, but making a point about something abstract involves stepping back, thinking, and analyzing. Picking something to write about means I have some feeling about it but intensity is sometimes problematic. It can energize the writing, but it can also put analysis out of balance if the feeling is too strongly in favor of a thing or against it.
Photography and writing are both limited by perspective as well. Since my camera lens goes from wide angle at 18 millimeters to telephoto at 270 millimeters, I can record a large crowd scene or zoom into an expression on an individual face to fill the frame. I can shoot the big picture or focus on a detail. The same is true when commenting. I can opine about general trends or discuss a particular aspect of whatever’s happening. The result, when published, will gratify some and annoy others depending on the readers’ perspectives as much as my own.
The same is true of the photos I take, though less so. I and others may like a particular photo of a family member or friend, but the person who is the subject of the photo may not. Maybe the pose or a facial expression displays an aspect of personality about which others are aware but the subject is not. A photo can capture mood, and it has a degree objectivity by its very nature compared to a column. “Pictures don’t lie,” they say, but that’s not entirely true.
When I post the column on my web site, I include images of whatever the words describe. Sometimes they’re my own pictures and sometimes I borrow them from Google Images, which usually has something suitable. Browsing the site, I was surprised to discover they’d posted pictures they’d mined from my blog — which is enabled by Google. Now I don’t have any qualms about using theirs. Their archive has such a wide variety, I can find shots that portray any personage favorably, unfavorably, or something in between. Doing this kind of spin myself, I more often notice when mainstream media does it. Pictures may not lie outright, but they can distort.
My four-year-old grandson, Henry, got annoyed last week while I was photographing him as he played with his sister. “Stop doing that!” he said, angrily.
Grandson Henry: "Stop doing that!"
“What? You don’t like me taking pictures of you?”

“You don’t have to take pictures of everybody!”

“No,” I said, “I don’t. Just of the people I love.”
Grandson Luke
Later I mollified him somewhat. He likes sandwiches made with peanut butter and honey, so I proposed a deal: “How about I let you eat my honey and you let me take pictures of you?”
Granddaughter Claire

“Okay,” he said right away. We’re all good now.
Grandson Riley at Colosseum
No, I’m never completely satisfied with either images or columns, but with each I must come to a point where I have so say, “Good enough.” That I have done with over 27,000 pictures and 1200 or so columns. They’re as good as I can make them and that will have to do.

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