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Congress 2019: Why The Future May Be Female, 
But These Ideas Are Filled With Ignorance, 
Stupidity & Danger!
by Kevin McCullough  
New Congress Brings Hard Socialism 
to American Table for the First Time
{} ~ It is a point of fact that even though the Democrats now have control of the House of Representatives, they will enjoy relatively little power in terms of passing left-wing legislation... With Republicans still in charge in the Senate and the White House, the best Democrats can do is try to tweak legislation to reflect their ideology…and of course, investigate President Trump up one side and down the other. But none of that changes one critical truth: Upon being sworn in, this will be one of the most radical, socialist versions of the House of Representatives in U.S. history. Socialism is rising within the Democratic Party, and the new crop of freshmen congressmen are a perfect representation of the foothold it is getting in the American consciousness. Its faces are familiar – commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and commie-Bernie Sanders chief among them – but how well does the average American voter really understand what it is these people want to bring to this country? How well do they understand how much their agenda would expand the government and raise taxes? How well do they understand the tragic history of socialism – an ideology that has failed badly every time it has been tried? The agenda includes enormous, taxpayer-crushing agenda items like Medicare-for-all, which would, in addition to stealing benefits from the elderly, put the federal government largely in control of the American healthcare system. When you consider what a botched job they did with scumbag/liar-nObamacare – which only put the feds in charge of making an exchange for private health insurance companies – you can imagine what our healthcare would look like after a few years of this monstrosity. It also includes a commie-Sander/commie-Ocasio-Cortez “guaranteed jobs program,” which would supposedly guarantee a federal job for anyone in the country who wants one. We can’t wait to see the fine details on this gobsmacker of a socialist program...
This Means WAR- Lindsey Graham 
Unloads On Nancy Pulosi 
by Carmine Sabia
{} ~ It is going to be war between Republicans and Democrats over the border wall and the government shutdown... That was apparent when Sen. Lindsey Graham appeared on CBS’ “Face The Nation” and fired back at House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pulosi who fired the first shot. Margaret Brenan was hosting the show and asked the senator if he had spoken to President Donald Trump about the shutdown. “It was pretty clear to me that we’re never going to have a deal unless we get a wall as part of it,” he said of the president’s position. “We’re having to negotiate with people who want to abolish ICE, not support ICE. We’re having to negotiate with people who see the Border Patrol agents gassing children, rather than defending our borders as professional law enforcement officers and we’re negotiating with people who will give us one dollar for the wall, even though it’s immoral and accuse all of us who support a wall as part of border security as racist,” Graham said. “As long as the radical left is in charge we’re never going to get anywhere. The president will compromise but he will not capitulate. So that’s where we’re at,” he said...
Several House rino-Republicans broke with 
Trump and voted with Democrats to pass 2 bills 
that would end the government shutdown
by Sarah Gray
{} ~ Some rino-Republican members of the House of Representatives joined Democrats on Thursday night to pass legislation... that would fund the government and end the partial government shutdown if passed by the Senate and then signed by President Donald Trump. House Joint Resolution 1 and House Resolution 21 — neither of which includes funding for Trump's desired wall along the US-Mexico border — were passed largely along party lines. All 234 members of the new Democratic majority voted in favor, while many GOP lawmakers voted against the measures, which were nearly identical to the Senate's stopgap measure passed in December ahead of the shutdown. There were a handful of rino-Republicans, however, who broke with Trump and voted with the Democrats. Trump has said he will not sign legislation to fund the government that doesn't contain $5 billion in funding for a border wall. Five rino-Republicans voted for H.J. Res. 1, which makes "further continuing appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security for fiscal year 2019, and for other purposes." It would fund the DHS until February 8, according to the CNN reporter Manu Raju. Seven members of the GOP voted for H.R. 21, which makes "appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2019, and for other purposes," funding the other government agencies affected by the partial shutdown...
Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses 1st oral argument 
in Supreme Court tenure, after surgery

by Brooke Singman and Bill Mears  
{} ~ Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is missing oral arguments on Monday for the first time since she joined the court in 1993... as she recuperates from a recent cancer surgery. A Supreme Court spokesperson told Fox News that Ginsburg, who underwent lung surgery in New York City last month to remove cancerous growths, is continuing to recuperate from the surgery. The spokesperson said that Ginsburg would participate in the consideration of the cases through written briefs and transcripts, but there has yet to be a date decided for when she will return to the bench. Ginsburg, 85, last month underwent a pulmonary lobectomy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center after two nodules in the lower lobe of her left lung were discovered, the Supreme Court said in a statement. The discovery came incidentally during tests after she fractured several ribs during a fall in November. The news release said both nodules removed during surgery were found to be malignant, but scans performed before surgery indicated no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body. No further treatment was planned...
Chuck scumbag/clown-Schumer: 
I’m Not Interested in Securing the Border

{} ~ Senate Minority Leader Chuck scumbag/clown-Schumer came to the White House on Wednesday, purportedly to hear Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen expound on the security problems swamping our southern border... 
But the moment Nielsen began briefing congressional leaders on the crisis, scumbag/clown-Schumer made it clear that he wasn’t interested in hearing it. Proving once and for all that this is merely a political game on the part of the Democrats, he continually interrupted Nielsen’s briefing with his kooky plans to end the government shutdown with bills that do not fund what we really need at the border: The Wall. “Once the secretary started,” said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, “scumbag/clown-Schumer interrupted her and didn’t want to hear it.” Of course he didn’t. Because it becomes a lot tougher to get up on your high horse and proclaim Trump’s wall a political stunt when you sit there and listen to the immigration crisis our Border Patrol is dealing with at the Mexican border. It is a great deal harder to lie to the American people when you sit through a meeting filled with truth. Better to put your fingers in your ears, sing “lalalala,” and pretend that any attempt to secure the border is a racist, xenophobic campaign ploy...
Congress 2019: Why The Future May Be Female, 
But These Ideas Are Filled With Ignorance, 
Stupidity & Danger!
by Kevin McCullough

{} ~ Speaker of the House, Nancy Pulosi, is “really proud” of the incoming class of Congressional “members.”

She is just super-pumped about the future of women in the elective bodies. 

And why shouldn’t she be?

Aside from cussing like sailors, rave-worthy high school dance skills, and members who failed geography in school, one who married her brother and evidently neither lived through the Jimmy Carter malaise nor ever read anything about it in what has passed for public education since then, she’s got some real gems to deal with.

Not to be out done the newly elected Senator from Arizona is now evidently a fashion icon, while another female member of that body wants you to wait while she goes to retrieve a beer, only to chug it while attempting to look natural.

For runner-up there is also a never-Trumper who got to the Senate and seems as insolent and moody as any of my sister’s high school friends but Willard rino-Romney can’t be in that caucus because “technically” he’s a “republican” and also “technically” male though I’m unsure if we’re allowed to say he is anymore.

Among the greatest achievements of these “Wonder Women” in just their first week?

Several have said they will public support impeaching the lawfully and overwhelmingly elected President. They have no “high crimes and misdemeanors” to impeach him on, but they’re committed to getting that “************.”

America’s latest dance “sensation” and I admit she had some rhythm took to twitter to proclaim what delight she enjoyed in “shocking” old white GOP men who she claimed found her dancing “scandalous.” 

Of course she couldn’t name even a single example of old white GOP men doing this. But I do wonder what her friend Linda Sarsour, the terrorist sympathizing advocate for Sharia law, thought about her moves. Sarsour has threatened physical violence against women who would defy Allah, and Ms. commie-Ocasio-Cortez shaking her booty on Capitol Hill would normally be worthy of being buried up to her neck and then having stones thrown at her head until she was dead in “Sarsour’s world.”

Of course 
commie-Ocasio-Cortez also this week introduced a top marginal tax rate of 70%, and in some places like New York City, the top top marginal rate could shoot as high as 82%. It’s not her fault that she wasn’t born yet when Jimmy Carter had rates at that level and we all waited in gas lines for rationed fuel. But commie-Ocasio-Cortez seems to idolize countries that have rationing and long lines for bare shelves so maybe that’s just her strategy. 

Lastly, even the Speaker herself seems to be a bit more delusional than in the past. Granted it may be by mere shades of a degree, but I think we have to agree.

In a well attended meeting at the White House, while being briefed from the Department of Homeland Security as to the threats encountered as reported by all DHS agencies, including but not limited to Border Patrol, ICE, & TSA, Madame Speaker bluntly interrupted the briefing by stating “I reject your facts.”

But these weren’t random ideas pulled from the universe of imaginations.

What the Speaker was being briefed on were statistical accounts of arrests and apprehensions. 

They included criminal alien attempts to re-enter the country. They included the number stopped who had minors with them, and presented as family units who ended up not even being related. The stats included sex and human trafficking, MS13 affiliation, and individuals who had provable associations with terrorists and or terror related organizations. 17,000 criminal aliens, and 3,000 terror associated individuals in less than ten years.

Remember it took a mere 19 individuals to execute the attacks of 9/11.

But Madame Speaker thought if she didn’t have to hear the “facts” her word that somehow she had the right to reject them. 

Sorry Madame Speaker you’re not allowed.

You may indulge us all with your opinions of what facts mean, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

It is also telling that while Democrats are out there falsely claiming President Trump is getting pay raises through the shutdown, Madame Speaker is ignoring the truth that many in Border Patrol are not getting their checks, and they still support the President’s demand that a physical barrier be constructed on our southern border. 

By the way Madame Secretary is getting her raise and cashing her paycheck.

The incoming class of Senate and Congressional women may be younger than normal or believe themselves to have bold new ideas. 

The truth is we’ve seen all of it before and they are more delusional than ever—hence the need to create their own... universe.

Sadly they have taken our people’s Congressional body captive and soon the moon-barking will commence.

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Political Cartoons by Pat Cross


Racism -> Emergency Medical Doctor Rails Against Whites: “White People Can Be Exhausting” – ‘Racism Towards Whites Doesn’t Exist’ 

 Esther Choo (pictured above), an emergency medical doctor and professor in Oregon, took to Twitter to rail against white people and after getting called out for her racism, she asserted that it’s impossible to be racist towards whites.

According to Choo’s bio, she’s an emergency physician and associate professor at the Oregon Health & Science University.

Choo is the daughter of Korean immigrants and uses social media to talk about racism and sexism in healthcare, according to her bio.

“White people can be exhausting. Just an observation,” Choo said in a tweet on Friday.

White people can be exhausting. Just an observation.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

When she received backlash for her racist tweet, Choo continued to taunt and disparage whites.

“Observation #2: white people are going to prove my point on this very thread,” Choo said responding to the backlash.

She also bragged that Twitter took her side when people reported her tweet.

“Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.”

Observation #3: when people try to convince Twitter that white people are experiencing reverse racism, Twitter understands that is not a thing.

— Esther Choo MD MPH (@choo_ek) June 21, 2019

Twitter may not have a problem with racism against white people, but what about the medical community?

Dr. Choo received huge backlash on Twitter.

Joe Biggs   @Rambobiggs

This is coming from an Emergency Medicine Physician who is considered a "leader" in her field. She's scheduled to be a speaker at the American College of Emergency Physicians in October. She runs a website called FeminEM prompting Feminist causes in EM and a racist.

Embedded video
Dan Bongino  @dbongino
 Here for the ratio
Dan Roth@Dan12R

Pretty racist statement, TBH.

See Dan Roth's other Tweets
Blake Anderson@BitcoinBlake

Protected groups being immune to being called out for blatant bigotry is exhausting, just an observation.

Replace “white” with any other race, and Dr. Choo would be out of a job.

Update: Dr. Choo deleted her racist tweets and set her Twitter account to “private” after she received backlash from hundreds of people.


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