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Only Fake Jews Are Afraid of a Jewish State
by Daniel Greenfield 
Never Forget the scumbag/commie-Brennan-Brit Plot to Nail Trump
{ } ~ It cannot be repeated enough that the Mueller probe into foreign collusion was itself the product of foreign collusion... Starting even before Trump entered the presidential race, liar-nObama’s CIA director scumbag/commie-John Brennan was colluding with foreign spies to collect unverified information about Trumpworld. In 2014, Stefan Halper, the long-in-the-tooth CIA asset whom the FBI would later run into the Trump campaign to entrap Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, had passed to scumbag/commie- Brennan, via Halper’s friends in British intelligence, some bizarre tattle-tale about alleged coziness between Michael Flynn and a Russian historian at Cambridge University. Long before Flynn joined the Trump campaign in early 2016, scumbag/commie- Brennan and British intelligence were spying on him. That the CIA and FBI turned to Halper to set traps for him and others in the Trump campaign makes perfect sense. Halper was in on Spygate’s ground floor. Bloating himself for years on the American taxpayer’s dime, Halper couldn’t resist serving as a dual asset for the CIA/FBI and British intelligence. In all likelihood, the Trump-hating Peter Strzok, who, as we have learned from his texts, was determined to “stop” the Trump candidacy, obtained Halper’s contact info from scumbag/commie-Brennan, to whom he served as the FBI’s liaison, which is one of the most critical facts for explaining the baseless probe. scumbag/commie-Brennan and Strzok nourished a shared hatred for Trump; Strzok would later boast to his mistress that scumbag/commie-Brennan had given him a CIA medal. Trump should declassify all communications between scumbag/commie-Brennan and Strzok, if they exist, which is a real possibility, given what careless clowns the two of them are. Those communications would contain much of the story of Spygate...
DOJ Refusing to Preserve Work-Related
Emails from scumbag-Comey’s Private Account
by Sara Carter
{ } ~ Despite the fact that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz discovered former FBI Director scumbag-James Comey used a personal email account for work-related communications... the Justice Department is not taking steps to preserve those emails, according to the Daily Caller. Daily Caller reporter, Richard Pollack wrote on Friday, “The Department of Justice has refused to take any steps to preserve work-related emails former FBI Director scumbag-James Comey had on a personal account that The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) and Judicial Watch requested under the Freedom of Information Act, the conservative watchdog will file in court Friday.” Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha said, “There is nothing but complete silence about why the FBI has failed to take steps to preserve records responsive to DCNF’s request.” On Friday, Bekesha wrote in a new filing with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that the FBI’s assistant section chief for record dissemination “does not state that the FBI formally requested scumbag-Comey preserve any agency records or potential agency records responsive to DCNF’s FOIA request. Nor does he state that the FBI asked scumbag-Comey to return any such records to the FBI.”... 
Trump Frees liar-nObamacare Captives, dummycrats-Dems Sue
{ } ~ Two important events happened last week in the interminable liar-nObamacare saga that explain why the dummycrats-Democrats seek comprehensive control of our medical delivery system and why this project must be thwarted... The Trump administration altered an liar-nObama-era regulation designed to trap individuals in the “marketplaces” created by the “Affordable Care Act.” The amended rule will provide individuals access to low-cost health coverage, greater benefit flexibility, and the opportunity to escape liar-nObamacare. Not coincidentally, on the very day the new rule became effective, the Trump administration was sued by four dummycrats-Democrat-controlled cities for “sabotaging” the health care law. These two events tell you all you need to know about how the President’s health care vision differs from that of the dummycrats-Democrats. Trump and the GOP want to reinstate as much individual freedom as is possible within the limits of thin congressional majorities and constitutional constraints on the executive branch. The dummycrats-Democrats, however, are fighting in Congress and the courts to maintain federal control — a useful reminder, as the midterms approach, of the contempt with which they view the will of the voters. Their objections to limited-duration plans fail the laugh test. They aren’t “junk plans.” Indeed, they were available under liar-nObamacare, as HHS explained  when the rule was promulgated: The rule proposes to expand the availability of short-term, limited-duration health insurance by allowing consumers to buy plans providing coverage for any period of less than 12 months, rather than the current maximum period of less than three months [emphasis added]. The proposed rule will provide additional options to Americans who cannot afford to pay the costs of soaring healthcare premiums or do not have access to healthcare choices that meet their needs under current law...
Bolton Says ‘Unprecedented Pressure’ Campaign
on Iran Already Working: ‘The Elites Are Getting Nervous’ 
by David Rutz
{ } ~ National Security Adviser John Bolton said the Trump administration's economic pressure campaign on Iran is already working... saying Monday the country's elites are anxious and the reimposed sanctions regime shows U.S. determination to halt Iran's nuclear weapons program. President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal in May and imposed the first wave of sanctions against Iran on Monday, targeting its gold, coal, steel and aluminum trades. The Free Beacon reported the Trump administration has warned European countries against conducting any new business with the Islamic Republic, saying otherwise their banking systems will be subjected to harsh financial penalties. "We've really already seen some of the implications," Bolton said on Fox News. "The pressure on the Iranian economy is significant. The value of its currency is going through the floor. We've seen public reporting of massive flights of capital out of Iran. The elites are getting nervous. We continue to see demonstrations and riots in cities and towns all around Iran showing the dissatisfaction the people feel because of the strained economy."...
Planned Parenthood Prepping Massive Offensive
to Defeat Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh
{ } ~ The nation’s biggest abortion business is planning a massive offensive to defeat Supreme Court nominee Brad Kavanagh... The Planned Parenthood abortion chain is putting together a huge campaign to topple the nominee to the nation’s highest court — who it says would vote to overturn Roe v Wade, which allows virtually unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy. The campaign puts the onus on pro-life advocates to generate even more calls and emails into undecided Senators urging them to support Kavanaugh. President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court enjoys strong support from pro-life organizations who highlight his pro-life record on a key abortion issues as an indicator he will be a strong Supreme Court Justice. Advocacy groups opposing  President Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee say they’re ramping up the pressure on key senators during this week’s congressional recess. “We are ramping up our work to show just how personal this fight is,” said Kelley Robinson, national organizing director of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, which says Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation would put abortion rights at risk. Robinson said Planned Parenthood supporters will participate in more than 100 actions this week while senators are on recess, including voter education, letter writing and phone banking to target key senators, especially in Maine, Alaska and Nevada... 


Only Fake Jews Are Afraid of a Jewish State
by Daniel Greenfield 

{ } ~ The Palestinian Authority’s basic law and draft constitution states that “Palestine” is an “Arab” entity, that “Islam is the official religion”, that “Islamic Sharia” is the basis for its law and Arabic is its official language. Unlike Israel’s nation-state bill which defines the Jewish State as Jewish, there’s been no criticism of this PLO document. And the media has not labeled it as divisive or controversial.

The constitution of neighboring Jordan states, “Islam is the religion of the State and Arabic is its official language.” "The people of Syria are part of the Arab nation," Syria's constitution declares. "The religion of the President of the Republic is Islam; Islamic jurisprudence shall be a major source of legislation". That means Syria may only be ruled by a Muslim. "The official language of the state is Arabic."

Egypt's constitution declares it to be an "Arab Republic" and "part of the Muslim world". You will not be surprised to learn that, "Islam is the religion of the state and Arabic is its official language. The principles of Islamic Sharia are the principle source of legislation." These same statements, with minor variations, hold true for most of the Muslim countries in the region, and excluding Arabic, throughout the world.

All of Israel’s Arab Muslim neighbors very clearly define their countries as Arab and Muslim. Their religion is Islam, their identity Arabic, variations of the same document declare, their language is Arabic.

These assertions of Arab and Muslim national identity are not criticized by the same gaggle of organizations, governments and reporters tearing their hair out over Israel’s nation-state bill.

The nation-state bill defines Israel as the "the historical homeland of the Jewish people" and "the nation-state of the Jewish people". Hebrew is its official language with Arabic enjoying a special status. No Arab constitution bothers offering Hebrew a similar status. 

Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the bill as “racist”. The state sponsor of Islamic terror complained that, “human civilization tends to celebrate diversity”. Qatar's own constitution declares that it is an Arab country whose "religion is Islam" and "Sharia law" is the basis for its laws.

So much for celebrating “diversity”. But the Qatari constitution simultaneously claims that “its political system is democratic” and that “rule of the State is hereditary in the family of Al Thani.” The Qatari constitution also states that, "The Heir Apparent must be a Muslim of a Qatari Muslim Mother" and “there shall be no discrimination whatsoever on grounds of sex, race, language, or religion”. 

The Israeli nation-state bill speaks of the "cultural, historical and religious legacy of the Jewish people" and of Jewish "religious" self-determination, but unlike the Arab-Islamic constitutions it does not define Judaism as the official religion.

Virtually every media outlet described the nation-state bill as “controversial”. As everyone knows, the definition of a controversial issue is one that the left disagrees with. The Oslo Accords which killed and crippled thousands of Israelis and created an even greater threat to Israel’s existence than Iran’s nukes were described as “optimistic”. Dismantling Israel is “optimistic”. Believing in it is “controversial”.

But if Israel’s nation-state bill is controversial, then what of the PLO’s basic law, and the constitutions of Jordan, Egypt, Syria and nearly every Arab and Muslim country in the world? If Israel declaring itself to be Jewish is wrong, how can the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Jordan declaring that they are Muslim and Arabic be right? The double standard is ubiquitous and has only one possible answer.

There’s nothing wrong with an Arab and Muslim country, but something wrong with a Jewish country.

But this time the criticism isn’t coming from the State Department. Unlike the liar-nObama era where an Israeli sneeze occasioned an angry lecture from liar-Hillary Clinton or hanoi-John Kerry, and a snippy remark by the State Department spokesperson, America’s first authentically pro-Israel administration is on Israel’s side. Heather Nauert at State has repeatedly deflected media demands that she condemn Israel.

In early July, Nauert responded to media insistence that BDS is a “peaceful movement” and that Israel should be criticized for denying entry to an anti-Israel activist by stating that, “countries are sovereign. They have a right to either admit or deny admittance to individuals at their border, okay?”

Instead much of the furious outrage is coming from lefty anti-Israel groups and leaders whose pretense of being pro-Israel wears particularly thin at times when Israel shows the courage of its convictions.

The American Jewish Committee could not find the time to stand up for Jewish students in New York City being disadvantaged by racial quotas, but did claim to be “deeply disappointed” by Israel calling itself a Jewish country. Perhaps then the AJC should get the “Jewish” part out of its own name.

Rick Jacobs, the anti-Israel leader of the Union for Reform Judaism, denounced the bill for damaging "the legitimacy of the Zionist vision" and "the values of the state of Israel". He vowed to "fight back" by "forging new ties" with Arabs.

"Millions of us," he declared, "are united in our opposition to this new law."

Who those millions are is anybody’s guess. A rally against the bill in Tel Aviv sponsored by 22 organizations including Socialist Struggle, the New Israel Fund and some pro-BDS groups only turned out thousands. That’s in a city where you can get 100,000 to protest the price of cottage cheese.

"The law, which celebrates the fundamental Jewish nature of the state, raises significant questions about the government’s long-term commitment to its pluralistic identity," Jonathan Greenblatt, the former Obama staffer turned ADL boss, complained.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs expressed "profound disappointment". It whined that "this new law undermines Israel’s vibrant democracy comprised of diverse religious and ethnic groups".

Perhaps the JCPA then ought to stop undermining its own diversity and dump the “J” part of its title so that it can be better composed of “diverse religious and ethnic groups”. If it’s good enough for Israel, why isn’t it good enough for the AJC and the JCPA who monetize Jewishness while undermining it?

Defining Israel as Jewish is a dividing line that separates authentically Jewish groups from those that are Jewish in name only. The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI), Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), and the Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) backed Israel. And other true Jewish organizations are joining them.

The scariest thing for a fake Jewish organization is a Jewish State. Establishment groups that have spent generations peddling lefty policy ideas to the clueless by calling them “Jewish” are deeply threatened by the existence of a Jewish State for whom the “J” part is not just a brand, but a meaningful identity.

Nothing threatens a scam artist like the real thing. And Israel, as idea and reality, has always threatened the scam artists of the left who peddle a bowdlerized Jewish history that began in the 19th century, whose messianic age is the Tikkun Olam of socialism and whose messiahs wave red flags.

Despite the clamor and the talking points, “controversial”, “divisive” and “unnecessary”, Israel’s nation-state bill is mostly symbolic. It doesn’t discriminate. It does however make a very clear statement.

And it’s that statement that has blown like a fierce desert wind through the houses of cards of an establishment that views Jewishness as a brand rather than a commitment. It is easy to find Jewish organizations that will sign letters for every lefty cause, from Muslim immigration to illegal migrants. But rarely, if ever, will these organizations stand up for a Jewish cause, even if, like the racial quotas being imposed on Jewish students in New York, the cause has absolutely nothing to do with Israel.

Israel, the “Palestinians”, the two-state solution and all the rest of it was never the issue. Jewishness is. The only people who are afraid of a Jewish State either hate Jews or hate being Jewish.

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