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Canadian PM Trudeau Asked 18 Times In
Parliament About Corruption – Won’t Answer
by Rick Wells
Huntsville terrorism suspect pledged allegiance
to ISIS, wanted to bomb police, prosecutor says
by Ashley Remkus
{} ~ Huntsville terrorism suspect Aziz Sayyed pledged allegiance to ISIS and planned to bomb a law enforcement building in Madison County, a prosecutor told a judge this afternoon... Sayyed, 22, "wanted to participate in the beheading of infidels," Madison County Assistant District Attorney Jay Town told District Judge Schuyler Richardson. New details of the case were made public during a bond hearing this afternoon. Sayyed's lawyer Bruce Gardner argued why his client, who has been held in the Madison County Jail since his June 15 arrest, should have bail set in the case. Town urged the judge to deny Sayyed bail, citing evidence that the suspect wanted to plant a TATP bomb at a law enforcement annex or precinct in Madison County. Town did not say which law enforcement agency Sayyed wanted to bomb...ISIS Found In Shock U.S. State.
Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Have an Rx   
by Deroy Murdock
{} ~ Republican senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Mike Lee (Utah) have found a new cure for the GOP’s legislative dysfunction on liar-nObamacare... They both have waved their pro-market pitchforks, early and often, even at the expense of Republican consensus. But their Consumer Freedom Option might unite the Senate’s fractious GOP majority behind liar-nObamacare repeal and replacement. “The Consumer Freedom Option simply says that if an insurance company sells in a given state a plan that is consistent with the Title I mandates,” Cruz told Texas radio host Mark Davis, “that company can also sell any other insurance plan consumers desire. “What this will allow is, okay, fine. You want to keep your mandates? Knock yourself out with your mandates,” Cruz continued. “But, in addition to mandates, let’s let Texans buy the plans they want. Let’s let Texans buy the benefits they want, and let’s let them get lower prices, so that more families who are struggling can actually afford health insurance.”...
Europe's Mass Migration:
The Leaders vs. the Public

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates
by Douglas Murray
{} ~ In an interview published July 2 in the German paper Welt Am Sonntag, the co-founder of Microsoft addressed the ongoing European migration crisis. What he said was surprising... "On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees. But the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this -- which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa. Germany cannot possibly take in the huge number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe." These words would be uncontroversial to the average citizen of Europe. The annual survey of EU citizens recently carried out by Project 28 found a unanimity on the issue of migration almost unequalled across an entire continent. The survey found, for instance, that 76% of the public across the EU believe that the EU's handling of the migration crisis of recent years has been "poor"...
2 House Members to Introduce
Legislation to Help UK’s Charlie Gard
by Rachel del Guidice
{} ~ Lawmakers plan to introduce legislation to grant lawful permanent residence to Charlie Gard, the terminally ill British infant ... “Our bill will support Charlie’s parents’ right to choose what is best for their son, by making Charlie a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. in order for him to receive treatments that could save his life,” Reps. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, and Trent Franks, R-Ariz., said in a joint statement Friday. “Despite Charlie’s heartbreaking condition, his parents have refused to give up hope,” Wenstrup and Franks said. “They have advocated for him fiercely. They have raised over 1 million pounds to pay for their son to receive experimental treatment in the United States. They have kept fighting for his life.”...
Russia Expert – Trump Putin Formed Courageous Partnership, Will Be Viciously Attacked
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Tucker Carlson points out just how badly the press wants the meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin to fail, asking Stephen Cohen, a Russia Studies Professor at NYU and Princeton why that is so... Cohen compares the media political product to pornography. He notes that there is no love in pornography and similarly there is no American national interest in this bashing of Trump and Putin. He says, “As a historian, let me tell you the headline I would write, ‘Potentially Historic New Detente Anti-Cold War Partnership Begun by Trump and Putin but Meanwhile Attempts to Sabotage it Escalate.'” Cohen refers to Carlson labeling him as an expert, he says, “I actually do have one expertise, I’ve seen a lot of summits, as we call meetings between American and Russian presidents.”...
Canadian PM Trudeau Asked 18 Times In
Parliament About Corruption – Won’t Answer
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Canada has its own corrupt liberal problem, one that is not unlike the liar-nObama, liar-Clinton model that we dealt with for eight long years and are still fighting the deep state as a result of. The poster boy for their corruption is Justin  Trudeau, who demonstrated the arrogant disregard for the Canadian people that is really without comparison in many ways. He set what surely must be an international record for refusing to answer a simple question with an astounding 18.
Then again, aside from choosing a different tactic, it’s not unlike the lies of liar-Hillary Clinton about her use of a bootleg open to all cyber-thieves server to hide stolen government documents. Her story kept changing as a means of deception. With Trudeau, he keeps refusing to answer the question, a sort of unconstitutional Fifth Amendment where he answers a question that isn’t being asked and refuses to answer the one that is.
The spectacle, which took place on May 10th, involves his trip to what they refer to as “Billionaire Island,” the Bahamian property of billionaire Aga Khan, which is accessible primarily by helicopter. Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson has launched two investigations into Trudeau’s vacation, in which he and his family used the Aga Khan’s private helicopter to fly to and from Nassau. According to the National Post:
Under the Conflict of Interest Act, the prime minister, cabinet ministers and parliamentary secretaries are prohibited from accepting free travel on charter or private aircraft without getting advance approval from the ethics commissioner.
Public office holders are also prohibited from accepting gifts from anyone who has business dealings with the government, although there are exceptions if the person is a friend.
Trudeau has said the Aga Khan, the billionaire spiritual leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslims, is a family friend he has known since childhood.”
Perhaps that relationship and the free travel and accommodations shed some light, aside from his open border liberalism, sheds some light as to why he’s so anxious to establish a Canadian caliphate. Great vacations can be very persuasive and all he has to do is sellout his country.
The current ethics commissioner’s term expired July 8th. There’s little doubt that this guy is dirty. Being as dirty as either liar-Clinton or liar-nObama might be setting the bar a little beyond reach, but he’s young – and well connected. With this kind of arrogance and disregard for the truth and his countrymen he could still get there.

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