Are people noticing that Donald Trump is breaking all records with voters? Do Americans see that people who never voted are voting for Trump? Have people seen that voters are changing parties, where they must, to vote in a primary for Trump? Do Americans who may not be for Trump, see the rallies? Do they see the crowds of people? I can see it all very clearly.

Why then are some Republicans in high government positions or highly respected by the GOP or RNC, not standing by our front runner? He has far exceeded 1,237 delegates. In fact, he now has 1,542 delegates. His closest rival, Cruz, has 559 delegates but has still not endorsed or supported Trump, even when he has no chance of winning. Trump will win on the first ballot.


It is beyond belief how some 'elites' and Congressmen/women are not seeing that Trump has far exceeded the expectations of what it takes to win in the 'General Election'. No one can possibly take that away from this man, who in a few months, has started 'a movement'. Even Cruz has not offered Trump an olive branch. They are accomplices in destroying their own party.

It is hard to believe that there are Republicans who can 'eat their own' instead of swallowing hard and standing behind a man who has increased the number of Republican voters and made this party stronger than ever before.


Don't get me wrong, I strongly believe that Trump will overcome this evil and he will beat Hillary. Most of Trump's opponents are NWO and they will never change.


Hillary, even with her criminal deeds, will be the Democratic nominee. That's how politics is run.

We have one chance to change how politics in the United States of America is conducted. We must vote for the non-politician and make sure that our borders are safe and that the NWO is not involved in America's future. The man who can do this is Donald J. Trump. There is no other way to change the political system as it is now.

If you really want to see how great America can be, you must vote for Trump.




Daveda Gruber

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Comment by Joseph Wonderless on October 8, 2017 at 5:23pm

Every thing you said is right Daveda.



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